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Hello Sunshine: 25 of the Coolest Words to Describe Summer

Hello Sunshine: 25 of the Coolest Words to Describe Summer

It’s that time of the year again when we say goodbye to long sleeves and boots, and hello to flip flops and swimsuits. It’s summer!

 Summer also means that it’s time to show off to your friends and let them know how much fun you’re having.

Words to describe summer often fall short of the actual experiences and the memories made, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try.

 Coming up blank with your words to describe summer? It happens to the best of us.

You can always count on us to pick up where you fall short.

Here are 25 of the coolest words to describe summer, and examples of how you can use them in a conversation or as a caption on social media.


Words to Describe Summer: On Vacation in Another Country

When you’re in another country for your summer vacation, you need certain words to describe summer there.
These words should capture how you feel, describe your surroundings and, of course, make everyone else wish they were there.
Here are 15 words to describe summer vacation spent aboard.

This is a fun and simple word to use. It means that everything you are experiencing there is perfect or has exceeded your expectations.


E.g. My summer in Bali was simply amazing. I met so many cool people and did the most awesome things!


E.g. Who knew the most amazing summer vacation was waiting for me in Barbados #islandlife


This is a good word to describe a summer spent in the cool shade and cool breeze. It means that the weather was fair, or that the people there were easy-going.


brown grass sunlight photo
Photo by Adwitiya Pal on unsplash


E.g. Argentina wasn’t too hot, and it wasn’t too cold. It was a pretty breezy summer for me.


E.g. They don’t call Chicago the windy city for nothing! Cheers to a breezy summer.


A cloudless summer is one that is sunny all season long, with only a few, if any, showers of rain.
This is a great word to describe summer since it will let your friends or followers know that the weather was great and that you were probably out having fun every day.


summer greece blue sky summer season summertime summer days bluewater summer nature chalkidike

Photo by EFVA TSF on reshot


E.g. It was a cloudless vacation. Let’s just say I wore crop tops and shorts all summer long!


E.g. Another cloudless summer day means tans and tequila! #summervacationinHawaii


When you say something is dreamy, you mean that it’s so magical and breathtaking that it seems unreal. Use this word to describe your summer vacation on an island paradise.


venice grand canal

Photo by Nextvoyage under pexels license


E.g. It was as if it was taken from a dream. I’ll never forget my dreamy summer in Paris.


E.g. Boat rides in Venice, dinner near the Eiffel Tower and wine tasting in Spain. My European summer vacation has been dreamy.


An exotic vacation is one that was spent in a country far from home where the landscape is mostly lush, green vegetation. It usually has beautiful white sand beaches and the most diverse locals and cuisine.


E.g. I had the most exotic summer vacation on a little island in Polynesia.


E.g. Somewhere on an exotic island in the Pacific sippin’ mimosas #sunkissed #beachlife


Heaven is a place where there are no worries. Everything is easy going, and you get everything you want.
Heavenly is a great word to describe a vacation that fits these criteria because it lets others know that it was a unique experience and that you found great pleasure in being there.


cave shot green grass field

Photo by Wei Zeng on unsplash


E.g. Oh, Puerto Rico was divine! The ocean side villas were to die for and the sunsets were heavenly!


E.g. A heavenly summer vacay in the mountains of Peru. #breathtaking #views


The word idyllic can be used to describe somewhere that is beautiful and picturesque. It can also be used to express feelings of happiness or bliss felt because of being in that type of surrounding.


E.g. I spent my summer in this tiny house on a cliff in Iceland with the most idyllic coastline.


E.g. Loving my getaway with friends and family at the most idyllic summer home in Greece #jetlife


This is a great word to use to describe a slow-paced, relaxing summer vacation, spent lounging and was free of responsibilities and obligations. It is good to use this word if you spent your summer on a retreat or at a resort in another country.



E.g. I stayed at the Holiday Inn Resort for two weeks. It was the most leisurely summer I’ve ever had.


E.g. I had a blast at the Rio Grande! A much-needed leisurely summer break! #hammock #suntan #sand


Something magnificent is extremely beautiful, good, wonderful or impressive. It is something that commands attention and deserves admiration. It is the perfect word to use to describe a summer holiday spent somewhere with breathtaking views and great adventures and experiences.


photo of island in the middle of body of water
Photo by Darren Lawrence under pexels license


E.g. Colombia was magnificent! I had the time of my life this summer.


E.g. Sad to say goodbye to my magnificent summer home. Till next time Colombia xo


When you hear the word paradise, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Do you think palm trees and white sand? How about mixed drinks and island music? When you use this word to describe your summer, that is exactly the image that will pop up in the minds of your friends and family, making it one of the best words to describe summer abroad.


E.g. Summer in Bora Bora is paradise! You have to come with me on my next trip.


E.g. My summer was paradise, I’ll “sea” you soon!


If you say your summer is relaxing, you mean that it was easy-going, stress-free, and you took your mind off the hustle and bustle of your daily life.


man wearing black shirt lying on white hammock

Photo by Nicolas Haze under pexels license


E.g. It was the most relaxing summer of my life. I feel so refreshed.


E.g. I need to do this more often. My summer vacation was so relaxing.


A sensational vacation is one that was full of excitement. Here, you did many adventurous and outgoing activities, and it was a blast.


E.g. I spent my summer backpacking through Europe. It was sensational!


E.g. Somewhere in Cuba my vacation beau is reminiscing on our sensational summer fling.


This can be used to describe a summer that was so much fun it went by so quickly. It is good to use because it shows that you wish you had more time to spend there.


hourglass at the beach

photo by akizou on photo-ac


E.g. I had a blast this summer. Too bad it was so short.


E.g. Time flies when you’re having fun. Throwback to my short summer. #tbt #takemeback


Tropical summers are those that are spent on an island somewhere with year-round sun, white sand, and clear seas. This is a great word to use because it will paint that picture in their heads.


coconut dawn daylight exotic

Photo by Marc Richards under pexels license


E.g. I wanted a tropical summer, so I went to the Dominican Republic with two of my best buds. It was totally worth it.


E.g. Somewhere tropical… #beachlife #its5pmsomewhere #margaritas


This is a great word to use when you made many memories on your summer vacation or tried things for the first time. You could also use it to refer to the people you met there.



E.g. Going up to Josh’s parent’s beach house was the best idea I’ve had all year. It was the most unforgettable summer ever.


E.g. Cheers to the most unforgettable summer with the love of my life #baecation #coupleswhotravel


Words to describe summer: When you spend it at home

Spending summer at home doesn’t mean it was boring. In fact, you could’ve had the time of your life with your friends, family, and neighbors.
Use any of these words to describe a summer spent at home:

An active summer is one where you went out a lot, hung out with a lot of people, and I even accomplished a few things. It shows that you weren’t just cooped up at home and that you were pretty busy.


man running with number 178
Photo by Quino Al on unsplash


E.g. I spent summer at home, but I was pretty active.


E.g. Even in the searing heat, I had an active summer.


A carefree summer is one where you were free of all responsibilities and obligations and just went with the flow. You didn’t make any plans, and you didn’t stress about anything.


action carefree cropland daylight

Photo by Olga under pexels license


E.g. I didn’t work this summer, so it was pretty carefree.


E.g. Young, wild and carefree this summer!


An endless summer is one that seems to go on forever and ever. Now that doesn’t mean that it was boring, it just means that you had all the time in the world to do anything you wanted.


E.g. This summer seemed endless. I saw all my friends, did everything I wanted to, and I still had time to laze about.


E.g. Back at work thinking about my endless summer.


A free summer is one where you were allowed to do whatever you wanted without fear of consequences or repercussions.
You had no work or school, and there was nothing else to tie you down.



E.g. My parents were in South Korea and left me in charge of my brothers. We just had a free summer.


E.g. I miss my free summer. School sucks!


A fun summer is filled with activities you enjoy doing, such as hanging out with friends, doing your favorite hobbies, watching your favorite shows, going to concerts, seeing movies, and so much more.


people jumping summer having fun game smile
Photo by Veugene Nolly on reshot


E.g. This is the most fun summer I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to do it all again next year.


E.g. Girls just wanna have a fun summer! #gno #besties


A lazy summer is one where you did absolutely nothing but stayed inside to watch movies or binge-watch your favorite TV shows.
Using this word paints a picture of you in bed, snacking it up and just having a good time by yourself.


lazy sundaze lying on floater

Photo by Mathieu Bruneau on reshot


E.g. It was a lazy summer for me. I spend 90% of it in bed.


E.g. Lazy summers are the best for couch potatoes like me! #season8 #GoT


Summer at home when everyone’s gone out of town for vacation? Sounds pretty peaceful.
The peace and quiet, no one to disturb you, and maybe even the ability to walk around in your underpants can make it the best summer ever.


woman watching hot air balloons

photo by Mesut Kaya on unsplash


E.g. The kids were away at camp this year, and my wife spent a few weeks at her parent’s house. It was the most peaceful summer I’ve ever had.


E.g. Blue skies, cold lemonade, and warm nights: what a peaceful summer.


The perfect summer is what you decide. It could be fishing with your grandpa at the lake, sharing a beer with your father on the deck every afternoon, making cookies with your mother, or going clubbing with your friends.



E.g. This summer was perfect. I had a lot of fun with my family in the countryside.


E.g. Nothing could make my summer more #perfect.


A restful summer is one where you got a much-needed break from your busy life and finally had time to catch up on the things you enjoy, such as a hobby. It means that your summer was dedicated to mind and body wellness.


E.g. My summer was very restful. I took some time to focus on my physical and mental health.


E.g. I’m glad I could have a restful summer cause man, it was overdue.


A sunny summer is pretty self-explanatory. It means that the sun was out most days, so you had the opportunity to go outside in your summer outfits and have fun.
Sunny can also refer to your state of being. In this case, it would mean that you were happy or cheery.


cottages in the middle of beach
Photo by Julius Silver under pexels license


E.g. I was outside almost every day. It was a sunny summer.


E.g. Take me back to long, sunny summer days when I had no care in the world #fastforwardtosummerplease #vacationneeded



Found the perfect words to describe summer vacation? Then get ready to make everyone jealous of the time you had this year!
Happy summer!