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25 Notes of Appreciation to Thank Your Dentist

25 Notes of Appreciation to Thank Your Dentist

What’s the best way to say thank you to a dentist if you genuinely want to sound appreciative? We have a few ideas. Check out these 25 elegant ideas for how to say thank you to your dentist in the most appreciative of ways.


How to Say Thank You to a Dentist: After Repairing Tooth Decay 


01Dear Dr. Melba, I am so full of gratitude right now! I checked my teeth in the mirror today (I have been for the last three days), and there was no trace of tooth decay anywhere!
Thank you for helping me beat this. I was starting to doubt it was possible.


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02Dr. Anderson, this is to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for everything you did to make sure my tooth decay was eradicated.
I am fully cured now, and I feel 100% more confident than before. Thank you very much.


03To Dr. Patel, I am happy to report that I am officially free of tooth decay.
I’ve been taking the meds you prescribed, and I have been taking great care of my teeth according to your guidelines. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


04I don’t always single out doctors for their service, but I want to thank you, Dr. Patel, for restoring my teeth back to normal.
My tooth decay situation was messy and embarrassing, but you guided me out of it all the way to full recovery. Thank you.


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05This morning I took nearly 100 photos of my teeth and gums from every possible angle. Why? Because I was celebrating the cure of my tooth decay.
Thank you, Dr. Splitzer. I am forever grateful for your unwavering support.


How to Say Thank You to a Dentist: After a Small Surgery


06Dear Dr. Patel, now that I am awake and feeling better, I want to thank you for your efforts during my tooth surgery.
I am so grateful for your help. So, thank you.


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07Dr. Brown, this is Sandra Williams saying thank you for all your work last weekend on my dental surgery.
I’d also like you to know that I felt very safe with you in charge, and I am hopeful for a full recovery. Thanks again.


08Dear Dr. Pooja, I know that you called it a “small” surgery, but I still want you to know that it was a big deal for me, and I am glad we did it.
Even more, I am glad that a person with your skill and expertise was in charge. I am happy with the result, so thank you.


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09There was a moment before the surgery last week when I wasn’t sure that root canal surgery was the right decision.
Today, when I look at how perfect my teeth are, I can’t thank you enough, Dr. Malkin. Thank you for your guidance and for doing such a wonderful job with the surgery.



10Dear Dr. Sanchez, this is Dennis, your tooth surgery patient from last weekend.
I want to say thank you, not only because the surgery went well, but because of all the care and kindness you offered me before and after. My mom and dad are very grateful, too.


11Dr. Miller, I am writing to say that I am very pleased with the results of my tooth crown surgery last week.
I am sure I’ll recover wonderfully, so here’s my thank you for everything in advance. I am very grateful.


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12First off, I didn’t mention it, but I was quite honored that a dentist of your pedigree agreed to work on me as a patient.
But even better, I am thrilled with the results of the surgery I underwent last Wednesday. My teeth look better than ever, and all the pain is gone! Thank you!


13Now that I think of it, Dr. Levin, you are solely to thank for this wonderful smile I am sporting today.
I have been feeling great and more confident ever since the surgery. I couldn’t have done it without your special skillset and support, so thank you!


14Dear Dr. Crejo, I want you to know that my smile is brighter than ever and wider than I thought possible.
I wouldn’t be writing this if it weren’t for you and your team of ‘SEAL TEAM dentists.’ You can’t imagine how much you’ve changed my view of life. So, thank you!


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15Dr. Milos, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the surgery on my teeth and gums last week.
I am keeping my fingers crossed for wonderful results when I take my bandages off. I’ll be sure to update you on my progress too. Thank you.


16At my sister Jean’s wedding last week, for the first time in twenty years, I smiled in a photograph. Twenty years.
It’s all because of you, Dr. Patterjee, because you worked so wonderfully on my teeth during surgery. Thank you very, very much!


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17Hey, Dr. Migliotti, I am writing to say that I am healing quite fast after my surgery, thanks to your post-operation advice.
I also feel quite good about myself, and I would have never had this level of confidence without you. Thank you very much for everything.


How to Say Thank You to a Dentist: After the Removal of Braces


18Dear Dr. Jones, I am writing to update you on my progress. I am doing fine so far, and my teeth are looking great.
Even though I was skeptical at the time, I know the braces were the right decision. Thank you for suggesting them, for this journey, and for everything.


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19Dr. Armstrong, I cannot stop smiling. Ever since we took out my braces last weekend, I have been experiencing a confidence boost like never before.
I feel so good about my teeth and myself. This note is just to say thank you, sir, for your support and efforts.


20Dear Dr. Milioti, I can’t express strongly enough how grateful I am to you and your team for your services to me last week.
I wasn’t so sure about dental braces at the beginning, but now, three days after they’ve been removed, I feel better than ever. Thank you!


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21Dr. Jones, this is to say thank you.
I may not be able to say it in person, but I do acknowledge your expertise and skill last week during the removal of my dental braces. I already feel more beautiful than before.



22I don’t always thank doctors for individual services, but I feel I must thank you in particular after our meeting about my braces last week.
Thank you for being a professional, and for taking my needs as more than vanity requests. God bless you.


23Hey Dr. Brown, here’s a quick update about my teeth: I feel great, and the teeth don’t hurt as much as I’d feared. So far, so good.
I thank you for your efforts, sir, because to who else can I attribute these excellent results?


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24Mr. Millborne, I am writing to express my gratitude to you and your clinic for your work on my dental braces last week.
My teeth look much better than I’d expected, and I feel great about myself. Thank you.


25I shouldn’t even need to be writing this because I always knew the results would be phenomenal, but I am feeling relieved that my teeth came out of my dental braces looking better than expected.
Thank you, Dr. Jones, for all your efforts during my “braces” years.



When you want to show your deepest appreciation to your dentist but can’t seem to find the right words to use, whether by phone or by written message, we have the solution you need.
Browse our 25 favorite ways of saying thank you to your dentist and get inspired to create a unique message that’s all your own.