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25 Best Topics to Say on a First Date

25 Best Topics to Say on a First Date

Asking your crush out can be tough, but actually finding things to talk about on your date can be even tougher, especially if you’re nervous.

Knowing what to say on a first date does not have to be a brainteaser anymore. Read this list of what to say on a first date with your crush to give yourself the best shot at having a great date:


Here are a list of best topics to say on a first date


For this topic, you can ask questions like ‘What is your favorite genre of music,’ or ‘Do you listen to Ed Sheeran?
This is a great topic because most, if not all people, like some form of music and it is easy to start and carry on a discussion about this topic. You may even discover that you share a similar taste in music.


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Questions like ‘How do you feel about Indian food,’ or ‘Do you like to cook,’ are great ways to begin a conversation.
This topic is good because it is neutral and easy to discuss. You can even talk about the food you are having on the date if you don’t know what to say on a first date.


Asking a person ‘What do you do for fun’, or ‘What do you do in your spare time’ is another way to get a good discussion going. This topic works because you will get to know more about what you crush is actually into.



Simple questions such as ‘Where have you traveled to,’ or ‘Where in the world would you like to visit’ are great ways to get a conversation going.
This topic is light and there will be no chance for a heated debate, as topics such as politics or religion may bring.


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Asking someone about what motivates them is a unique way to get to know a person. Questions such as ‘who is your role model,’ or ‘what inspires you in life’ are perfect examples of what we mean by motivators.


If you are both in school and have no clue what to say on a first date this is an easy topic that will lighten the mood. Asking how classes are going, or what their favorite subject is, is a simple and straightforward way to get a conversation flowing.
If you have already graduated, you can still use this topic to ask about past school memories, or which year they graduated.


Who doesn’t love pets? If your crush doesn’t it can be a discussion about why they don’t like pets. Questions like ‘Do you have any pets?’ can spark a conversation leading into something like, ‘Do you prefer cats or dogs? Why?’


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08Hidden Talents
Asking about hidden talent is a cool way to really get to know more about someone. This is a great topic because they can share experiences with you and vice versa.
Examples include ‘Do you have any hidden talents,’ or ‘What is one cool thing that you can do that no one really knows about?’


Asking about family can be a tricky topic because you don’t want to ask questions that are too personal on a first date. However, asking about family can be a great topic because it usually leads to deeper conversation- sibling relationships, parents, etc..
You could ask questions like ‘Do you have any siblings,’ or ‘Where is your family originally from?’



10Future plans
Plans are a huge and general topic. The freedom here is that you can literally ask anything! Some examples are, ‘What are you doing this Saturday,’ to ‘Where do you see yourself in ten years.’
Questions based on future plans show a different level of interest, especially if you try and plan more together!


11Childhood memories
Sharing childhood memories can be pretty fun. You could ask questions like ‘What was your favorite cartoon growing up,’ or ‘What is your favorite childhood memory.’
This is a good topic because you get an insight on your crush’s past and this will help you to understand them better.


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‘Have you seen any good movies lately,’ or ‘Who is your favorite actor,’ and ‘What is your favorite movie,’ are all good questions to start this topic. You can also ask about TV shows.
This conversation can go on for hours and hours and can even lead to the idea of a movie date!


13Bucket list
Asking your crush about their bucket list is a guaranteed way to spark up an interesting conversation.
This topic is good because it allows you to both share your hopes and dreams for the future, as well as the fun, crazy, and wild fantasies you may have, such as skydiving, swimming with sharks, and so much more.



14Dream job
For persons who haven’t settled into a career, a great topic to talk about is a dream job. From there, you can both branch off into your hopes and expectations for the future, and how you both plan to achieve that goal.


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Many people are still interested in books but if your crush is not, this can easily be changed for video games, or crafting! If you enjoy books and want to find out if they do too, then you can ask questions like, ‘Who is your favorite author,’ or ‘What is your favorite book,’ or even ‘Have you read any good books lately?’
This will be a good topic to discuss depending on the type of person you are out with. If they are a Brainiac or who seems like they like to read, then this can be an interesting conversation for both of you.


‘What nicknames did you have growing up’ and ‘What do your friends call you,’ are great ways to find out intricate details that could start a new conversation.
Questions like these allow you to get more acquainted with your crush and you can even suggest making up nicknames for each other.


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17Best feature
Asking your crush what they think is their best feature, can give you some insight into how they view themselves. It can also be sneaky way to fold in a compliment if you don’t know what to say on a first date.


18Winning the lottery
‘What would you do if you won the lottery’ is a great question to ask for a few reasons.
One, it will let you know what they value in life. Two, it will allow you guys to have a bit of fun and three, you can discover whether they are financially responsible.


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A great icebreaker is ‘If you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be and why.’ You could also substitute this for ‘if you had three wishes, what would they be’, as just a way to have some fun and take a break from reality.


If your crush is into fitness, you could ask questions like ‘How often do you go to the gym,’ or ‘What’s your diet like?’
This is a good topic because you guys can share workout and diet tips and even become workout partners by the end of the date.


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‘What are you most passionate about?’ is probably the easiest way to get someone to talk about what they love in life. It allows you to see a different side of your crush and get closer to them.


22Pet Peeves
Asking about your crush’s pet peeves is one of the best ideas you could ever have. This way you can avoid doing anything that is off-putting, know what to say on a first date and give yourself a better chance on this date and others.



Guys love to talk about sports, and so do some women. Examples of questions to ask are ‘Do you play any sports,’ ‘Do you have a favorite team/sport,’ and ‘Do you like watching sports,’ are all neutral questions to find out if someone does indeed like sports.
It would be good if you guys love the same teams, but healthy competition can be fun too!


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24Funny Moments
Sharing funny and embarrassing stories is fun way to get to know a person. This is a great topic because it lightens the mood and helps to make you more comfortable around each other especially when you don’t know what to say on a first date.


‘What are you the proudest of’, or ‘What has been your biggest accomplishment’ is a one way to get to know about your crush’s values. This can also be a chance to impress your crush, just don’t be too cocky about it.



Equipped with this list of what to say on a first date, you have a much better chance of it being successful. You just have to remain calm and be confident, and it will go smoothly.