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41 Best Congratulations Messages for Someone Who Bought a New Car

41 Best Congratulations Messages for Someone Who Bought a New Car

Buying a new car is a big deal for anyone! It makes sense for you to want to share in that celebration by congratulating someone on their new car.

There are many ways to say congrats to someone on their new car. You can buy them cool accessories to help make their purchase complete, like sunglasses, a fancy steering wheel cover, or much-needed floor mats to say congrats on your new car . You can offer to take a few chores/errands off the person’s hands so he/she can take a joy ride, or share your favorite car maintenance tips while you drive him/her around as a way to say congrats on your new car. With his/her approval, you can even post a picture of the new car online with a congratulatory caption to let everyone know about the new car!

In this post, we’ll focus on the congratulatory messages you can send. Here are 41 of the best ones anybody can use in a note, text message, face-to-face conversation, social media caption, or wherever you choose!:


8 Congratulatory messages when someone got their first car

Getting one’s first car is an important milestone in most people’s lives. It’s a form of independence that allows them to go almost anywhere they want, at any time.
This can happen during the teenage years, but a lot of people don’t get their first cars until they become adults. Whatever the case is, here are 8 ways to say congrats on your new car for first-time car owners:

01I remember what it felt like when I got my first car, so I know you must be over the moon right now! Just remember to take it easy and always wear your seatbelt!


young brunette woman new car smiling
Photo by Lopolo on shutterstock


02As the first person in our group to buy their first car, you’ve secured yourself the ultimate cool points! This is a very big deal and I wanted to congratulate you on this upgrade in your life.


03Congratulations on the purchase of your new car! If you ever need any questions about maintenance or general car ownership, I’m your guy/gal!


04Finally, you put your driving lessons to use! I was wondering how long you were planning to let your driver’s license gather dust! Congrats on your brand-new car!


05Thank God someone in our friend group has a car now! Our days of taking the bus are over! Hip-hip-hooray for all of us!


three best female friends travel together

Photo by BalanceFormCreative on shutterstock


06Congrats on getting your first car. Just remember officers don’t write tickets to pretty girls. #autogirls


07Now, you are truly unstoppable! Congratulations on making a huge step and purchasing your first car! #proud #carsofinstagram


08You did it! You bought your first car! Now buckle up, buttercup! #firstcar #newcarwhodis



10 congrats to someone on their new car messages after a long wait

Waiting for a car is usually a lengthy process, whether it is for a specific model to come out, for modifications to be made, or for it to be imported into the country. What is certain in this case is that this person is very excited and relieved that the new car is finally here.
Look at these 10 ways to say congrats on your new car:

09I can’t believe it’s finally here. The car you’ve been talking about for months is finally in your garage and it’s ready to hit the road. I can’t wait to take a ride in it! You’ve done it!


first test drive handsome young man looking at the steering wheel
Photo by G-Stock Studio on shutterstock


10There are a lot of things I admire about you, but your determination and drive are at the top of the list. Once you put your mind to something, you will achieve it, and when you set out to get this car, I knew you would eventually get your hands on it. Congratulations on being the proud owner of a [insert name of the rare vehicle].


11Your new car is here! Now everyone can see what you have been going on and on about for so long. It’s exactly like you said it is and I know I speak for everyone when I say W-O-W. It was certainly worth the wait.


12Now that your new car is finally here, I don’t have to be your unpaid chauffeur anymore! Haha, just kidding, but I expect to be driven around in fine style in this snazzy new ride! It looks amazing!


13This took so long, I thought they were shipping it from Mars! I’m happy everything is sorted and the car of your dreams is finally here. You deserve it! Congrats my friend!


happy caucasian couple hugging holding car keys

Photo by Roman Chazov on shutterstock


14If only they knew what it took to get it, they’d understand why you never want to get out of it. You earned it! #goals #newcar


15I never understood the obsession with foreign cars, but now that I’ve seen yours, I get it now! #newwhipalert


16If my car looked that good, I’d be in it all the time. You did good! #carmods


17Hook me up on a ride in your foreign car! It’ll be like I’m out of the country without even leaving! #foreigncar #newcar


cheerful young traditional family has long sunset sunglasses

Photo by Soloviova Liudmyla on shutterstock


18Congrats on securing a [insert name of model]. You’re officially the only person I know with one and by default the coolest person I know! #carlife #carlifestyle


9 congrats on your new car messages when someone bought their new SUV car

The SUV community is huge and growing every year! SUVs are preferred because they have more room, typically have 4WD options, and are generally safer!
If your friend has purchased a new SUV, here are some congrats on your new car messages to send:

19I never took you for the sedan type of gal/guy. This car suits your personality really well. Congrats on your new car!


happy couple on roadtrip into sunset sitting on the back of the car

Photo by Romvy on shutterstock


20Is there such a thing as a car warming party? It’s big enough to fit quite a few people in there! Just kidding- congratulations though!


21Congratulations on your new car! I’m just glad I don’t have to spend money on gas for a while since I’ll be taking free rides in your car!


22A big personality like yours can only be contained in an SUV. I know this is your dream car and it fits you like a glove! Now, the only thing missing is me in your passenger seat as your wingman/woman! Congrats!


23Congratulations on your new SUV! I’m so happy for you. What a great way to start the year off!


white suv flying through national highway

Photo by Jenson on shutterstock


24This is your official welcome to the SUV club. You’ll love it here! #suvlife


25Now, you can ride around with all your friends and family in style. We’re all so proud of you! #luxurysuv


26An SUV might seem huge for a guy/gal like you, but with friends like me/us to fill up the backseat, you will never feel alone! Congrats on your new car! #suvlovers


27Go big or go home has always been your motto! You really knocked this one out of the park #suvcar



7 Congratulatory messages when someone bought their new electric car

Electric cars are said to be the way of the future. Many traditional car manufacturers have begun to reveal their own versions of electric cars, and over the last decade, several companies have popped up across the world with fleets of electric vehicles.
If your friend has joined the masses that have switched from diesel to electric, you can use these messages to say congrats on your new car:

28No more worrying about gas prices am I right? You’re the lucky one, my friend! Congrats on your new electric vehicle!


ev car electric charging station power
Photo by Smile Fight on shutterstock


29You are living in the future! I applaud your commitment to saving the environment and going electric! I hope I can make the switch soon! Cheers to you!


30Congratulations on your diesel-free vehicle! It’s time someone made the change from these gas guzzlers. I’m glad it was you! I’ve taken a page from your book and started looking at some models myself!


31Way to go on being a part of the change! You’ve played your part in reducing pollution and dirty energy consumption and serve as an inspiration to us all. I can’t wait to see how it runs! I have heard great things about this model!


32Is it that my bestie is a tessie? #tesla #teslaowner


side view close young smiling woman looking outside

Photo by Foxy burrow on shutterstock


33After we cheers and say congrats, can we talk about that electric bill? #electriccar


34Thanks for saving the trees. The earth salutes you! #greencar #climateaction


7 congrats to someone on their new luxury race/sport car messages

Luxury race/sports cars are super expensive. If you know someone who has recently bought one, they’ll feel good to know that others have noticed their pricey purchase.
Show your appreciation for the car or the hard work it took to get it by sending a congratulatory message whenever you can. Here are 7 examples of messages you can use to say congrats on your new car:

35Nice ride man! Talk about pampering yourself! I hope I can splurge on something this nice when I retire. You’re living the dream!


handsome man near car luxury life driving sunlight

Photo by AS Inc on shutterstock


36I know how much this car means to you because you have been saving for quite some time to get it. Now that it’s finally in your garage, I hope that it’s the first of many luxury vehicles in your collection! Congrats bro!


37The people who have been by your side for years know how hard you have worked to gain everything that you own. This [insert model/name of the car] is just another blessing that you earned because of your tenacity and superior work ethic. Congrats again, [insert name of person].


38This is by far the sleekest, most luxurious, and of course, priciest car on the block. You’re the envy of the neighbors but in a good way! We’re all proud of you, and we love the view of it passing by! Congrats on your big purchase!


metallic blue sports car rear view

Photo by ParabolStudio on shutterstock


39No one cares about how you look when you drive a Lamborghini! You’re the man! #luxurylifestyle #luxurycars


40Mr “I’ll do it later” never owned a Maserati! Tell em’ champ! #dedication #hardwork #luxurycar


41If I ever want to be motivated, I’ll just look at your garage. #sportscarracing #luxurygoals



Life is too short to not send congratulations on each milestone. Getting a new car is a big deal, whether it is the first car, second, or even one of many luxury cars.
Your friend, relative, neighbor, coworker, or even someone you see in passing will feel good when they hear your congrats on your new car message. This kind gesture will also mean that they will congratulate you on your accomplishments in life!