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15 of Special Birthday Gifts for Teen Boys

15 of Special Birthday Gifts for Teen Boys

Remember when he was just a wee little boy, and you could get him toy trucks and action figures for his birthday? He used to have a blast with the simplest of toys. But, with teen boys, things are a little different.

When it comes to birthday gifts for your teen boys, your gifts will have to be more mature and fitting for their new, more sophisticated interests.

If you can’t find a gift you know your young man will love, we have a list of special gifts for you to choose from.

 Here are 15 ideas for birthday gifts for teen boys.


Best Birthday Gifts for Teen Boys Ages 13 to 15

Ages 13 to 15 in a young man’s life is when he begins his journey of self-discovery. He’s going to need a level of freedom to explore his own passions and learn about what he likes and dislikes.
Here are 5 birthday gifts for teen boys that are perfect for this age range.

A bicycle is a great gift for a teenage boy. It offers him a sense of freedom, especially if he’s not quite old enough to drive yet.
He will no longer have to depend on you to take him to a friend’s houses, and it’s a great way to get him off the couch and away from the screen.
He can use his new bike to explore his surroundings or go somewhere peaceful to clear his head and get some studying done. Plus, it’s great exercise!
Along with the bike as birthday gifts for teen boys, you should also provide him with safety gear like knee and elbow pads, a helmet, long-sleeved biking gear, and a bell.
Be sure to teach him about the dos and don’ts of riding a bicycle on the road and the basic safety principles for bike owners.
When gifting your teen boy a bicycle as a birthday gift, you can attach a note that says:


black bicycle hanging
Photo by WR36 R. on reshot


“You can ride as far as the eye can see, but always make sure you find your way back home. Happy birthday! Love, Mom.”


“Happy birthday, son. Have a spoketacular day!”


02Game console
In this day and age, it’s no secret that teens love video games. So, a game console is one of the most perfect birthday gifts for teen boys ages 13 to 15.
With a gaming console, he can also stream music and movies, store videos and pictures, and communicate with friends.
You can guarantee that he is safe and sound in the living room or his bedroom playing games instead of being out getting caught up with bad company.
Video games do come with a handful of fantastic advantages. They can improve his hand-eye coordination skills, and encourage an interest in software development and engineering.
There are many gaming consoles on the market today from the Ps4 to Xbox to the Sega Genesis and Nintendo Switch.
Just make sure you find out which he is a fan of before actually buying it—some gamers are very picky when it comes to their console.
You also have the option of buying the console as part of a bundle, which includes the actual console, controllers, and a game or two. There are even console bundles that come with headphones and a mic!
Here are two sample notes you can attach to your son’s new gaming console.


the person playing the game

Photo by acworks author on photo-ac


“After you’ve saved the princess, killed the bots, and slain the big boss, remember to come give your momma a kiss because she loves you lots. Happy 14th birthday, son!”


“Your dad and I have decided that you have been such a good boy this year that you deserve to wreak havoc on Fortnite with all your friends! I hope you love it! Happy birthday, Bobby.”


03Bluetooth speaker
If your son loves to listen to music, a Bluetooth speaker is a great gift idea. He can have his own little concert in his room or stream movies with theatre-quality sound by himself or with friends and family.
When you hand him the Bluetooth speaker, you can tuck a note inside the wrapping which reads:


black jbl portable speaker

Photo by Kuma Kum on unsplash


“Why don’t Bluetooth speakers like to swim? Because they always sync! Happy birthday, my son.”


“Happy birthday, son! Just remember to keep the neighbors in mind!”



04Sports Gear
If your son is active and into sports like football, soccer, tennis, badminton, cricket, baseball, cycling, and so on, he will never have too many pieces of sports equipment.
Depending on the sport, you can buy him new activewear in his favorite colors or gear like a bat, racket, balls, and protective wear.
You can also buy gear that allows him to practice on his own and perfect his craft, such as a basketball net, batting cage, goal posts, or tennis net.
Sports gear will only help him to practice, but with new gear, his performance will improve. He will also be more active and can make friends with common interests.
With the sports gear, you can attach a little note that says:


football player running
Photo by Geoff Scott on unsplash


“To our little athlete, happy 13th birthday!”


“Today the small leagues, tomorrow the big leagues! I’m proud of you, sport. Happy birthday.”


05Music set
If your son is a musician at heart, you should encourage him to hone his talent by gifting him a set of musical instruments. If he like drums, get him a drum set. If he likes the guitar, get him one and an amp.
The only way he will know if he is any good is by putting his talent to use, and if he doesn’t have the right tools, there’s no way he can do that. Who knows, you might have a little Freddy Mercury or Michael Jackson in the making!
You can also supplement this gift with the option for him to attend actual music lessons with a professional who can help to steer him down the right path.
Before you hand him the instrument, you can add a little note which reads:


acoustic guitar adult boy cool

Photo by Rene Asmussen on pexels


“To my little Beetle: Happy birthday!”


“I hope your love for music takes you across the world! But for now, let your music travel across the house! Happy birthday, son!”


Best Birthday Gifts for Teen Boys Ages 16 to 17

At ages 16 to 17, he’s likely to be more mature and is starting to know who he is and what he wants out of life. It’s also time to give him a little bit more freedom as he starts to become an independent man.
Here are 5 birthday gifts for teen boys, ages 16 and 17.

06Mini cooler/fridge
Sure, you already have a fridge in the kitchen, but when he’s busy gaming, rocking out on his guitar, or even studying, he won’t want to be bothered with walking all the way to the kitchen.
A mini cooler/fridge is a great way to help him store all his waters, sodas, juices, etc. in his room, especially if he buys them himself and doesn’t want younger siblings dwindling his stash.
Mini coolers/fridges are generally inexpensive and make for an extremely useful gift. The mini cooler helps to give him the first taste of living on his own, and when he goes off to college, he can take it with him.
Here are two sample birthday notes for this gift.


open black fridge

Photo by Humphrey Muleba on unsplash


“Happy birthday to the coolest 16-year-old in the world!”


“16 is a milestone age, and you’ve done it in the coolest way possible. Happy birthday, son.”



A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle that can be used for many purposes.
In this case, it is a small, remote-controlled flying object that your teen son can use to take aerial photos and videos, pick up objects, or fly around just for fun.
This is a great gift since many commercial drones are available at relatively low prices and have amazing features.
Some can even be connected to your son’s phone, and he can watch everything the drone sees in real-time!
If your son is a tech-geek, he’ll drool over a drone! Here are some notes you can attach to go along with it.


drone quadcopter shallow focus
Photo by david henrichs on unsplash


“Happy 17th birthday, Bryan. I hope this drone is to your liking!”


“Gone are the days when you liked remote-controlled trucks. Now it’s all about drones! The years have flown by so quickly, but I’m just glad to be here to see it all. Happy birthday, Zach.”


08VR headset
Virtual reality has been all the rave since it hit the cinemas. Syfy fans have been yearning for VR headsets to become a reality for years. Now, they are.
There are several VR headsets on the market today that make awesome birthday gifts for teen boys, so you’ll have to shop around a bit to find the perfect one to fit your budget.
If your son is a gamer, the VR headset will transform his gaming experience. He can also use it to watch movies and videos.
But, you shouldn’t just hand him the VR headset and call it a day. No! Here are some simple notes that can help to make the gift even more meaningful.


man wearing VR glass

Photo by Hammer & Tusk on unsplash


“While you’re having fun in the virtual world, just make sure you remember to come back to reality every now and then to spend time with your momma bear. I love you lots! Happy birthday, Cody.”


“The world sucks sometimes. Hopefully, this can be your little getaway. Happy birthday, Mike. Love, Dad.”


Your little man is getting into the age where he’ll be interested in meeting that special someone. By getting him a nice smelling cologne, you’ll be helping him a whole lot!
You could get him a tester set, which has several different types of cologne to make sure he finds one he loves. When he finds one or two that he likes, you can go ahead and purchase a whole bottle.
You can also give him a birthday card which reads:


man putting perfume on his neck

Photo by acworks author on photo-ac


“Now that you’re on your way to becoming a man, you’ve got to smell like one! Trust me, the ladies will be all over you. Happy birthday, Gordo.”


“A sweet cologne for the sweetest 17-year old I know! Happy cake day, Ronnie.”



10Wireless/portable charger
A Wireless charger makes a great gift. It transforms the act of charging his phone or tablet as simple as placing his device onto the charging pad.
Charging pads are also much safer than using a plug to charge his phone. Power surges can happen at any time, and a faulty USB adapter, charging port, or plug can shock him.
A portable charger is a great idea for when he has a low battery when on the go. This ensures that he will never run out of juice and can always be in contact with his friends and family.
Portable chargers are also great for power outages and travel to other countries with unreliable utilities.
His portable/wireless charger can come with a note to let him know how special he is to you. For example:


wireless charging smartphone
Photo by Daniel Korpai on unsplash


“Now, your phone will never be dead when I’m trying to get a hold of you! Happy birthday, Eddie.”


“Happy birthday, Elliot. You are the light of my life, and the one who keeps me going! Hopefully, this portable charger will give your phone a taste of what that’s like.”


Best Birthday Gifts for Teen Boys Ages 17 to 18

The ages of 17 to 18 are just a step away from becoming an adult, so you know that means that the gift you get has to be befitting. Here are 5 examples of birthday gifts for teenage boys of this age.

11Customized Wallet/Phone Wallet Case
By now, he probably has a part-time job or a little allowance saved up, meaning he has his own money to buy his own things here and there. So, he’s going to need something to keep that money in.
There are many wallets to choose from, from bifold to trifold, from leather to cloth, and from customized to store-bought.
You could even get him one of those wallet cases that can be attached to his phone.
Some wallet sellers give you the option of customizing the wallet. Why not spice things up a bit and have his initials embossed on the fabric?
You can also give him a birthday card, along with the wallet which reads:


white mug with coffee beans beside brown wallet

Photo by Lukas under pexels license


“One day, the amount of money you put into this wallet will be way more than I even paid for it. Happy birthday, darling!”


“Happy birthday, Winston. May your wallet be forever full!”


12Shoe cleaning kit
Is he a sneakerhead, or does he go for leather shoes? It doesn’t matter. A shoe cleaning kit can be useful either way.
A cleaning kit will help to keep him looking his best at all times, especially if he has a job interview or a hot date.
If you have no clue what to write in the accompanying card, here are two ideas.


person brushing brown dress shoe

Photo by KML under pexels license


“The first step to success is dressing for success, and you can’t do that with dirty shoes! Consider this an early birthday gift. Happy birthday!”


“Happy birthday to my favorite sneakerhead! Stay fresh!”


13Amazon gift card
If you can’t decide on the right gift or don’t know what he will like, you can always give him the option of choosing his own gift.
With an Amazon gift card, he will be able to choose the gift he really wants or even multiple gifts. Gift cards come in a variety of amounts, and you can choose something that fits your budget.
If you are wondering why you shouldn’t just give him the money instead of a gift card, think of it this way.
What would you have done with the money at that age? Would you have gotten an actual gift as your parents intended, or would you have just spent it on food?
Plus, some people consider cash a thoughtless gift.
With this gift card, you can attach a little note that says:


“It seems like every year I get you the lamest gift ever, so this year I’ve decided to give you the chance to pick it yourself! Happy birthday, son!”


“Happy birthday, Tony. I hope you find something you love!”



14Wireless earphones
Whether you want to get Airpods or Galaxy Buds is dependant on the type of phone he has, but wireless earphones as a gift are always a great idea.
They’re convenient, and he won’t have to worry about wires being tangled. Wireless earbuds charge quickly and can score him major cool-points.
No clue what to write on his card? Here are two ideas.


space gray iphone 8
Photo by Jaz King on unsplash


“When I saw these lime green wireless earphones, I just knew they were perfect for you! Happy birthday, Carl.”


“Happy 18th birthday, Darren. Say goodbye to tangled headphone cords and hello to the best listening experience you’ve ever had!”


A smartwatch makes a great gift for your son because it serves purposes far greater than just telling the time.
With a smartwatch, he can communicate with you when he is not beside his phone, use it to stay active, listen to music, and even play games.
His smartwatch will allow him to navigate unknown areas. It can also be used as an alarm clock and for setting reminders.
With the smartwatch, you can also give him a birthday card which reads:


apple smart watch

Photo by Tim Foster on unsplash


“A smartwatch for a smart 18-year-old! Happy Birthday, Micah!”


“I know how much you’ve been dying for the new FitBit, so when your father and I were trying to think of the perfect birthday present, we didn’t have to think hard! We hope you love it! Happy birthday.”



Now that you’ve looked over all these ideas for birthday gifts for teen boys, have you made your decision yet?
We’ve basically done all the work for you, and we guarantee he’ll love your present, no matter which you pick!