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8 Cover Letter Examples for Teachers that represent you well

8 Cover Letter Examples for Teachers that represent you well

Are you a teacher searching for a new job? Are you worried about impressing the school administration?

Here’s a tip: While your resume/CV is very important, your cover letter makes the first and potentially, a very lasting impression. Here are 8 cover letter examples for teachers:


01 – Cover Letter Examples for Teachers- First Time Teacher

Dear Mr. Harry,
I am interested in applying for the kindergarten teaching position at [insert name of school]. As a first-time teacher, I look forward to being granted the opportunity to hone my teaching skills at this noble institution.
I studied at [insert institution name] for four years where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. Afterward, I completed a lengthy teaching internship at [insert institution name] where I picked up many skills that could not be taught in a classroom.
I believe I would be a great fit with the teaching staff at [insert name of school] because I possess important qualities such as great communication skills, understanding, patience, flexibility, and creativity.
Attached is my CV which will give you more details about my qualification.
Should you have any further questions you may contact me at [insert phone number]. I am eagerly awaiting your call.
Austin Rowe
This is one of the best cover letter examples for teachers a new teacher can use.
It is good because even though you have no formal experience, you have explained that your academic experience is proficient enough to ready you for a classroom.

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02 – Cover Letter Examples for Teachers- Pre-School Teacher

Dear Mr. Holness,
As a former student of [insert pre-school name], it is with great pleasure that I apply for a position at this school.
I have served at the [insert pre-school name] for 5 years where I was afforded a wonderful opportunity to familiarize toddlers with the concept of attending school and enjoying their experience.
I took great pride in my job and showed them all the love, care and attention they required.
My job involved reading books and poems, singing songs with my guitar, teaching them the alphabet and about numbers, along with many more creative approaches to learning.
If, after reading my resume, you are interested in interviewing me, you may contact me at [insert contact information]. I will be looking forward to your call.
Yours truly,
Anna Nicole
This letter is good because it shows that you are responsible and able to manage and control a pre-school class well. It also shows passion for the role.

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03 – Cover Letter Examples for Teachers – Substitute Teacher

Dear Mr. Nigel,
I am writing this letter in response to an advertisement about the vacancy for a substitute teacher at your institution. It would be an absolute pleasure to serve in this capacity.
My interest in this role stems from my love for kids, and an interest in [insert name of school] because of its high standards and quality of education.
Over the past 8 years, I have worked in several different institutions serving in both permanent and temporary positions.
During this time, I was able to learn many skills and fully equip myself to master any size classroom. (These skills include adaptability, patience, clarity, fairness and strong communication skills)
Along with this letter, you will find my CV which details my academic and employment history. Feel free to contact me at [insert contact information], and I will gladly answer any questions you may have.
Billy Michaels
Good cover letter examples for teachers include a brief introduction and work history, along with a summary of all the skills required to be a good teacher. This cover letter has all of the above.

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04 – Cover Letters for Teachers- Home School Teacher

Dear Mrs. Ellis,
I am writing this letter in response to your newspaper advertisement seeking a home-school teacher for your son who is in the 4th grade.
I am a recently retired elementary school teacher. I worked at the [insert name of school] for 17 years and have plenty of experience in teaching both 4th and 5th-grade curriculums.
There, I was given the opportunity to nurture and mold the adults of tomorrow, establishing a sustained and wonderful relationship with most since they’ve graduated.
As a home-school teacher, I will be able to focus all my attention on your child to produce the best possible results. This is a guarantee as I keep myself updated on the latest changes to the courses, curriculums, and prescribed learning material.
I am also located within walking distance from your home, so it would be very easy for me to attend classes regularly and be on time.
You will find my CV attached to this cover letter. I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Yours Respectfully,
Millicent Green
When it comes to homeschooling, parents only want to hire someone who seems trustworthy and experienced.
This cover letter is good because it shows that you have a reputation for excellence, you are able to get to and from session easily and you are able to teach all the latest learning material.

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05 – Cover Letters for Teachers- Middle School Teacher

To Whom It May Concern,
Over the course of my job search, I discovered the vacancy you’ve posted at [insert name of school] for a middle school teacher. Accept this letter as my formal application.
In April of this year, I resigned from my 6-year position as a 7th-grade teacher at [insert name of middle school] as my family had to migrate to accommodate my husband’s new job.
There, I formed a strong bond with my students and the rest of the school family, so it was not an easy decision.
During my time there, I was able to cultivate the necessary skills to be a good teacher. Such as being able to communicate the requirements of the curriculum in a way that the students could understand, along with creating a safe and accommodating space for them to learn.
Equipped with these skills, along with my academic qualifications documented on my CV, I am positive I will be a great fit for this position. I look forward to discussing this, and more with you in person.
Robin Facey
While some cover letter examples for teachers shy away from being too personal, this one shows that this teacher is dedicated to their job and is passionate about their work.
This cover letter is also good because it mentions work history, and invites the employer to review their academic qualifications.

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06 – Cover Letter Examples for Teachers- Special Education Teachers

Dear Mr. Hill,
I came across your ad for a special education teacher at your institute while reading the daily paper, and I believe I would be a great fit.
I have worked in this field for nearly 9 years. Since then I have developed great skills with working with not only special needs children, but also their parents and families.
I have encountered numerous cases and have succeeded in creating the best possible curriculums to suit their needs and abilities in order to guarantee fruitful outcomes.
Kindly review my CV for work history, voluntary work as a special needs mentor, and education.
I look forward to hearing from you and sharing my expertise at your institution.
Best Wishes
Gladys Campbell
When it comes to special ed students, experience is as important as qualifications. This letter is good because it highlights experience, along with showcasing elements of your personality and passion.

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07 – Cover Letter Examples for Teachers- Assistant Professor

Dear Ms./Mr.,
I am writing this letter in response to a job posting on the university’s website. After 14 years of successful teaching at various institutions, I believe I am ready to tackle the world of tertiary education.
My first official teaching experience began at [insert name of elementary school] where I taught students in grades 3, 4 and 5. Here I learned how to command the attention of a classroom and cater to children who require all your time and attention.
After 5 years there, I moved on to [insert name of middle school], where I catered to more mature students and had to adapt to a different style of teaching.
I spent 6 years here, then I moved on to [insert high school name], where I taught senior students for 3 years, and again had to again, readjust my teaching methods.
This approach to my teaching career has allowed me to adjust and adapt to the needs of various students. For this reason, I believe I am a great fit for an assistant professor, and later, professor position.
Enclosed is a copy of my CV. Should my application move forward in the screening process, feel free to contact me via phone or email (attached in the letterhead)
Best Regards,
Kwame Walker
This type of cover letter depicts extensive work experience and how this person adapted to a change in environment. It shows an ability to tackle various tasks and an openness to being challenged.

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08 – Cover Letter Examples for Teachers- Associate Professor

Dear Mrs. Vitali,
It is with great enthusiasm that I apply for the role of Associate Professor at [insert name of university]. I found the vacancy advertised on the university’s website. With nearly 15 years of work experience under my belt, I can honestly say that I am the perfect fit for the job.
I recently retired as the Head of the Biology Department at [insert school name], where my responsibilities involved reviewing lesson plans, creating teacher timetables, organizing, and participating in seminars, along with guiding students into their future careers.
I was also charged with managing disputes amongst staff and students, and I was an active member of the school’s Red Cross Club.
Kindly review the attached resume for additional details regarding my expertise, qualifications, and accolades over the years.
Yours Truly,
Harry Hess
This cover letter is short and to the point, and focuses mainly on experience, which is important when apply to a more senior position.

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A good cover letter should represent you well.

After reading these cover letter examples for teachers, you should be able to craft one that will leave a great impression and convince the administrators you are the perfect fit for the job!