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45 of the Best Instagram Captions to Say Cheers to a New Year

45 of the Best Instagram Captions to Say Cheers to a New Year

The New Year’s holiday is one of the best a person can enjoy, as we get great Instagram captions around that time.

This holiday is prime time for the annual New Year Instagram captions. Here are some Instagram captions that you can use.


New Year’s Eve Instagram captions

December 31, the last day of the year, a good time to reflect on what you have done or went through during the year and celebrate.
Let us see some captions you can celebrate the end of the year with.

01It’s been a good year. I hope next year is as good as this one because it was LIT #nye!


photo night shot fire works
Photo by Chris Gilbert under unsplash


02This my favorite day of the year, as it’s a good time to really think about what I’ve done and what I can do better next year #reflecting.


03Give me a beer, some food on the barbeque and great company, and I’m set for the last day of the year. Happy New Year’s Eve to you all.


04Nothing beats ending a rough year with family and people you care about. I’m grateful to have these guys in my life #blessed.


05[Year] was rough. At least I get to enjoy some booze and great music to send it off #partytime.


kissing holding firework sticks

Photo by Jared Sluyter on Unsplash


06This year was the pits. In my perspective, that’s a good enough reason to end it with a bang #nightlife.


07Today is a good time to reflect on all the goals you met throughout the year and those you didn’t; have a Happy New Year’s Eve #celebrate.


08New Year’s Eve has always been like a dream to me, like time really does fly fast. I have to make it count and enjoy every second of life #yolo.


09New Year’s Eve is the best day of the year. #newyearseve.


10This holiday is a reminder to us that we need to assess our lives and start meeting our goals to have something to celebrate when the year ends #motivation.


selective focus photography of several people cheering wine glasses happy celebration new year

Photo by cottonbro under pexels license


11When you come to think of it, just living is a blessing and I’m glad that you’re still with me on the last day of the year #love.


12Happy New Year’s Eve guys, hope you have a great time because I know I will; let’s end the year with a bang #partynight!


13The best time to celebrate your achievements is on New Year’s Eve and that’s why I’ve been putting off celebrating until today. It’s going to be awesome #timetoparty!


women holding sparklers burning fireworks fire american flag background

Image from free-photos under Pixabay License


14[Year] wasn’t that great, too much went down that I’m not ready to go through again I’m going to live it up tonight though.


15Ending the year with that special somebody at your side is the best feeling ever; Happy New Year’s Eve everyone #relationshipgoals.


Instagram captions for New Year Resolutions and Wishes

The best part about the start of a new year is that it allows people to re-evaluate their lives and set goals they can meet throughout the year.
Let’s see some new year Instagram captions you can use for new goals and ambitions.

16This will be the year I’m on boss mode, getting everything in order, starting with hitting the gym #mindset.


02 woman tying her shoes inside the gym

Photo by juan pablo rodriguez on unsplash


17Going on a diet has been really hard for me in the last few months, but I have a good feeling that this new year it’ll stick #positivity.


18I have never thought that my cooking was great. The lockdown proved me right, so getting cooking is my #newyearresolution.


19I’ve been putting off starting my Youtube channel for years now, never even made it a New Year’s #resolution and that’s why I’m adding it to this year’s.


youtube application photo videos to play on screen bokeh

Photo by NordWood Themes on unsplash


20I wish that I could have more time to do what I want this year. Life has become too hectic.


21My number 1 weakness for a long time has been procrastinating. This year I’m on #beastmode: no dreaming, just more working.


22I’ve resolved to work more on myself this year; my mental health is something that I’ve been neglecting in the past, so that will change now #selfcare.


23I don’t really have goals for this year but my resolution is to take the time to connect with myself again #loveyourself.


07 face sheet mask and relaxation spa

Photo by Asheesh on reshot


24I have a feeling that this year is going to be great and I’ve decided that I will work harder than ever before #NewYearsResolution.


25I’ve been putting in too many hours in the office, so for my New Year’s resolution, I plan to spend more time with the family #familygoals.


26Life’s good; I enjoyed it this year and I want to make it my mission next year to put 100% effort into everything I do #work.



27This year has been hectic for us students. However, I know that nothing can beat proper planning, so I’ve designed a great one for next year.


28I’ve realized that looking good makes you feel good, so my resolution for the New Year is to pay more attention to my wardrobe #instafashion.


Image from Pexels – under CC0 license


29I’m a strong believer in up-skilling myself, so for this year’s resolution, I will take an online programming course #growth.


30Real happy about what my friends did this year. Hope that I get to celebrate with them next year if I get promoted too imma #putinwork like crazy.


New Year Instagram captions

New Year Instagram captions for New Year’s Eve and resolutions are great, but you also need captions that will ease you into another year.
Let’s see some of the New Year Instagram captions you can use to kick-start your year.

31New year, new me. Those words may sound corny but they’re true. A new year brings you an opportunity to restart your life #refresh.


young satisfied woman in headphones with fresh red leaf listening to music with pleasure while lounging in autumn park

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio under pexels license


32The start of every new year always terrifies me, like OMG there’s so much to do this year, how will I get it done?! #stressedbutblessed.


33Starting off the new year celebrating is great, as it adds some positive energy that will get you ready to handle whatever the year will throw at you #goodvibesonly.


34Besides being a fun holiday, New Year’s Day is a great opportunity to think about how lucky you are to see another year #grateful.


35Hey everyone, it’s a new year. We made it! Time to make it count and celebrate like it’s our last day on earth; who’s with me! #happiness


winter snow street couple couple love romance russia kiss romantic new year winter romance

Photo by Edric Photographer on reshot


36This holiday is the best way to usher in a new year and new beginnings. A lot still stands ahead. Let’s have fun while we can.


37It’s a new year with the #sameoldme. The only difference is I have bigger ambitions and goals that I will meet this year.


38We’ve got a lot to be thankful for and we owe it to ourselves to achieve those dreams we have #success.



39Nothing screams fun and happiness more than New Year’s Day. Every new year brings a plethora of new opportunities.


40It’s a new year again, guys, I hope you celebrated well and are enjoying the chance to escape last year’s problems and tackle this year’s challenges. Stay blessed.


41A good New Year’s celebration is very important after a long and taxing year. It’s a great way to recharge your batteries.


smartphone no battery charge charging port and charger lightning cable
Photo by Karolina Grabowska under pexels license


42Even though I’m at work and can’t celebrate the first day of this year, I’ll make it count when I knock off. Happy New Year’s everyone #newyearsparty.


43I sense that this will be a great year, so I’ll start it off with a bang with my friends and family and my doggo #happynewyear.


photography dog window book chocolate reading dogs cuteness photo fox terrier nutella

Photo by psiedoll La on reshot


44Even if you don’t have someone to spend the holiday with, New Year’s is a great time to be by yourself with a good movie #happyholidays.


45A new year is upon us and it’s up to us to make it the best one yet. It’s up to us to celebrate it #newyears[Year].



We hope that you have enjoyed the New Year Instagram captions we have provided for you and that you will use one or two of them.