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20 of the Best Comforting and Encouraging Words for a New Mom

20 of the Best Comforting and Encouraging Words for a New Mom

Although motherhood is beautiful and powerful, it is also pretty scary; most mothers would tell you this. From the moment babies are born or adopted, encouraging words for a new mom are always needed and helpful.

Motherhood is full of challenges; for that reason, some encouraging words for a new mom are bound to be highly appreciated.

You can use some of the ideas below for encouraging words for a new mom to create an inspiring message.


10 examples of encouraging words for a new mom: For a mother who has just delivered her first child


01“As your mother, and as someone that saw you grow up, I can honestly tell you that you are naturally cut out for your new role as a mother.
The girl I raised was so kind, nurturing and loving to everyone. She was a mother before she even knew it.
That’s why I don’t doubt that you’ll be a great mom, and I hope that you don’t doubt yourself either.”
This message can work wonders because it evokes the past, and it is very personalized. Coming from the mother of the new mom, it can make her feel like she deserves this prize of her new baby.


woman in white long sleeve shirt carrying baby
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch under Pexels


02“Brenda, this is the start of a glorious new time for you – motherhood.
There is a reason that it’s considered the best time of any mother’s life. It’s just so amazing.
You’ll be great, because good things happen to those who deserve them. Good luck.”
Any message that makes a woman feel like she deserves her new baby is good for encouragement. 


03“To my darling wife and now new mother of my wonderful daughter, I want you to know that I have always considered you to be an amazing person. I know that you’re going to be a terrific mother.
Also, if you must know, there is no other woman in the world I’d rather have as the mother of my child.”
All the praise, love, confidence and encouragement in this message make it perfect for any new mom.


photo of woman feeding her child

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio under Pexels


04“Dearest Maggie, I am sure that you are overjoyed beyond comparison right now, as you should be.
I also hope that you recognize how lucky you are to be a mother and to have a healthy, beautiful child.
I can’t wait to watch you blossom into the amazing mother that I know you’re bound to be.”
This message is filled with simple compliments and words of encouragement that any new mom would appreciate hearing.  


05“Dora, I know that you’re feeling anxious about what will happen next, but that’s part of the process.
I am here to let you in on the secret: things get better. Motherhood is hard, alright, but it gets easier as you grow as a mother.
It can be easy for you, and it can be FUN too. You can start by getting your husband involved, and you’ll be well on your way.”
As the advice is partly helpful and partly encouraging, this message works well for any new mom. It can also work if you want to sound wise.


mother in floral dress feeding the baby while standing

Photo by Jorge Guillen on reshot


06“Can I be honest? You are already doing so well for a first-time mom that I no longer have any worries for you and your future.
Not all first-time moms get the hang of it as early as you have. Your adaptation is very promising, and I am very proud of you.”
This message works because it would make any new mom feel better about herself immediately. 


07“Hey Lindy, I know that as an unmarried woman and now a single mom, you must be worrying about the future.
Please don’t worry so much because you’re going to make it work. It’s not worth worrying about bringing the baby up on your own.
So many women are doing it right now, and they have raised wonderful kids in the process. You can be one of these women.”
This message works because it is right on the money regarding motherhood. It talks about being unmarried while offering uplifting advice in a personal way.



08“Daisy dear, if you are feeling scared about raising the baby or messing it up, you have officially entered the new mom club.
We all worry when we have babies. Soon, you will learn that this is the natural course of life, and it always takes precedence.
You will be fine, and your boy will turn out great too.”
This message offers a lot of encouragement in a sweet, motherly way, which can comfort the new mom. She will love hearing from another new mom too.


baby lying on white textile while holding her mother
Photo by The Honest Company on unsplash


09“Angel, there are going to be so many moments of uncertainty and worry, even when this bouncing boy grows into his 20s.
You know what? You will find yourself working through them so easily, and you will become an expert over the years; you will rock this like a star.
There will be so many fun, everlasting memories too!”
Every new mom would like to be told that she will do just fine and that she will do things like a rock star.  


10“I know this is such a cliché, but from my experience, being a new mom is a bit taxing. There is just so much stuff to do; however, there’s even more beauty.
At the end of the day, when you look at your baby, and he/she smiles back at you or gives you a cuddle, all of your worries will just melt away.
No one can take that away from you.”
This message works because it paints a fun picture of the future, and it is coming from someone who also has a new-mom experience.


woman carrying her baby and working on a laptop

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva under pexels license


5 examples of encouraging words for a new mom: For a mother who’s just adopted a child


11“Miss Strong, I have to say that in the short time since you’ve adopted baby Louie, I have watched him bloom and grow into such a happy child. He is so happy, that I have felt the joy inside of me.
I believe in my heart that no one could give this child as much love as you could, and I hope you know that. He is lucky to have you as a mother.”
There is no better way to encourage a new mom than by saying she is the best at being a mother for her child.


mom with sunday hat with her child sitting on the rice field

Photo by I. C. on reshot


12“Hannah dear, adoption is an exciting adventure that you’re now embarking on.
From my own experience, it’s the biggest reward on Earth to have a child. It’s not always rosy, especially as she gets older, but you will get through it.
There are numerous resources now that you can use to guide you; I can recommend some materials for you if you’d like.”
From the elderly, this type of advice can be very encouraging. This message is a winner for any new mom.


13“You’re bound to have had feelings of doubt already, but here’s a fact: all adopting parents experience some feelings of doubt at some point before the child arrives.
The good news is that most people pull through these moments to become amazing parents, and so will you. Good luck.”
This message works because it is simply worded, easy to understand, and specific to a particular difficulty that only adopting parents can experience.



14“Regardless of whatever happens in the future, you should remember that you are a very lucky woman to have adopted a child.
So many women try to have children for years or try to adopt a child, but they are not successful.
Whenever you feel down or unsure, you should remember this to help you feel better.”
This works because it reminds her of how fortunate she is to be a mom, which can be a big source of encouragement.


young mom and son selfie snapping picture from mobile device
Photo by Asheesh on reshot


15“This child was meant to be yours. He/she is in your care because you are the right mother for him/her.
So, please don’t underestimate your parenting abilities. These trying moments are unavoidable, of course, but what’s life without them?
Besides, no parent starts out as an expert.”
This message is very straightforward, and it works to encourage new parents who have recently adopted.


5 examples of encouraging words for a new mom: For a mother who’s just had her first child through surrogacy


16“Jenna, I am writing to say that you are going to be such a wonderful mother, and I want you to know it in case you don’t already know.
You’ve always been so kind and loving to every child around you, so surrogacy won’t change a thing. I know this new baby is going to be in the best hands.”
This message works because it aims for the new mom’s ego regarding her natural skills. It is also simple for any mom to understand.


black and white photo of a woman holding a baby

Photo by Zach Lucero on unsplash


17“Margo darling, I hope you know that amidst all the joy and happiness, there is always going to be some negativity around you.
From people who judge you for your choice of surrogacy to those who are jealous of you, you will need to deal with it.
My advice is to keep it all out, and you should never lose your love for your baby because of what others say about you or him/her.”
If you want to be both truthful and encouraging, this is the message to use. You also get to impart crucial advice to the new mother.


18“After all the in-vitro lab tests and hormonal episodes, this child is truly a blessing.
You’ve been given this blessing for a reason, and it’s because you deserve it. You will also be good at it.
You will be a good mother, Trudy. I am counting on you.”
This message mostly highlights that the new mom deserves her baby, which is always good for encouragement. Talking about the science of the surrogacy can add some authenticity to the message. 


curly haired woman standing wearing jumper carrying her baby

Photo by The Honest Company on unsplash


19“I don’t understand much about this surrogacy process, but I do know a lot about being a mother, especially the hard work that is involved.
I just want you to know that I am very proud of you, and I trust in your abilities as a new mother. You will do wonderfully.”
This message is perfect if you don’t want to delve into the science of surrogacy. It is simple in its form, and it’s a kind message of encouragement. 


20“Honey, as someone who’s gone through surrogacy, I can tell you that it’s an on-going process even after your baby is born.
There are a lot of emotions to deal with from day one.
One thing I know is that any mother as dedicated as you will make it through in one piece, and you’ll do it with a happy baby by your side.”
This message will position you as an expert as you give the new mom proper encouragement. At the same time, you are also being real and truthful with her about the process.



After all the congratulatory messages have been received, new mothers need encouraging words personalized for her situation.
Such words can be really comforting, especially since motherhood is no simple task.
You can consider the ideas listed above if you are trying to build your own message with encouraging words for a new mom.