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27 Go-To Responses When Your Ex Girlfriend Says She Misses You

27 Go-To Responses When Your Ex Girlfriend Says She Misses You

Many of us have exes, some we love, some we love to hate, and some that confuse the hell out of us.

Imagine one day you get a mysterious text, but you have no clue what to say when your ex says she misses you. Well, figuring out what to say all depends on how you feel.

If your ex says she misses you but you have moved on with your new girlfriend , saying the wrong thing could possibly jeopardize your relationship. If your ex says she misses you and you don’t want her back, regardless of whether you are in a new relationship or not, or have no clue what she wants, saying the wrong thing can send the wrong signal.

There’s also the matter of what to say when you want to make it clear that you do want her back. This might all seem like a lot, but as usual, we’ve got you covered and have many responses lined up for you to use.

Look at this list of go-to responses you can use when you need to know what to say when your ex says she misses you. Your answer lies within:


What to say when your ex says she misses you: 10 best responses when you have moved on with your new girlfriend

Having a new girlfriend generally means you’re not interested in anything an ex has to say. If you don’t know what to say when your ex says she misses you that’s fine, but make it clear you have moved on out of respect for your relationship.
The response you choose should be based on how you left things, whether amicable or rocky, and always in consideration of your new relationship.
Here are some of the best responses:

01“That’s rich. You suddenly feel this way now that I have a new girlfriend?”
Use this when you know your ex is just trying to create drama in your life again even though you have moved on. This response will let her know that you’re not falling for her games.


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02“Too late”
This simple text message reads volumes. It doesn’t give too much attention to what your ex has said, but makes it clear that nothing can happen between you two.


03“I’m happy and I’ve moved on. I hope you too can find someone to make you feel whole again.”
If you want to take the high road, you can use this. It makes the message clear without being harsh and sends good vibes her way.


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04“That’s completely natural, but we weren’t a perfect fit. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. I did, and I’ve never been happier.”
If your ex is having trouble moving on, this bit of advice can be the difference between being bombarded with text messages and calls, and finding closure.


05“Sorry, I don’t recognize this number. Who is this?”
If your ex thinks she is the only girl that will ever mean something to you, this will give her a reality check. This suggests that you deleted her number and didn’t give it a second thought because you’re on to better things again.


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06“Don’t text this number again.”
If your toxic ex just won’t get the message, perhaps you need a stern approach. Don’t entertain anything she has to say and cut it off right there.


07“Thank you for finally recognizing my worth, but I’m no longer interested.”
You may use this for an ex-girlfriend who cheated on you or took you for granted. Stand up for yourself finally, and let her know that you are better than the situation you were in.


08“I’m not comfortable talking to you, especially about this, now that I have a new girlfriend.”
Entertaining certain lines of conversation with an ex is very disrespectful to a new relationship. This response makes it clear you are with someone you hold in high regard.


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09“Not today, Satan, I’m someone else’s problem now.”
This is good to send to your problematic ex who always brought negativity to your life and manipulated you into thinking you were the problem. It says back off!


10[No response]
You always have the option of not responding to anything she has to say and even blocking the number. A cold shoulder can be a loud response to your ex when she says she misses you.



8 of the best responses when you are not sure what she wants from you

Getting mixed signals from a girl you used to be with can be a real headache. No one wants to deal with that.
Now, what you say when your ex says she misses you will vary under these circumstances. Try any of these examples:

11“Haha, are you drunk?”
If your ex regularly drunk texts you about your past relationship, you don’t want to fall into that trap. Use this when you feel like she’s not being serious.


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12“We broke up for a reason.”
This is good to use when your ex appears to be trying to get back with you, but you’re not interested in the relationship or anything she has to say.


13“I guess you’re bored or something.”
This is good to use with an ex who only hits you up when she doesn’t have anything better to do, but you don’t plan to fall for her selfish games.


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14“Thank you I guess, but you were the one who ended things.”
Remind your ex that she made the decision to end things so she shouldn’t be acting like it had anything to do with you.


15“Are you just saying this because you’re lonely?”
Some girls like to play games, especially if they aren’t getting enough male attention. This lets her know that you’re not a paid entertainer, so she shouldn’t look to you to make her feel better about herself.


16“Did that guy realize you’re crazy and break up with you?”
Use this when your ex left you for another guy, or only comes around when she wants to use you as a rebound.


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17“What’s new?”
If your ex says this a lot with no meaning behind it, use this to let her know you’re tired of hearing the same old thing.


18“No, you miss the idea of me.”
This is good to use when the relationship didn’t work out because there was no genuine connection. It reminds her that you two are not a great fit.


What to say when your ex says she misses you: 9 of the best responses when you miss her and want her back

What you say when your ex says she misses you changes completely when you miss her and want her back in your life. Sometimes you will have to let your guard down and make it clear how you feel.
This is how you can do that:

19“It’s funny you should say that because I’ve been fighting the urge to tell you that.”
This lets her know you feel the same way and would love it if you two could work things out.


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20“You’re not someone I could ever forget.”
Use this when you want to let her know that she has made a lasting impact on your life and that you need her around.


21“Well, that took you long enough. How long were you going to make me wait?”
This playful response is perfect after the two of you broke up for a silly reason. Use this when you know in your heart that she’s the only girl for you.


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22“I’m not sure how we got here, but if I could take everything back, I’d do it in a heartbeat.”
Relationships get tough sometimes: people say and do things they don’t mean and end up regretting it. When you use this response, it lets her know that you have been thinking long and hard about getting back together.


23“They say there’s tons of fish in the sea, but you’ve always been my fish.”
This says no matter what you go through, she is your soulmate and you want her back.


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24“The heart wants what it wants, and my heart wants you.”
Use this when others say your relationship doesn’t make sense and you started to believe it. It is a perfect way to lay your feelings out on the table without saying too much.


25“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about us, how we were, and what we should be”
This is good to use when you were in a rough patch and broke up with your girlfriend, but you know that was a mistake.



26“Do you want to put all the drama behind us and just move on?”
Use this when you know you’re both tired of pretending to be okay with each other. This is an offer to start on a clean slate and work on being good partners to each other.


27“Nothing hurts more than knowing you aren’t mine anymore. If there’s anything I can do to make this right, please tell me.”
Use this when you want to lay it all out on the table by saying you are grieving the loss of the relationship. It puts the ball in her court and makes you available to do whatever it takes to get the relationship back.



It doesn’t take much to figure out what to say when your ex says she misses you. Once you know how you feel in your heart, the next step is to pick one of these unique and effective responses to get your feelings across.
Just remember to be smart when going about this, and avoid running towards toxic situations because of unresolved feelings. Self-love is the greatest love, and if it doesn’t work out, you’ll be better off for it in the long run.