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15 of the Best Encouraging Words for Breast Cancer Patients

15 of the Best Encouraging Words for Breast Cancer Patients

There is no question that a breast cancer diagnosis is devastating for any patient who receives one.

For this reason, patients who have this illness may need a little encouragement to stay positive and keep fighting.

What do encouraging words for breast cancer patients look like? If you’re like many people today, you don’t have a clue when it comes to crafting beautiful, encouraging words for breast cancer patients.

Using this article below, we can help you by giving you some ideas. Keep reading to find out more.


5 encouraging words for breast cancer patients: When someone has just been diagnosed


01“Darling, this is very unfortunate. Whatever you’re feeling right now, I want you to know that I am here for you.
You will not be alone for even one moment because we’re going to get through this together.
You can imagine my hand holding yours for the whole way, regardless of the hurdles that this will bring.”
This message works because it’s affectionate and encouraging. It’s perfect for lovers, partners and family members, and it works for patients who might need a little extra comfort or support.


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02“Joanie, I am so sorry about your news. Please don’t be too sad or consider yourself unfortunate.
In many ways, you are the lucky one because your illness has been diagnosed, and you can be treated quickly and efficiently.
Some women get a late diagnosis, and it’s too late for them to even say goodbye. Now, you know, and you can beat this.”
This message encourages the patient by helping her to see the positive side of the situation; this is very effective for boosting morale as well.


03“This has happened, and it’s unfortunate. However, we shouldn’t dwell on it for too long.
Going forward, this situation is going to require a lot of sacrifices and decision-making on your part, and I believe that you can get through the worst of this.
You’ve always had a silent strength that has inspired me, and I am sure it will get you through this.”
This message works because it gets straight to the point; it is one of encouragement and reserved emotion.


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04“Rosie, I just want you to know that everything will be fine, regardless of this devastating news.
Whatever your worries, you should know that this diagnosis doesn’t automatically mean that your world is ending; it does not mean that you will lose your career or your family.
I just know that everything will be fine in the end.”
All breast cancer patients need to think about what will happen to them as their illness advances. This message promotes encouragement by being honest about the issue at hand.


05“My dearest Mary, this is such terrible news to receive.
I can’t imagine how I could offset your pain right now, but I hope you can find some solace in the fact that thousands of women across the world go through this every day, and many of them survive this.
Please don’t forget this: you’re better and stronger than anyone I’ve ever known; you can beat this.”
The best encouragement comes from praising people for their strengths and abilities. This message works because it highlights the patient’s abilities to overcome the difficult news.


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5 encouraging words for breast cancer patients: When she might need to get her breast/s removed


06“I know that nothing can really soothe the pain and uncertainty that you’re surely feeling.
My dear, I want you to know that all of your friends will be here in the hall during the procedure.
We will be praying for you while waiting for you to come out of surgery so that we can hug you and be with you as soon as it’s over.”
This message works because it is encouraging in a very simple way. It makes simple promises that can be kept and will comfort the person who is going into surgery.


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07“Marcia, I just want to say that I think you’re very brave to undergo this procedure; I admire how you’re fighting when many others might give up.
It’s inspiring that you’ve chosen to go through this, considering there will likely be some permanent side effects on the body .
All of us here wish you the best and a quick recovery.”
This message works because it helps a patient build encouragement from within herself during the darkest moments of the process; this can be highly empowering for her. 



08“Dearest Marie, as you head into surgery, I just want you to know that millions of women in the United States go through this procedure every year, and they go on to live full lives, pursuing their interests, and being with their families.
You will be one of these women, and I hope that hearing this can make you feel better.”
The best encouragement comes from positive energy, and this message offers the good news that will surely make any breast cancer patient feel better. 


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09“Miriam, this is a sad choice that you have to make, but I hope you don’t think about it as a loss.
I hope you think about it more as a gift that you are giving yourself and your family; you are giving the gift of adding years to your life. You are giving yourself more time to love them, be with them, and care for them.
There is no better expression of love than that. I am very proud of you.”
Often, patients need to hear about the positive aspects of a dark situation because it can change their perspective.
This works as an effective message of encouragement. With this message, you can share your positive view and energy.


10“Ellis, I know you must be feeling over a thousand emotions right now, especially regarding the surgery.
If one of them is doubt, I want you to consider this fact: a mastectomy has over a 95% chance of averting breast cancer entirely, according to experts and the latest studies.
I want to wish you good luck.”
When you want to avoid a lengthy, emotional message, you can choose to be practical instead; for that, this message works wonderfully. Sometimes, patients need a dose of positivity.


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5 encouraging words for breast cancer patients: When someone has to undergo breast cancer treatment


11“Martha, sweetheart, I love that you’re keeping a straight face for the kids and me. I know that deep down, you’re scared about the chemotherapy.
Please don’t be scared. I am putting my bet on you, and I am counting on hope to get me through. Just so you know, the kids and I are here for you through all of this.”
This message works well for partners because it channels love and affection. It also encourages your partner by letting her know that you are there.


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12“Lizzie dear, I wish I was there to hold your hand as you start your cancer treatment.
I just want you to know that despite the grim situation, you are still one of the lucky ones.
Many women don’t get their chemotherapy in a country with a health system like ours. Stay strong. I love you.”
If you want to sound loving and practical in one breath, you can use this message. If you are writing to a patient who is known for her practicality, this is also the right message to use.



13“Dear Chloe, I am writing to let you know that my family and I are praying for you during this hard time.
This is a test from God, just like the tests he gave Esther and Rebecca in the Bible. Those women made God and their people proud, and you will too. Stay strong, dear.”
For a Christian patient, no message of encouragement works better than one that is aligned with the words of the Bible. It highlights other women who have survived major tests, and this is surely a big plus in the eyes of the patient.


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14“As someone who’s been through chemotherapy myself, I can attest to how draining, painful and dreary it is.
I also consider it to be one of the most revealing moments of my life. It bolstered my strength and helped me to prioritize things in my life.
I don’t want you to be scared of chemotherapy, Audrey. You’ll make it out stronger than ever.”
This message highlights your history as a cancer survivor, which can be very encouraging; not to mention, it emphasizes the positive outcomes that she can experience.


15“Dear Mary, as you start chemotherapy, I want to remind you that you are a fighter, and you have been through worse. You can survive this.
You’ve seen ugly break-ups; you’ve made it through accidents and deaths of loved ones.
You will survive the chemotherapy, darling, and we’ll all be here waiting to celebrate with you.”
As a message meant to be encouraging, this one works beautifully. Reminding patients of their past wins can boost their morale when they find themselves in a dark place.



No one should go through breast cancer alone.
A few encouraging words can go a long way in making a woman feel better about her diagnosis and her future life with breast cancer.
If you think you might need a little help or inspiration, you don’t need to look any further than the samples we’ve provided above of encouraging words for breast cancer patients.