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32 Congratulatory Messages for Someone Who Lost Weight for Their Health

32 Congratulatory Messages for Someone Who Lost Weight for Their Health

When you know someone has been trying for a while to lose weight, saying “Congrats on losing weight” can do a lot for their self-confidence. For a lot of us, losing weight isn’t easy, and takes a lot of work and dedication to get it done.

Losing weight means working out regularly and sticking to a healthy diet, making sacrifices that are sometimes uncomfortable, but on the positive side, looking forward to feeling great. It’s something to talk about, and something to celebrate or congratulate about.

Here are some examples of how to say “Congrats on losing weight” that you can use to continue to motivate this person, and show support for their new healthy lifestyle.


10 congratulatory messages about their achievement on taking care of themselves and their health

When we see the people we love and care about looking after themselves, we should feel good about their achievements. It should motivate us to do better or continue to do well in this regard, and encourage more people to do the same.
When you want to say “Congrats on losing weight and taking care of your health”, this is what you can say:

01“You took the weight-loss challenge seriously… look at you! You’re an inspiration to all of us! Congrats on your accomplishments.”
This is good to use when someone has taken a weight loss challenge and has stuck with it until it paid off.


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02“Your weight loss journey has inspired my spouse and me to take better care of ourselves! You did such a great job, and now we want to follow in your footsteps.”
Use this when the person’s weight loss has fueled you and others to do the same thing. This will make him/her feel even better about the decision.


03“Truthfully, when I heard your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, I thought you’d be like one of the many people who quit before the end of January. Seeing you months later makes me so proud that you stuck to it and reached your goals. “
A lot of people say they plan to lose weight and never do. Use this as a thumbs up to the progress and all the accomplishments.


04“You were always beautiful, but now, you’re glowing. Great job at losing weight and taking care of yourself.”
Beauty is not determined by size, but once a person feels good on the inside, they will look good on the outside. This message helps with self-confidence and can boost self-esteem.


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05“Congrats on your weight loss accomplishment. Whatever you set your mind to, you always end up achieving.”
Use this when you want to let the person know you always believed in them and what they set out to do.


06“We know that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, but I’m loving this new body! You did an amazing job and it paid off well.”
When you use this, it will give the person the impression that they look even better than before, and will motivate him/her to keep going.


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07“You finally reached your milestone! You look amazing! I know that by summer, you’ll be the one turning all the heads!”
This is an ego-booster, especially if you know the person felt self-conscious about wearing a bathing suit or certain outfits.


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08“You were fabulous before, but you’re even more fabulous now. Congratulations on a job well done!”
This is good to use when you want to compliment someone on an improved appearance.


09“I know losing weight isn’t easy, so I’m giving you all the praises for getting your body in shape. Keep doing what you’re doing, and living a healthy life.”
This recognizes the hard work it took to get to this stage in his/her life and motivates the person to keep working out and dieting.


10“High fives to you for losing weight! You pushed hard and it all paid off.”
This will reaffirm to the person that working out and eating right is working and that there are visible changes in his/her appearance.


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Congrats on losing weight: 8 congratulatory messages about their new healthy lifestyle

Losing weight depends on how willing a person is to change their lifestyle. This means cutting out bad carbs, making healthy food choices, being more active, and practicing overall self-care.
Say “Congrats on losing weight” and living a new, healthy lifestyle with these messages:

11“When you take care of your body, your body will take care of you. I’m sure you feel as good as you look! Congrats on your new life!”
This is good to use when you know the person has suffered from weight-related health issues. It will make him/her realize how different life is now and he/she will continue to work on living right.


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12“You were the one that taught me losing weight isn’t about starving myself and living in a gym. Your new lifestyle is not only commendable but a great inspiration to me!”
This is good to use when the person’s healthy lifestyle has had an impact on you, and you want to say thanks for the motivation.


13“Losing weight is more about your diet than it is about how long you can go in the gym. You made the choice to change your eating habits, and look at you now. Congrats!”
This acknowledges the lifestyle changes made and how they have impacted the person’s life.


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14“Life is about looking and feeling good. You have centered your lifestyle on your health, and it shows!”
This is both congratulatory and complimentary. It says that the hard work is evident, and the person is better off for it.


15“We know there’s no shortcut to losing weight, and you’ve done all the things to make it happen. I look up to your dedication to this new lifestyle and I hope I will follow it as keenly as you do.”
This lets the person know that their weight loss journey and lifestyle changes are an inspiration to you, and that they have caused you to make lifestyle changes as well.



16“I know the first steps weren’t easy, and you’ve proven that with a little hard work, anything is possible. Cheers to your new life.”
Use this when you want to highlight how difficult it is to change one’s lifestyle, and you commend the person for doing what a lot of us are unable to do.


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17“A good diet is one of the keys to losing weight. I enjoy your lifestyle change and all the delicious, healthy meals that come with it. Good job!”
It is good to use this with someone you are on a weight loss journey with, and who has helped you to change your life.


18“When I look at you now, I see someone who has made the decision to get their life in order. That’s something you should be very proud of.”
This is good for someone you are close to and have known for years. It says that you have seen the progress made and that it is something to feel good about.


Congrats on losing weight: 9 congratulatory messages which also share tips to help them stay on track and maintain their weight loss

Losing weight is one thing, but keeping it off is another. People often make the mistake of going back to the same old habits that led to weight gain.
You can help this person stay on track by sharing some tips and tricks you picked up on your own weight loss journey. Here are some examples of how you can say “Congrats on losing weight” in this way:

19“Congrats on getting your dream body! I know this was not easy for you, but you gave it all you got, and you met your mark! Now, it’s time to keep going so you can always look your best.”
This is great to send when you know how hard the person has worked to get to this point, and you want them to continue to look and feel that way.


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20“Now that you have lost some weight, you know that weight loss is not a sprint, and it takes tons of time and effort to get somewhere. Stick to it, and it will pay off in the end.”
Use this when the person is not yet at their goal but has lost some weight. It will serve as motivation.


21“If you feel daunted, remember that the first step is always the most important. Keep pushing and you will look and feel like this all the time.”
This is a great pick-me-up message when you notice someone is slowing down their progress, and you want to remind them of how far they’ve come.



22“Losing weight is hard, but carrying around all that extra weight is even harder. You still have a long way to go, but I’m proud of your progress.”
Use this when the person is still on their weight loss journey and still has some way to go. It will help to inspire dedication.


23“They say losing weight is like a marathon. Most people give up just when they’re about to reach the finish line. Don’t give up, you won’t regret it.”
This is another good message to use when the person seems to be slipping back to their old habits, or they seem dismayed by slow progress.


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24“Living a healthy life is almost like a marriage. If you cheat, it will never work. You have what it takes to do it, so continue going.”
This is good to use when you see that the person is not doing everything necessary to reach their goals. It will help to remind him/her that more work is needed.


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25“You might not feel like continuing to go as hard as you have so far to lose this weight, but let me tell you something, if you stop now, it will come right back. So, keep going.”
This motivational message is good for someone who thinks that a fitness journey ends when the target weight is lost.


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26“Congratulations on accomplishing some of your weight loss goals. This should tell you that if you continue to do all the things you did, you’ll be closer and closer to your big goal.”
Use this for someone who has met some goals, but has more weight to lose. It will help give the person more drive and dedication.


27“This is a great moment, enjoy it. And, when you’re done, the work begins again. Never give up.”
This is good to send to someone who has reached a milestone and is feeling good about the progress. It reminds them that this is only some of the journey, and they can achieve much more once they put their mind to it.



Life is all about making yourself and those around you feel good. When a loved one does something amazing like losing weight, you should be there to cheer them on and show your support.
One way to do this is by saying “Congrats on losing weight”. Use these messages to help lift someone up and help motivate them to keep living a healthy life.