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25 of the Best Things to Say to Your Crush

25 of the Best Things to Say to Your Crush

Ask anyone that has been smitten before, and they’ll tell you that one of the hardest things in the world is talking to your crush.

You probably just don’t know what to say, but you can’t afford to mess up that first conversation. Thankfully, if you’re looking for what to say to your crush, we have a couple of ideas anyone can use.


What to Say to Your Crush: When He’s Your Classmate


01“You look quite handsome/good today.”
This statement is a perfect conversation starter. It works wonderfully because it strokes his ego, and he is forced to respond, thereby furthering the conversation.
You also get to express your admiration, which shows that you’ve been looking at him for a while.


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02“You look happy (or sad) today; what’s going on?”
This is another good conversation starter. The subtle prompt allows him to respond, and if he is not too uptight, he will further the conversation.
A question like this also shows that you care about him, which should help him start to notice you.


03“The weather is unusually nice today.”
This always works as a conversation starter. If you find there’s nothing else you can talk about—especially if you don’t know much about this person’s personal life—this is a useful phrase to start with.
It also leads naturally into other discussion topics like weekend plans.


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04“Hey, we should really hang out together sometime.”
This line only works if you are bold enough to deliver it with confidence. It makes clear your intentions and demands a response.
He can agree or refuse the suggestion, but the attempt starts a conversation, and you can always steer the discussion in another direction if needed.


05“Could you spare a minute? I need some help with my classwork.”
If you need actual help with classwork, and he is good enough at that particular classwork to offer help, this is the perfect way to start a conversation.
You can always chat more during the homework help session.


06“Have you done something new with your uniform? It looks good!”
This line praises him and offers up a little ego boost, which guarantees that he will respond to your question.
Once you get him talking, you’ll find more opportunities you can leverage to keep the conversation going.


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07“Is it me, or was Mrs. Matthews just the best today?”
The best thing about this line is that it doesn’t sound thirsty enough to turn off someone.
It sounds honest, which means it can be an appropriate conversational ice-breaker no matter who you’re talking to. Mrs. Matthews needs to be worth talking about, though.



08“[He says he’s heading out to lunch] Can I come with you? I am getting something too.”
If your aim is to spend some time talking with your crush, what better solution is there than a long walk together to a canteen or the lunchroom?


What to Say to Your Crush: When He’s Your Colleague


09“Is it me, or is it just too cold out today?”
This line starts conversations very well with colleagues. Everyone feels the cold, and that always triggers a response.
And, just in case your colleague has no feelings for you whatsoever, this line saves you from appearing too thirsty.


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10“Did you do something new with your hair? It looks great.”
A compliment is always a good way to start a conversation.
Because you have a massive crush, it also shows that you have been noticing him, which can be the alert you have always wanted him to pick up on.


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11“I am having some trouble with my phone. Could you save me?”
This works wonderfully if your crush is a tech whiz that is always looking to show off his skills.
Helping you with your phone will trigger a conversation between the two of you, and that can lead to somewhere.


12“Did you watch the news last night?”
This is perhaps the simplest conversation starter in the world. Everyone has an opinion on current events, so the conversation is always easy.
Plus, it works well with colleagues, because you don’t want to sound too unprofessional immediately.


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13“How did your team play last night? Beaten?”
If you don’t know much about your crush’s personal life, assuming he’s into sports is a great way to start.
Asking about last night’s game always triggers conversation, even if you get the teams wrong.



14“Hey, you’re a guy; which do you think is a better Christmas present: a tie or a belt?”
This is another well-targeted conversation trigger that entices a guy into talking.
He will feel like he’s been given all the authority in the situation, and that should get him talking to you. You can always lie about who the presents are for.


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15“Do you like kombucha?”
Another perfect way to start a random conversation.
If he likes kombucha, the discussion can continue in that direction.
If he doesn’t, you can always talk about what he likes instead. Everyone likes to talk about what they like.


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16“Do you believe in love at first sight?”
If you are looking stop beating around the bush and be a bit more straightforward, this is a good way to start talking.
Talking above love to your crush makes things easier. You’ll need to be a bit bold enough for this.


What to Say to Your Crush: When He’s Your Friend’s Friend


17“What do you think we should get John for his birthday this year?”
Because John is your mutual friend, a conversation about him will always go well and is easy to maintain.
In this case, engaging your crush in suggesting a present will trigger more conversation. 


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18“Did you know that we are ‘mutual’ friends?”
This works wonderfully, especially if you haven’t met in person before even though you know a bit about them.
Highlighting the mutual friendship you already share with John is a trigger for more discussion.


19“How come John hasn’t introduced us before?”
This is an open-ended question, which means that your crush will be enticed to respond. It also leads you into more conversation about John, and later on, about yourselves.


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20“You come here often?”
This line works well if you are in a unique location, like a bar or restaurant.
It always works well for starting the conversation, because you can talk about the place—why you like it, and you’ll probably need to talk about him, too.


21“Have you seen this new show, The Mandalorian? It’s crazy!”
This line works best if you are sure your crush is into TV shows at all.
If he likes The Mandalorian, it will encourage conversation about him and his interests. If he hasn’t watched it, recommend it to him.



22“You look sad; is it so mething I can help with? / You look happy; what’s the good news?”
If you’re looking to show that you care, this line is the way to go.
He may or may not wish to tell you anything, but if he does, that’s your cue to sweep in and be lovable. If he doesn’t, at least he’ll know that you care.


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23“Lemme guess: you’re a fan of the New York Giants?”
A random guess doesn’t have to be true; it just has to trigger more conversation. In this case, if he isn’t a fan of the Giants, he will reveal the team he truly likes.
And if he’s a fan, he will talk more because everyone likes to talk about what they like.


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24“What would you do if you found someone attractive?”
This is for bold individuals that don’t mind hinting about what they want.
That question always triggers a response, and since it’s about love and feelings, it can help you express your own by conversation’s end. 


25“Christmas or Thanksgiving?”
This is good to say because there will always be a response, and that response leads to more conversation about the chosen option.
It doesn’t make you sound too forward either, which is useful for friends of friends.



You don’t have to panic about speaking to your crush; it’s a no brainer when you have the right words and phrases.
If you feel like you can’t come up with the perfect message for your crush, let the 25 smart phrases above help and inspire you. Your crush won’t know what hit him.