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25 Ways to Wish Someone a Good Trip

25 Ways to Wish Someone a Good Trip

It seems like a basic thing. However, how to wish someone a good trip is actually not easy.

Many people can’t find the words to say what they want to say. Some people just stay quiet, despite wanting to express their love, their wishes, and their fears to whoever is traveling. Not to worry, we have a solution.

If you’re wondering how to wish someone a good trip, you can start with the ideas below.


How to wish someone a good trip when it’s a business trip


01Hey Bert, I just heard about your confirmed trip to London on Friday. Lucky you! I’d give anything to be away from the loud bustling of New York City right now. Anyway, have a terrific flight and journey.
Remember to get some rest between your flight and your meetings in London. Deals go better when you’re well-rested.


city view at london
Photo by Dominika Gregušová under pexels license


02Dear Elaine, Bob Drew from Marketing here. I am just writing to wish you a wonderful trip to Johannesburg.
I have heard from friends in the office that your work trip has been confirmed for January 4th. I’ve been to South Africa, and I think you’ll love it. The business culture is inviting too, so don’t worry on that front. 


03Dear Maggie, first of all, congratulations on winning a place on the team that’s representing Merrill Lynch and the gold bank acquisition deal in Windhoek.
Secondly, have a terrific trip when you’re there. Long flights aside, Windhoek sounds like a city that’s worth visiting.


04Hey Mr. Anderson, this is to wish you a good trip across the sea to the Netherlands this weekend.
I gather flights from Rio de Janeiro to the Netherlands sometimes have layovers in some European country, and that sounds like fun.
I’ve also heard that flights can take more than eight hours, which sounds tiresome. Either way, don’t let this be just another business trip. Have some fun too!


body of water under white sky

Photo by Adrien Olichon on unsplash


05Babe, have a wonderful trip. I know this business trip is highly unavoidable, so I won’t complain.
I am going to miss you so much! Four weeks is a very long time. Anyway, have a safe flight and safe stay in Berlin. 


06Hey Peter, you know I don’t really like teary goodbyes, so I’ll get to the point. Have a good, safe, and incident-free flight to Los Angeles.
You know that we’re all going to miss you, especially yours truly, but we’ll be fine until you get back. Go show those suits in Los Angeles what you’re made of.


07Hey man, have a nice trip. I know it’s a business trip and all, but don’t forget to keep in touch. I’ll call you on Skype every few days.
Make sure to check out Berlina’s Café on 24th Street while in the city. I always visit it when I’m there; you’re sure to love the coffee and the waitresses too. Good luck!


selfie gadget instagram millennial translation millennial life

Photo by KIRILL VASILEV DIARY on reshot


08Tony, I hope you’re feeling great. I would be happy if I were going to a fancy Asian city for three days. Anyway, I just want to wish you a good trip.
I know how much you always wanted to travel to Asia, so make sure that this trip to Hong Kong is worth it. Have a glorious and virus-free trip, man!


09Hey, I know you must be feeling some sort of panic over this business trip, especially regarding the business deals that you have to close during the trip.
You’ve always adapted to new situations quickly, so I know you’ll sail through unaffected. Have a wonderful trip, Charlie. Take advantage of the sun while you’re at it. 



How to wish someone a good trip when it’s a vacation trip


10Dear Miss Loewe, on behalf of the staff of Treadmill Press Ltd, I would like to wish you a fun trip to St Tropez. I gather that part of your journey will involve sailing by boat, and I am sure you will enjoy that immensely.
I hope the seaside town proves to be the setting of a fruitful and invigorating vacation because you deserve all the rest that you can get.


brown wooden sunloungers
Photo by Valentin B. Kremer on unsplash


11Hi Lindy! I heard you are about to set off for Jamaica on a much-deserved vacation trip. How lucky you are! My boss won’t let anyone take an hour off these days because we’re just so busy.
I wish you a wonderful trip from start to finish. Make sure that you get as much rest and sun as possible.


12Mr. Dimon, this note is to wish you a good trip to Switzerland. We (all members of your house staff) believe that you deserve this vacation, and we hope you have a wonderful, stress-free trip to Lausanne. Godspeed sir!


approaching red trains on mountains

Photo by Johannes Hofmann on unsplash


13My dear Umbrage, my secretary tells me that you will be leaving for an African vacation very soon. Good for you; Africa is a gem to visit.
Although you likely don’t need any assistance, here are a couple of travel tips that I always follow when traveling to Africa.
Don’t play under too much sun; fevers are commonplace. Don’t eat anything that you don’t trust. Have yourself a marvelous trip! 


14Michael! You must be thrilled now that your upcoming vacation is drawing close. I just want to wish you and Gloria a fun trek in Aspen.
I’ve always thought that a good round of skiing was very good for one’s relaxation, at least based on my experience. Good luck!



15Dear Mattie, it looks like your trip to ‘down under’ is coming closer. Last time I flew to Adelaide, the flight was so dreary that I wished I could teleport myself to Australia instead. Be prepared! You’ll want to stock up on magazines if you can.
You can try downloading a good film from Netflix. It’s better than counting from one to 20 repeatedly to pass the time. Have a solid vacation, son.


brown joey on grass field
Photo by Christopher Burns on unsplash


16Rosie dear, you know that I always worry when someone travels by airplane; my fear of flying increases every day. What can one do?
On your vacation to Nicaragua, which I am sure you will be great, I wish you all the best. I hope you have an incident-free flight, many days of relaxation, and much more. Just make sure that you keep me updated please.


17Hi Maxine! I’ve heard you’re jetting off to Hawaii soon for a vacation, and I am so happy for you.
Hawaii always has wonderful festivals and events around this time of the year, so you’ll be sorted for your trip.
Have all the fun possible, darling! Also, don’t forget to take snaps and share them. You know that we’ll all be stalking your Instagram for those pictures!


fun in the white wash

Photo by Alissa Higashi on reshot


How to wish someone a good trip when it’s about getting back safely


18Jason, I hope you had a great trip to the Bahamas last week. How is that place anyway? I hope it’s as sunny and sandy as the photos show it is.
Since you’re coming back this week, I’ll take this chance to wish you a safe journey back home.


sea beach summer ocean girl bahamas

Photo by Allison Venning on reshot


19Dearest Sheena, such wonderful news that you’re going off to Berlin very soon. Let me use this opportunity to wish you a marvelous time in Berlin. Safe travels there and back. 


20Dear Miss Whelan, we’ve heard that you get back into town next week, so we hope you have a wonderful and safe journey back. We all miss you terribly, and we can’t wait to see you.


21Hi Grace, I hope you are having a fun time traveling across Europe on a train, like it’s the 1950s. I know that you’ll close out the trip with a ride home, so good luck on the way back. Send me more photos from your trip in the meantime.


black and red train passing through forest

Photo by Denis Chick on unsplash


22Ms. Trudy, I gather that you will be flying back home soon. I hope your business in Lahore has gone splendidly. I am sending you all of my best wishes for your return journey, not that you need them.


23Dina, I heard that you are coming back home this Friday. I can’t wait for you to return; I want to know all about Vienna. Is it really as classy and expensive as it sounds?
Anyway, have a fun trip back. I am waiting eagerly for you.


people walking beside berlitz building

Photo by Leyy M on unsplash


24Matt, I truly hope that you get back safely to the United States. I know how much you dislike traveling by airplane, so the flights must be very uncomfortable. I hope everything goes well for your return on Tuesday.


25Mom, if it’s true that you are coming back from London this weekend, then I wish you a safe flight home.
Also, don’t forget to get me a souvenir. I prefer something connected to the Queen.



There is more to wishing someone a good trip than just hugs and kisses. When getting around how to wish someone a good trip, a few well-chosen words can always go a long way.
Use the ideas above to learn how to wish someone a good trip in an easy and smart way.