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25+ of the Best School Pick-Up Lines for Your Crush

25+ of the Best School Pick-Up Lines for Your Crush

If you go to school every day, you’re bound to meet someone you like and eventually develop crush. It’s normal, whether you’re in high school, university, or vocational school. You may even be a teacher who falls under the spell of another member of your team.

To get your crush to notice you or talk to you, you’ll need school pick-up lines that aren’t cheesy so that what you say won’t come off as weird or random. For this reason, we’ve prepared a list of pick-up lines that are tailored to school crushes, and anyone can use!

Here are 25+ of the best school pick-up lines for your crush:


School pick-up lines: for crushes in high school

If you’re in high school, then you’ve probably seen your crush around already and have been waiting for the right moment to approach him/her. You can use any of these high school pick-up lines to make your move:

01“I heard you were in the school band. Maybe, we could make some music together.”
If you’re a “band geek,” as some people call it, that doesn’t mean that you can’t approach your crush. Even if you aren’t in the band, you could use this as a way to ask him/her to show you how to play an instrument so that you can spend some time together.


student playing saxophone
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02“I’ve seen you in AP Chemistry. I’ve kind of had my ion you.”
Sure, you may have already heard this pick-up line, but it’s a classic line that is sure to get a few chuckles and maybe even land you a date. Ions are talked about a lot in chemistry, and it’s a play on the words “eye on.”


03“I know the first 20 digits of pi, but somehow, I don’t know yours.”
Here’s one for the mathletes and the ordinary math lovers who couldn’t come up with a way to talk to their crush in math class. Pi isn’t “3.14” like many teachers round it off, it’s infinite. In fact, we haven’t figured out all of the numbers yet.
Being able to memorize 20 of them is pretty impressive, and it shows that you’re pretty smart.


chalk board pi

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04“We learned some pretty important dates in history class today, but I couldn’t help noticing that you aren’t a part of any of them.”
Anyone who studies history knows that you’ll have to memorize many dates because there are a lot of them to know.
This is a good way to ask for a date because when you say this line, he/she will probably ask what you mean. That’s when you can say something like, “our date, this Friday at 6 p.m.”


05“No, don’t go in there! The sprinklers will go off.”
When you say this, you can use an alarming tone so that he/she stops and wonders what’s happening.
When this happens, you can say something like, “cause you’re smoking hot.” This will make him/her laugh, and you can start a conversation from there.


boy jumping on water sprinkler

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06“I didn’t know angels go to [insert name of your high school].”
This is one of the school pick-up lines that you can use anytime that your crush is alone, whether in the gym, cafeteria, or hallway. It’s not dependent on a specific time or location.
When you use this line, you have to be very smooth about it. You can practice a little at home because you only have one shot to get it right. This is another way of telling your crush that he/she is gorgeous/handsome.


07“I heard you’re pretty good at algebra. Could you replace my x without asking y?”
This is another math pick-up line to use because everyone has to do math. It can work really well. Your crush doesn’t even have to be the smartest kid in the class, as long as he/she takes algebra.
It’s a good line because it’s a play on x and y variables that are always used in algebra.


08“You must be a high-test score because I’m dying to take you home to meet my mother.”
What do you do when you get a good report card? That’s right, you take it home to show your parents. It shows that you think highly of your crush, and your parents would approve of him/her.


perfect score answer sheet

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09“Oh, you’re the new kid? Welcome to [insert school name], I’m part of the welcoming committee.”
If your crush is new at school, but you don’t know how to approach him/her, this is a great way to do it. It doesn’t matter if you’re actually on the welcoming committee or if one even exists.
This is a great opportunity to show him/her around the school, ask him/her questions, and let him/her get to know you.



10” Are you Harvard? Because I know I have no chance with you.”
This is best used by seniors, but juniors and sophomores can have a go at this pick-up line too. The final year is the time when students usually submit their college applications and prepare for exams.
Harvard, or any other Ivy league school, has a low acceptance rate, and only top students get the opportunity to go there. It means that you think highly of your crush, even to the point of him/her being out of your league.


brown wooden door stairs
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School pick-up lines: for crushes in university

When you get to university, you’ll have to step up your game. You’ve got to approach others with confidence, and you need to be on point when you deliver your pick up lines.
Here are school pick-up lines for crushes in university:

11“Oh, you’re a science major? That explains the chemistry between us.”
Here’s the trick about this kind of pick-up line, if you are rejected, you can play it off as meaning you guys share the chemistry courses.
Chemistry is a science, and it can also be related to the attraction between two people. It is sure to make your crush smile.


child experiment test tubes microscope

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12“Do you work out a lot? I was just wondering how you managed to find that significant figure.”
This pick-up line can be used by both males and females, and it works best on crushes who are visibly fit; this means muscular arms or a lean physique.
This is a good line to use in chemistry or math environments, where significant figures are discussed, so that it will be funny and flirty when you say it.


13“Forget student loans, you’ve got all my interest.”
Many students who attend university take loans to do so, which they have to pay back in a couple of years and with interest.
This is a play on the word “interest” because it also can mean attention, and your student loans are something that you will have to pay close attention to when trying to pay it off.


one hundred US dollar billsone hundred US dollar bills

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14“If I had a penny for every time my heart skipped a beat when I saw you, I could pay off my entire student loan.”
Some student loan debts are so massive that people spend their whole lives trying to pay it off. It will emphasize how many times that your heart skipped a beat whenever you were seeing your crush.


15“If you get any hotter, I’ll blame you for global warming.”
This is good to use for people who major in some form of earth or environmental science, but it can be used by pretty much anyone. It is just another way to say that your crush is good-looking.


nature moms protest activsm moms clean air forge

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16“Quit Stalin and give me your number.”
Here’s one for the history and literature majors, and it is sure to make your crush laugh. Stalin is a Russian historical figure, and this can be used here as a play on the word “stalling.”
This will come off as a demand, but that’s the whole point because Stalin was not someone who would ask for things kindly.


17“If being sexy was a crime, I’d find you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.”
This pick-up line is great for anyone who studies law. As you already know, for someone to be found guilty, the prosecutors have to present evidence that proves the defendant has done the crime, and there is no room for any doubt.
When you use this idea here, it means that your crush is the maximum amount of sexy, and no one could dispute that. If it were a crime, your crush would be in prison for sure.


hotrod die cast model

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18“I think you’re an interesting research subject, may I write a 10-page paper about you for my term paper?”
In university, students have to write long papers, and sometimes, they are on topics that don’t even interest them; this can make it long and tedious to complete. However, when it is interesting, it becomes a very easy task to complete.
It means that your crush has captured your attention, and you can’t wait to do all of the research needed to learn more about him/her.


19“I’m a statistics major, and I think you have the best curves I’ve ever seen.”
Statistic majors use a lot of graphs and curves in their studies. Saying this line means that the curves you’ve used in class would pale in comparison to your crush’s curvy body.



School pick-up lines: for teachers or school staff

Just because you’re a teacher doesn’t mean that you can’t use school pick-up lines on the cute secretary or the biology teacher. Adults have crushes too!
Here are school pick-up lines for teachers or school staff:

20“I’m the new school janitor. I’d love to sweep you off your feet. “
If you just started working at the school, and you see a member of staff that you like, you can try this line. If you also feel that he/she likes you back, you can go ahead and try your chances with this line.
If it is a case in which you like the janitor, you can flip this pick-up line by saying “Are you the janitor because you surely swept me off my feet.”


girl sweeping at the cabin
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21“Excuse me madam/sir, why aren’t you in class? *You can wait for an answer* Wow, my apologies, I thought you were a student.”
This is a good way to complement a teacher or member of staff who has a youthful appearance. He/she will feel flattered by this, and you can continue the conversation by asking about the class/course that he/she teaches or the role that he/she has at the school.


22“I saw you teaching geometry earlier. It makes sense because you’re such acute-y.”
This is a good pick-up line to use for a math teacher because you know that geometry involves shapes and lines. Acute is a type of triangle, and saying “acute-y” is a cute way to call him/her “a cutie.”


pencil wooden measuring tool

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23“Come by my music class on Thursday. I bet that we could get in some serious treble together.”
This is a good line for music teachers to use because “treble” is a play on the word “trouble.” This is a flirty pick-up line, and it should only be used when you’ve exchanged a few words already. You should have an idea that he/she likes you in return.


woman in white neck tshirt holding a guitar

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24“You look like a bad boy/girl, and I’d love to teach you a lesson.”
This is a pick-up line that should only be used if you have been flirting with this person back and forth, and you know for a fact that he/she likes you.
Otherwise, you’ll probably get called into the principal/dean’s office or the HR office for harassment. It’s very suggestive, and it shows that you are interested in a provocative way.


25“I’m an astronomy/earth science lecturer, so I’m qualified to tell you that you are out of this world.”
Telling someone that they are “out of this world” can mean many things. It can mean that they are unique, extremely gorgeous/handsome, or very intelligent.
It will make your crush feel good and compelled to talk to you more.



Practice your school pick-up lines in the mirror and prepare yourself to walk up to your crush on Monday morning. You can do it!
Believe in yourself, and you may even surprise yourself with how many dates that you land with these amazing school pick-up lines!