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20 of the Best Words to Describe Your Amazing Girlfriend

20 of the Best Words to Describe Your Amazing Girlfriend

Are you planning to send a sweet text message to your girlfriend to brighten her day? Are you struggling to find the perfect words to describe her in your Instagram caption?

Why give your brain all of that extra work when you can just use this list of words to describe girlfriend anytime you want? These words to describe girlfriend can work for any amazing girlfriend, and all you have to do is look for the best ones.

So, shall we begin? Let’s explore 20 of the best words to describe your girlfriend.


Words to describe girlfriend based on her personality

Your girlfriend’s personality is about who she is as a person. Her personality traits distinguish her from other women.
Here are seven good words to describe girlfriend based on her personality:

If your girlfriend is confident, she is true to herself no matter who’s watching. She has a strong belief in herself and her abilities, and she will not feel threatened by others.
A confident girlfriend does not drag anyone down to feel better about herself, and she will shine regardless of naysayers. This word is good to use if your girlfriend fits this description, and she has high self-esteem.


E.g. “Sure, she has a great smile, a perfect frame, and beauty that rivals Aphrodite herself, but her confidence is what I find the sexiest. “


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“Down-to-earth” is a good adjective to describe your girlfriend if she is in touch with herself and her surroundings; this means that she is aware and conscious of herself.
This is also a good word to use if she is realistic and not pretentious. A down-to-earth girlfriend will not judge anyone based on his/her circumstances, and she is always humble, even if she has the advantage.


E.g. “I’ve met a lot of women, most of whom care more about their hair and nails than the world around them. I’m so grateful I found someone that is down-to-earth and has more to offer than good looks.”


The word “hilarious” is just another way to say “funny” or “goofy.” It is a good word to use to describe your girlfriend when she has a good sense of humor, and she doesn’t get easily offended when being roasted. She may even join in on the roasting of herself or roasting you.
The word “hilarious” describes a girlfriend who isn’t against making a fool of herself to make you laugh. She spreads laughter and joy wherever she goes. You can use the word “hilarious” to describe your girlfriend in the following way:


E.g. “There’s no such thing as a dull moment around Lindsey. That girl is hilarious!”


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You can use the word ”optimistic” to describe your girlfriend if she’s always looking at the bright side of things. Even when situations seem dire, she’s looking for the silver lining or the light at the end of the tunnel.
She never gives up hope, and she doesn’t quit. When you’re close to giving up, her positive outlook will help to uplift you and reinforce your courage.


E.g. “I was so close to giving up, but Margorie and her optimistic personality quickly dispelled those thoughts for me.”


A girlfriend with a passionate personality feels strongly about things. If she loves, she loves deeply, but if she hates, she will dislike strongly.
She will be excited about things, especially when it relates to you, and she will put all of herself into the relationship, her craft, and making others feel good.


E.g. “I admire how passionate Jeannie is about her art. It inspires me to work on my skills.”


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You can call your girlfriend “sensitive” if she is in touch with her emotions and the emotions of others.
She will listen to others carefully, and she will respond in a way that is mindful of their feelings. She is emotional, delicate, and responsive. She will probably respond quickly and strongly whenever something happens to anyone she cares about.
This is a good word to use if your girlfriend is a little cry baby at times.


E.g. “My girlfriend cries at the end of every romance movie, and I think it’s so cute how sensitive she is.”


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A girlfriend with a unique personality has one unlike any you’ve ever met before. You are drawn to her in ways that you cannot understand, and you love her for it.


E.g. “I think my girlfriend is able to get along with everyone that she comes across because of her unique and engaging personality.”


Based on your girlfriend’s behavior/actions

Your girlfriend’s behavior or actions will say a lot about who she is as a person, and they play a role in your relationship. Here are seven of the best words to describe girlfriend based on her behavior or actions.

An angelic girlfriend is someone who exhibits angel-like behavior. This means that she is caring, kind, and loving to others at all times.
It can also mean that she behaves in a way that is becoming of a female her age, and she exhibits respectable behavior. Here’s how you can talk about your girlfriend using this word:


E.g. “I was tempted to ask my girlfriend if it hurt when she fell from heaven because I’ve never met someone so angelic in all of my 24 years of existence.”


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A classy girlfriend is sophisticated and ladylike. You won’t catch her doing anything unbecoming or embarrassing in front of others.
A classy girlfriend would never put herself in compromising positions, and you won’t see her arguing with anyone online. This type of person will not be starting fights in real life either. She is always the bigger, more mature person, and she does this with grace.


E.g. “It’s a shame to see how some women operate. I’m just glad that my woman is graceful and classy.”


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A generous girlfriend gives from the heart, without expecting anything in return. She gives without being asked to, and she gives in abundance whenever possible.
She never hesitates to help a friend who is in need, and she will go above and beyond to ensure others are satisfied and content. This is how you can use the word to describe her:


E.g. “My girlfriend Marsha dedicates her weekends to helping orphans. Her generous donations of cash and her kindness were recognized by the mayor just this weekend.”


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A polite girlfriend doesn’t just say please/thank you or good morning/goodnight. She is considerate of her actions, and she would not do anything that would place someone else at a disadvantage.
A polite girlfriend is respectful to everyone, no matter the age, wage, or background. She treats everyone in a civil manner, and she is refined in her response and reactions.


E.g. “I was nervous about introducing Gina to my mother, but it turned out great! My mother loves the fact that she is so polite and graceful.”



A thoughtful girlfriend considers the consequences of her actions, and she bears others in mind whenever she does something. She will surprise you with her actions, and they will show you that she cares about you.
She will pay attention to your needs and wants. She will also try her hardest to fulfill them, if she can.


E.g. “Most people forget about the little details, and I tell them that Karen is very attentive very thoughtful!”


The word “versatile” should be used to describe a girlfriend who isn’t one-track-minded. She can easily adapt to new situations, and she can perform various functions. She is flexible in every way possible, and she can perform various duties at a moment’s notice.
A versatile girlfriend helps to keep the relationship spicy or interesting, and she is always willing to try something new.


E.g. “My girlfriend just got promoted today, but I’m not surprised. She’s hardworking, versatile, and essential to the company.”


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“Zealous” is a good word to describe a girlfriend who is enthusiastic and eager about her job, hobby, or about learning new things. She will put her all into performing a task, and she will do it with a smile on her face.
She is passionate about many things, but she doesn’t go overboard, to the point of being overbearing or annoying.


E.g. “Hannah is a zealous volunteer. She is dedicated to helping troubled youth find their way back to the straight and narrow road. I love that about her. “


Words to describe girlfriend based on her appearance

Your girlfriend’s appearance is the first thing that other people see. Perhaps, the first thing you noted about her was her appearance. You’ll want to find a suitable word to describe her flattering appearance.
Here are seven words to describe girlfriend based on her appearance:

The word “beautiful” is used to describe a girlfriend who has a visually pleasing or attractive face. This, of course, depends on what you find beautiful. Usually, the word “beautiful” refers to something like dreamy eyes, healthy hair, smooth skin, kissable lips, and an attractive nose.


E.g. “I’m so lucky to have such a beautiful and intelligent girlfriend.”


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You can use the word “elegant” to describe your girlfriend if she is both graceful and stylish. It is also a good word to use for a girlfriend who is poised, classy, and sophisticated.
The way she looks and behaves automatically generates attention and commands respect. This is one way that you can use the word to describe her:


E.g. “My girlfriend is such a rare beauty. Whenever she gets all dolled up, I’m amazed at how elegant she becomes.”


“Gorgeous” is a word that can describe a girlfriend who is pretty or very attractive. It is similar in meaning to the word “beautiful,” but it is a step up. The word “gorgeous” refers to another degree of positivity and beauty.
Calling your girlfriend “gorgeous” means that she has a striking and dazzling appearance. Here’s an example of how to use it:



E.g. “I did some secret shopping today. I can’t wait for my gorgeous girlfriend to try on all of the items that I got her.”


A girlfriend who is jaw-dropping can turn heads whenever she enters a room. She’s who every guy dreams of meeting, and she is every girl’s envy.
She appears as though she was sculpted by gods, and she walks with a little pep in her step. You think that she is probably out of your league.


E.g. “Having Riley as my girlfriend makes me feel like I just won a million bucks. That girl is jaw-dropping!”


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A regal girlfriend is someone who is more refined. She is graceful, and she carries herself with class and dignity.
She acts like royalty, and she is a queen in her own right. She is everything that a lady should be and so much more.


E.g. “I love when Frankie pulls her hair back in a bun and does natural-looking makeup. It makes her look so refined and regal.”


The word “sexy” is good to describe your girlfriend when you are very physically attracted to her. It is also a good word to use when you are describing her personality because it shows that you love her for what she is both on the inside and outside.


E.g. “The next time we go to the beach, she’s going to be wearing a turtleneck and bell-bottom jeans. My girlfriend is way too sexy to share her body with the world!”


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“Stunning” is a word that can be used to describe your girlfriend’s attractiveness.
It can be used to describe unique features that she may have, such as her eyes or legs. It can be used as a general word to describe her beauty as well. It shows that you are in awe of her beauty.


E.g. “Have you ever seen a more stunning woman? Wake me up because this must be a dream.”


Words to describe girlfriend based on her bad side/traits

Nobody’s perfect, not even your beloved girlfriend. You can use words to describe her based on her bad side/traits as a way to tease her or show that you love her regardless. It should be fine as long as you don’t say it unkindly.
Here are three words to describe girlfriend based on her bad side/traits:

Women are notorious for their mood swings, but they literally can’t help it because of their hormones.
If you have a girlfriend who goes from being happy one minute to angry, then from angry to sad in the next moment, you can tease her by calling her “moody.”


E.g. “I can never get bored in my relationship with such a moody girlfriend. It feels like I’m with multiple women, and I never know who I’ll get tomorrow.”



A spoiled girlfriend will want to have her way all of the time, but you can’t help it because she’s so cute! When it doesn’t go her way, she might throw a little fuss or give you the silent treatment. No matter what, you know it’s all love anyway!
Here’s one way to call her out on being spoiled:


E.g. “I’m the kind of guy to cater to her every need to keep a smile on her face. No wonder she’s so spoiled.”


A stubborn girlfriend is one who won’t take “no” for an answer, and she is so determined that things go her way. It’s hard to convince her to change her mind, especially when she has her thoughts set on something. She will give you an attitude when you disagree as well.
E.g. ” My girlfriend is a beast when she’s passionate about something. I just wish she wasn’t so stubborn sometimes!”



Who knew finding words to describe girlfriend was as easy as reading this article. Well, now you know how to do it.
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