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20 of the Best Words to Describe Flowers in a Post

20 of the Best Words to Describe Flowers in a Post

You can ask any social media user (especially Instagram users), and they’ll tell you that snapping those gorgeous photos of flowers is the easy part.

Getting unique and meaningful words to describe flowers in a post is no easy task. If you love sharing flower-based photos, you probably experience this bottleneck daily.

Is there a solution? We think so. See our ideas of the best words to describe flowers below, accompanied by sample captions and explanations.


Best words to describe flowers: by smell


“Musky” is a good word to use when describing your flowers in a social media post because it shows that you truly understand flower scents, and it’s the best way to generally describe flowers that smell exotic or unusual.
“Musky” is also a good word to use if the smell is the only commendable part of the flower.


E.g. I always go for musky scented flowers, if I have to choose because they’re way more alluring.


girl flowers tulips
Photo by malcolmamcewan on reshot


There is no better way to describe your flowers by smell than as ”sweet.” It is proven to work; it has worked wonderfully for centuries. It immediately tells your followers that your flowers smell light and beautiful.
Additionally, if you’re stuck looking for a word that describes the best smelling flowers that you’ve ever sniffed, then “sweet” is always a good substitute.


E.g. These gardenias aren’t just unusually beautiful; they also smell very sweet. 


People use the term “freshly-picked” with flowers to suggest naturalness, freshness, and a pure smell. It is easy to understand, and it’s general enough that you can use it with any type of flower.


E.g. I found these surprise gardenias on my desk this morning, and I am already freaking out. They smell so freshly-picked.


basket flowers

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on unsplash


When trying to describe the smell of a flower, we usually go for vague terms like “heavenly” because they are easier than scientific descriptions of smell. It immediately suggests a beautiful and light scent.


E.g. I didn’t know lilies were this heavenly in smell. They’re even better than roses. 


Describing your flowers as having a “vibrant” smell immediately suggests that it is not just a sweet smell, but it’s also strong in a way that makes it memorable.
This is a good way to describe exotic flowers, but it’s also a way to show that you have a deep understanding of flower scents.


E.g. Aren’t these flowers just perfect? They smell so vibrant, and they look rather colorful in the way that I like. 


By arrangement/style/design


This is a good word to use if you are a person who is into fashion. It also shows that you understand and appreciate style, even when it comes to flower arrangements.
“Chic” is a good word to use if the flower is already beautiful, and you want to highlight another aspect of it.


E.g. This super chic flower bouquet is literally making a fashion statement right now!


pink and white flowers in blue glass vase

Photo by Daria Shevtsova under pexels license


07Artfully arranged
This word works well if the flowers that you’re describing are not particularly colorful or immediately eye-catching. It compliments flower design and style, and you get something else to praise. 


E.g. Sometimes, the flowers alone don’t pop. Sometimes, they need a proper design to make a statement. Case in point: my artfully arranged magnolias and lilies above demonstrate this. #SoProud 


There’s no better word to use to describe flowers that have been freshly-picked than “farm-fresh.”
Not only is it easy to understand, but it also works well when you need to describe flowers that are not conventionally eye-catching.


E.g. Check out my new vase with these beautiful flowers. They are naturally grown, farm-fresh, and beautiful. Aren’t they a pleasure to see?



This word is easy to understand, and it immediately conjures up images of bright colored petals and sensual blooms. It’s the perfect word for flowers that immediately catch the eye because of their beauty or design.


E.g. I am tempted to say that this is the most captivating bouquet of flowers that I have ever laid eyes on. I have been maid of honor seven times, so I’ve seen many bouquets!


pink and white rose on wooden box
Photo by David Holifield on unsplash


This word works well because it fits all kinds of flowers, including those that may not be conventionally beautiful. If you want to use a strong word that is also not common, “elegant” is a good choice.


E.g. Check out my latest batch of yellow roses from #FlowersLA. They are so elegant, as usual, and thank you for a unique arrangement by the usual suspect @Li_Router!!


Best words to describe flowers: by blossom


You should only use “radiant” to describe flowers that remind you (or any average person) of the sun or beautiful light.
Radiancy is associated with light, so your followers will understand immediately. In addition, it might show that you know more than just the basics.


E.g. Having sunflowers in my garden is paying off. I now have the most radiant flower bloom ever.


low angle photo of cherry blossoms

Photo by Arno Smit on unsplash


“Luminous” could be another word for radiant. It gets to the point. “Luminous” works best if you are describing flowers that have are blooming immediately and beautifully. The flowers should be vibrant and bright-colored.


E.g. Isn’t this the most luminous blossom you’ve ever seen? It is, for me. Just being close to it makes me feel years younger!


You should describe a blooming flower as “enchanting” if it immediately captures your attention and surprises you with its beauty. It is general enough to work well with almost all types of flowers. 


E.g. I came upon the most enchanting lily blossom that I’ve ever laid my eyes on this morning. Isn’t it such a gift of nature?


cherry blossoms water boat

Photo by akizou on photo-ac


Best words to describe flowers: by appearance


This is the simplest word to describe flowers in a positive way. It easily drives the point home, and it works for all flower types, whether they are conventionally pretty or not. If you want a simple caption, this is the word to use.


E.g. Every day that I see this garden and all the beautiful flowers growing in it, I discover a new will to live. That’s the magic of beauty.


bouquet of flowers woman s leg

Photo by tequila on reshot


Perhaps the next best word for complimenting flowers is “lovely.” It works well if you are in a rush and want to compliment flowers without much effort. “Lovely” immediately suggests beauty and simplicity, so your followers will get it. 


E.g. These flowers are just lovely, aren’t they? Even Matthew thinks they’re lovely and perfect for our new home.


It is an easy alternative to much longer phrases that would mean the same thing. It also works for any flower, and it works well if you don’t want to use common words like “beautiful.”


E.g. I just discovered the most magical flowers ever. I don’t know their name, but they are just so uplifting when you look at them. They’re so beautiful and yet so easy to miss.


cherry blossom trees reflection

Photo by bantersnaps on unsplash


If you need words to describe flowers that look and smell different from what you know, there’s no better alternative than “exotic.” It immediately projects alien beauty or elegance that is not uncommon.


E.g. Well, I have never seen something like this! These are just the most exotic flowers I’ve ever seen. Even their petals are so unusual and beautiful.


macro photography of red flower

Photo by Alex Blăjan on unsplash


“Gorgeous” works when describing any flower that you find beautiful. In fact, it is a better alternative to the word ”beautiful.”
It suggests even more beauty and maybe even more color than the word “beautiful” suggests. It’s easy to understand, and it can work for any flower.


E.g. That is me last night with the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers that any maid of honor could ever catch. Lucky me!



If you don’t want to use words like “lovely” or “beautiful,” or if the flowers come in colors associated with royalty such as purple, why not call them “regal?”
“Regal,” much like “elegant,” compliments both color and style in one take. It is also less commonly used.


E.g. I’ve always considered gardenias to be regal flowers because they immediately suggest majesty and power.


bouquet of roses photo
Photo by Annie Spratt on unsplash


Describing flowers as “romantic” is always an option, especially if they have been delivered in that sense.
It immediately highlights the importance of the flowers. It is also the perfect word to use for flowers that make you feel like love is in the air.


E.g. There’s nothing more romantic than a single-stalk red rose. It immediately says, “I want only you.”



The best captions on Instagram are often the ones that are the simplest and most thoughtful. Building outstanding captions for flower posts requires the use of unique words to describe flowers.
If you don’t have a clue about the best words to describe flowers, we have word ideas for you above, accompanied by explanations and sample captions.