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20 Encouraging Words That Every Graduate Will Appreciate

20 Encouraging Words That Every Graduate Will Appreciate

Are you wondering what to say when it comes to writing encouraging words for a graduate? It’s not that difficult.

The best encouraging words for a graduate are those that come from a place of honesty and wisdom.

If writing messages to others doesn’t come naturally to you, then use some of our samples below for inspiration.


5 examples of encouraging words for a graduate: For someone who will graduate soon


01“Donald, as you head toward graduation, I just want you to know that I believe in you. It’s important for you to believe in yourself and your abilities as well though.
I know you don’t always feel confident or secure, but I can assure you that you have no reason to be insecure. I have seen your work, and I think you’re sorted for what will come next. Go for it!”
This message works because it highlights the future graduate’s weaknesses and strengths while offering soft words of encouragement, all in one swift take.


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02“I assume that you’re worried about what the future holds after college. You’re spending sleepless nights worrying about internships and employment.
However, I can tell you that it gets easier. For you, in particular, it will be a breeze. I’m saying that because you have worked hard and paid your dues.”
There is no better way to show encouragement than by telling a future graduate that it is easier on the “outside” than he/she thinks. Also, you are highlighting their hard work, and this is always encouraging for a graduate to hear.


03“Alex, I know you’re putting in crazy hours at the library to study and prepare for your final exams, so I’ll keep this short.
Your mom and I want you to know that we are very proud of you. We want you to keep the spirit going, and we don’t want you to give in to laziness; we know that you may be feeling tempted. Stay focused.
We love you.”
This encouragement message works well because it hits on all of the right points, without being too lengthy. It’s also straightforward in that it emphasizes how proud you are; this is the ultimate form of encouragement from parents.


04“Michael, I know this must be a nerve-wracking time for you in your final year. There’s just so much to do, and yet, there have been so many opportunities to stop and quit too.
If you ever find yourself considering the idea of quitting or giving up, we want you to think about how far you’ve come. Why end at 99 when you can reach 100? Keep climbing.”
This message is encouraging, mostly because it uses numbers to demonstrate your point. It is also straightforward and specific to those who think about quitting.


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05“Hey Dina. I know this is the final semester, so you must be freaking out about passing your exams.
All I can say to you is that you can take this experience to heart, Dina. You can put in the necessary effort and leave the rest to those that have control over the next steps.
Don’t worry about the things you can’t control; instead, focus on what you can control.”
Not all words of encouragement are about pushing harder or making more of an effort. This message works for those that need encouragement to stop and take a break.


5 examples of encouraging words for a graduate: For a graduate who is looking for a job


06“Peter, as you start your search for a job, I need you to know that your plans might not go as smoothly as you imagine them.
You will lose job opportunities, and you’ll hurt your chances for others. However, I don’t want you to lose motivation.
Many of your peers will experience the same thing, and you need to show that you’re stronger than quitting.
Remember: keep your head in the game.”
If you want a direct message that any graduate will understand, this is the one to use. It hits on a major job-seeking issue that most graduates will experience; it warns the graduate about things going off-course. 


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07“My dear Alice, I understand that you haven’t found proper employment yet, and you are scared.
Here’s what I know: anything that’s meant to be yours will be yours, and this includes job opportunities.
Don’t fret over missing out on some job opportunities right now; your time is coming soon, dear, and no one will be able to stop you.”
This message works well because it is easy to understand. When you don’t know much about the graduate’s desired field of work, this message is vague enough to help you encourage any graduate.


08“Vaughan, I have only two words for you right now: try again. I know you’re not having an easy time finding the right employment opportunity, and you’re hearing “No” often.
However, I want you to keep getting up and trying again, even when the rejections continue to pile up. This is how all successful people made it to where they are.”
Graduates who are looking for jobs will likely need encouragement that will get their energy going, and this message can get that job done. 


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09“Patrick, the one thing that I have never doubted about you is your range of abilities and skills – photography, creative writing, and many more.
When I saw your work, I knew you’d be a hit one day. This is why I am confident that you will get the job you desire, and it will happen sooner than you think.
I believe in you, my friend.”
This message works because it really channels encouragement through every word. It instills a certain confidence in the graduate that is sure to boost his/her spirits. 



10“I am sure that you’ve already experienced your fair share of bad interviews and unsuccessful call-backs.
I know you’re probably feeling really doubtful about your abilities and your prospects at the moment.
However, this is just a rite of passage for young people, including graduates; you will soon get that job you want. Be patient.”
If you want a simple, clear message with kind words of encouragement for a graduate, this is the right one for you. It works on a very common issue, which is constant rejection from employers.


Five examples of encouraging words for a graduate: For an employed graduate who is facing a harsh reality in the workplace


11“Minnie darling, there is an important word used in technology – “pivot”. An easier word to understand is “adapt”.
Both words are important to remember because they refer to working around a new normal in order to make it bearable.
Your current situation may be unbearable, but things will improve if you learn how to pivot/adapt to it.
You can get through this.”
Some graduates need more illustrative language when it comes to encouraging them. This message works well because it comes with a creative idea for the graduate to get through a difficult time.


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12“My dear boy, anyone in your situation would be terrified and doubtful. This is a natural feeling.
The fact that things are harder than you expected doesn’t mean that they will be hard forever. Things will improve over time.
It’s important to not be one of those people who gives up on the first try.”
These words work because they come with a clear message that any graduate can understand. There is also a powerful punch-line at the end, and this sends the message straight home.


13“Francis, one of the facts of life is that things don’t always work out the way you planned. That’s an essential part of the adult life that you’re about to start.
The current surprises you see at work are just one example of this, so it’s important to not let them get to you.
You will survive, and I trust that you can do it.”
Any graduate would love to hear these words. Not only do they make for wise advice, but they are also very encouraging in a direct and personal way.


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14“There’s one rule that governs my life: Everything happens for a reason.
Your new job might be proving to be more difficult as time goes on, but don’t let yourself be pulled down by that negative energy.
You have that job for a reason. You were hired for a reason. You deserve to be in that room, so don’t be tempted to give up.”
If you want to come off as older and wiser, this message works wonderfully. You will come off as sure of yourself, and you will sound as though you’re experienced in the “ways of the world.” This can be very encouraging for a graduate.



15“Dear Annie, things at work seem challenging now because you’re new at work.
I am sure that if you ask any expert in your office, he/she will tell you that his/her experience was similar for the first few weeks in the office.
For that reason, I don’t want you to get worked up or scared. Instead, I want you to enjoy the moment and face any challenges head-on.”
This message works well because it makes a practical point that is hard to ignore. It’s also right on the money when it comes to encouraging graduates.


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5 examples of encouraging words for a graduate: For a graduate during an economic downturn


16“Dear Harry, in every worthwhile journey, there are many obstacles.
You know what happens to those who stay the course, even when the going gets tough? They reap the ultimate reward.
Those issues you’re facing at your job are your obstacles. I want to say that it’s important for you to stick it out.”
These words come with very useful advice that any graduate would value. This message is generic, being deep enough to work for almost any graduate-level problem.


17“Son, I’ve heard that people are getting laid off everywhere in your field. You must be very worried.
Saying that, I don’t want you to put too much pressure on yourself. This isn’t something that anyone can control. Whatever happens, your mother and I are here for you.”
Sometimes, the best encouragement is saying that you’ll be there when the going gets ugly for your son or daughter. This message says just that. 


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18“Haley, dear, your current situation must be very uncomfortable.
I know that nothing can soothe you right now, but I need you to know that even the ugliest situations come to an end. The sun will rise again, and your situation will improve.
Sometimes, graduates need to be told to stop worrying. This message works because it channels this idea perfectly.


19“Maggie, I am sad to hear that some people are losing their jobs in your field, and they are harder to get than you had expected.
That being said, you should keep sending your CV to different companies and stay hopeful. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Tomorrow could be the day that you find the job you want.”
Here is another message that works well if you don’t know much about the graduate’s field. The message is universal and easy to understand.


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20“When I heard about your situation, I quickly remembered the 2007-2009 financial crisis. It was hard when I became unemployed, but I survived.
You can take it from someone who has been there; these situations are scary, but you can overcome this.
You will survive as long as you’re practical and sensible about your money and spending.”
A little advice from someone who has been in a similar situation can make all of the difference for a young graduate. This message is clear.



Crafting simple, empathetic and encouraging words for a graduate is simpler than you think.
All you need is your existing wisdom and a few beautiful sentences that the graduate would appreciate hearing.
If you are worried that you might not get the message right by yourself, you can use these sample texts that we’ve listed above for inspiration.