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30+ Great Words to Describe a Teacher

30+ Great Words to Describe a Teacher

A good teacher can help to transform even the most seemingly helpless among us and help them to reach their full potential. After all, behind every success story is a teacher, whether inside or outside of the classroom.

At times, it can be hard to come up with the words to describe how you feel about your teacher and what they have done for you. These words to describe a teacher may be on the tip of your tongue, but you have no clue how to articulate them.

That’s fine, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of 30 hand-picked words to describe a teacher you love and appreciate.


Words to Describe a Teacher Based on Their Personality

A teacher’s personality is a huge part of teaching. It helps determine whether their students will pay attention in class, feel confident enough to ask questions, and share a strong bond.
Here are 10 words to describe a teacher based on their personality:

Someone with an awesome personality is one that many people will gravitate toward and feel good about being in their presence. “Awesome” is a perfect word to use when your teacher shows these traits.


E.g. An awesome teacher is hard to find and is even harder to forget.


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A caring teacher is someone who shows compassion and consideration to their students. They are likely to treat each student as their own child.


E.g. Mrs. Rose is the most caring teacher I’ve ever had. She’s like a second mom to me.


A teacher with a cool personality is calm and laid back. They might also be up to date with trends and slang, and can communicate with their students like a buddy rather than an intimidating person. This will make learning fun and motivate students to work harder.


E.g. They say cool teachers only exist in movies, but I had the coolest one in my homeroom. Thanks for a great year Mr. Turner!


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If your teacher is always in an upbeat mood and finds ways to make learning fun, you can use the word “energetic” to describe their personality. This is an especially apt word if your teacher is spontaneous and always has a new, fun way to approach learning.


E.g. Dear Mrs. Ford, Thank you for being such an energetic teacher and for making World History 121 a class to look forward to.


Enthusiasm is important in teaching because it helps motivate students to learn and will encourage them to maintain a positive attitude toward their schoolwork. “Enthusiastic” is a great word to describe a teacher whose passion for the subject makes learning fun.


E.g. We all know that Home Economics isn’t the most exciting subject, but your enthusiastic approach to teaching made it something to look forward to.


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When you take something ordinary and add a little something extra, you get something extraordinary. An extraordinary teacher can take the dullest subject and make it feel like something better. This is one of the best words to describe a teacher who is a cut above the rest. Here’s how you can phrase it.


E.g. To the most extraordinary teacher I’ve ever had: thank you for making class so fun. I’ll never forget you.


A teacher with a funny personality tells jokes or has a quirky demeanor. This can make a class more lively and feel like a family. This is a good word to use to describe your teacher if they have a great sense of humor because it lets them know that they were a hit with their students.


E.g. Who knew the class clown would be the teacher? You are one funny guy, Mr. Rogers!


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Kindness is an important personality trait to possess when dealing with students from different backgrounds and who have different personalities. It allows a teacher to be sensitive and tolerant to each student’s needs.


E.g. I never expected to meet someone so kind and thoughtful in a university classroom, but here you are, and I’m completely blown away. I just wanted you to know how much my classmates and I appreciate you.


From about ages 3 to 18, children spend a good chunk of their lives in a classroom. The heads of these classrooms must have a nurturing personality that will help children become successful adults. A nurturing teacher will help to guide their students to reach their full potential and will help to ease any fears they may have.
Here’s a way you can let your teacher know that you feel this way about them:


E.g. Even though I was bullied during most of my high school years, your nurturing spirit is what helped me to survive it.


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An optimistic teacher always has a positive attitude towards their students and teaching. They are like a ray of sunshine and light up any classroom they enter. This attitude is felt by their students and creates the perfect atmosphere for learning. Know a teacher like this?


E.g. Whenever I’m having a bad day, I can always count on 4th-period Biology and your optimism to brighten up my day.



A selfless teacher is always willing to go the extra mile for their students to ensure that they do their best. This may include after-school hours, going over the same thing multiple times, tutoring and extra classes, getting funding for trips, taking on some expenses themselves, and so much more.
This teacher is someone you can depend on and always has your best interests at heart. If you can’t find words to describe a teacher like this, try using the word “selfless”.


E.g. I have never met someone who is so selfless and won’t stop until the job is done. You are an inspiration to all.


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Words to Describe a Teacher Based on What They Have Done for Your Child

Most parents would agree that their children’s teachers have a huge influence on their lives. If you are one such parent, you are probably searching for words to describe a teacher’s impact on your child.
Here are some words to describe a teacher like this.

A teacher who was amazing to your child deserves to be recognized. This word is perfect to describe an all-arounder who ensured your child learned and participated in class, tended to their well-being, and corrected them when they were wrong.
This teacher is one that is loved by your child because of the relationship they share, and therefore your child has a positive attitude toward school.
Here’s how you can use this word to describe such a teacher.


E.g. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am that you are a part of Jude’s life. You are an amazing role model and teacher.


Someone articulate knows how to communicate in a way that is fluent and can be understood by everyone. This is an important characteristic for a teacher. If this trait applies to your child’s teacher, point it out by using this phrase.


E.g. I think the reason my son and others can excel in your class is because you are so articulate. Keep up the good work!


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A good teacher must be creative if they want to be effective in their teaching. They must be able to come up with fun, exciting ways to engage their students and encourage them to think outside of the box.
The world is lacking creative minds, and having someone who encourages this skill is a true blessing. Use this phrase to express your gratitude.


E.g. I’m amazed at how creative you are in your approach to teaching. It makes me feel happy knowing that my daughter is in good hands.


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Communication between teachers and parents is important because it helps keep parents updated on their child’s progress, and it also helps the teacher to figure out the best way to teach that child.
If you have a teacher who is always willing to share the details of your child’s learning and interacting with peers, along with their attitude towards learning and the areas that need to be improved, you have a communicative teacher.


E.g. I appreciate how communicative Mrs. Binns is about Liam’s school life. It helps me to understand how I can support his learning at home.


A competent teacher possesses all the required skills and abilities needed to help your child to learn and develop. This is good to use for a teacher who may not be the child’s favorite but still has had a noticeable impact on them.


E.g. I would recommend any parent let their child join Mrs. Myers homeroom class. She is a competent and capable teacher who always produces good results.



17Culturally sensitive
If you live in a diverse community that has a school whose students are from different backgrounds and cultures, or if you send your child to a school of a dominant race/culture, having a teacher who is culturally sensitive is of the utmost importance.
This teacher will be aware of the various needs of his/her students and can design their lesson plan in a way that makes all students feel included and avoids alienation. This is especially important in this day and age where the world is a melting pot, and everyone has to adapt to these changes.


E.g. I must admit that I was a bit reserved about sending my child to an all-white school, but Mr. Jones is very culturally sensitive in his approach to teaching and even helped to educate his students on Korean culture. This made my daughter feel more comfortable, and she can fit right in with her peers.


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As much as a teacher may have his favorites, they must remain unbiased and fair. Showing favor to one student can create jealousy and animosity among students and can leave others feeling neglected. In the event of a conflict, being sound and just in reason sets a good example for students to follow.


E.g. Thank you for never choosing favorites and for being fair in how you deal with matters concerning your students.


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A flexible teacher is one who can adapt to an unforeseen circumstance gracefully. This is one of the best words to describe a teacher who can handle pressure well and can adjust where it is needed to suit the needs of students who may be lagging.


E.g. I appreciate how flexible you are because I know it must be hard dealing with so many kids, especially my little troublemaker, Lincoln. You’re a great teacher.


Patience is extremely important, especially for a child who may have behavioral issues, suffers from a disability, or has learning issues. It takes a bit more time for this child to learn, and it can get frustrating.
A teacher who is patient doesn’t get mad or mistreat a child like this. They are willing to sit down with and meet the child on their level to ensure that the lesson is learned.


E.g. We all know Ethan can be a bit of a handful sometimes, so your patience is much appreciated.


Does your child’s teacher reward your child for good behavior? Do they cheer your child on when they reach a milestone or do something good?
If yes, then “supportive” is one of the best words to describe a teacher like that. A supportive teacher will help to motivate your child and pick them up if they stumble and fall.


E.g. I love how supportive you are to Micah, even when he is hard on himself. It motivates him to be even better.


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No one is perfect neither parent nor child. You may forget to check your child’s homework or completely botch a take-home project. You may forget to sign a permission slip or fall short on school fees.
A teacher who is compassionate and forgiving of these mistakes can be described as understanding.


E.g. Thank you for being so kind and understanding during that rough patch in my life. You are a good person and an even better teacher.


Words to Describe a Teacher Based on Their Work Ethic or Attitude Toward Teaching

There is just something about a teacher’s work ethic that leaves many of us amazed, surprised and inspired. Teachers have some of the hardest jobs ever, and they tackle it with a smile.
Here are some words to describe a teacher based on their work ethic.

You can use the word “admirable” to describe a teacher’s work ethic. It is suitable for a teacher that you admire and would emulate in any walk of life.


E.g. I think what you do every day is so admirable. Not everyone could do it and make it look so effortless.


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A good teacher is committed, meaning he/she will never give up, no matter how difficult or tiring the job may get. They are at school on time and don’t leave until his/her work for the day is done. They will go the extra mile and will stop at nothing to give their students the attention and care they deserve.


E.g. I’ve never met an educator who is so committed to her job before. You are an angel sent from heaven.


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A determined teacher will not let anything come between them and doing their job. They never give up on any student, even if that student is a trouble maker or has no interest in school. This teacher will always give it their best shot, and if one approach doesn’t work, they will try others until the job is done.


E.g. I love seeing how determined you are to make sure every student learns. The world needs more teachers like you!


A teacher who is devoted never stops teaching, even when they leave the classroom. A devoted teacher has lessons for everyone they encounter and loves to impart knowledge.
They have a love for their job and every student they encounter. They will forever be a teacher at heart.


E.g. No one is as devoted as you are to teaching. You have a true passion for it.



Someone who is driven is always motivated to do better for themselves and others. This person will always find the time to improve and help others to do the same. This is one of the best words to describe a teacher of this nature.


E.g. I think your students are so eager to learn because they realize how driven their teacher is.


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Having a teacher who is focused is important because he/she is the leader of a group of minds in need of molding. If they fail or falter, the entire class is at risk.
While he/she may allow time for fooling around and joking, he/she always gets the class back on track, which enables the students to meet their mark and accomplish their goals.


E.g. Although Mr. Jake is a goofy teacher, he is very focused and pays close attention to detail. No wonder his test scores are always so high!


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A teacher should be a role model for their students and should inspire them to be greater than they already are.
This teacher is always willing to share stories and give real-life examples of how hard work and dedication can lead to success in the future. This teacher preaches happiness and kindness, which encourages their students to be upstanding citizens of society.


E.g. Mr. Wong not only motivates his students to succeed, but he also inspires them to follow their heart’s desires and find their true calling in life.


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Organization is key in the life of a teacher. Ever heard of a lesson plan? This outlines what the teacher plans to teach their students each lesson. Without organization, the teacher will be all over the place which can be quite confusing to students. They may miss out on key points and have poor results at the end of the school year.
A teacher who is organized can also balance academics with extracurriculars to provide their students with a wholesome schooling experience.


E.g. I am blown away by your ability to stay organized all the time, especially when teaching multiple courses. Kudos to you, Mrs. Robinson.


Every good teacher is prepared for whatever may come their way, whether it is an accident in Arts and Crafts, technical issues, or drama between teenage girls. By being prepared, this teacher can handle whatever the teacher-life may throw at them in a composed and responsible manner.


E.g. You’re always prepared for everything. Teach me your ways!


A teacher who is professional handles matters in a way befitting someone of their status. You won’t hear about this person arguing with students and making a scene, being inappropriate toward colleagues or students, or acting like a fool in public.
This person is a respectable adult and is a role model for all. Their behavior can be emulated by their students.
Here is a way you can use this, amongst other words, to describe a professional teacher.


E.g. You are an exemplary teacher: polite, professional and prepared. I am pleased to work alongside you.



Don’t wait until teacher’s day to let your teacher know how you feel about them. Send them a card or tell them how you feel to their face using these words today!