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30 Compliments for Kids Which Meant a Lot to Them

30 Compliments for Kids Which Meant a Lot to Them

It takes little or no time and costs nothing to compliment a child for a job well done. And yet the value and impact of that compliment stays with the child forever. Compliments for kids are character-building. They also tell kids that what they’re doing is good and right.

So, compliments for kids reinforce positive behavior. Children seek approval and using compliments for kids (especially those with low self-esteem) is a great way of letting them know they’re on the right path and giving them the courage to carry on.

Make your compliments for kids count by saying something sincere that makes them feel proud of themselves.


Compliments for kids to boost their self-confidence


01“I know you were scared to stand up and say your speech to the class. You used all your courage to do it, and you did a great job.”


two little girls reading books
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

02“Compliments for kids like you are easy. You did the right thing even though it was the hard thing to do.”


03“You let your cousin speak, and then you stood up for yourself. Well done.”


04“I saw that you were afraid to get back on the horse after it threw you. You were brave to try again. I knew you could do it.”


little girl riding on a pony

Photo by Anne Johnson from Pexels


05“The other kids give you a hard time because you wear glasses. But you look great in them. And now that you can see properly, your grades will get even better.”


kid wearing amercian flag glasses

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash


06“What David said to you was mean, and I could see that it made you feel bad. You did the right thing by walking away. It shows good character.”


07“When you bumped into Jack, and he fell, you stopped and helped him, and you apologized. That was the right thing to do. Well done.”


little girl giving flowers to little boy

Image from Pexels – under CC0 license


08“Sometimes, when you look different, kids tease you. You’re a very special person. Soon all of them will see that and be sorry they were mean to you.”


09“When you fell in the hallway, I bet you felt embarrassed. You got up, dusted yourself off, and carried on. I’m proud of you for showing that not even a fall can get you down.”


10“Math seems to be getting you down. But you’re improving every day, and soon you’ll find it easy to cope with. Just keep trying.”


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11“You’re a beautiful person inside and out, and you deserve friends who see that. Don’t hang around with people who bring you down.”


12“It’s easy to get angry and lose your temper. It’s harder to keep your cool and deal with conflict productively. You did that. I’m proud of you.”



13“When it comes to thinking of compliments for kids, you make me see how important they are to make you feel better about yourself. You’re special and important to me.”


14“Don’t focus on the things you can’t do right now. Focus on the things you can do, and the rest will soon follow. Don’t give up.”


15“I know you find it hard to get on with other kids. But it’s clear that you’re really trying. Best of all, it’s working. Keep it up.”


Compliments for kids on a job well done


16“Thank you for helping to cook the supper. I was so busy around the house and tired from work. I couldn’t have managed without you.”


little girl holding eggs on her eyes
Photo by Hannah Tasker on Unsplash

17“The way you’ve been keeping your room tidy these last few weeks has impressed me. I know it’s not fun, but you’ve stuck with it.”


18“You tried so hard with the project your teacher gave you. And you did it by yourself. I’m proud of you for being so independent.”


little girl doing homework

Image from Pexels – under CC0 license


19“I don’t say thank you for all the chores you do around the house. But they don’t go unnoticed, and I do appreciate everything you do to help.”


20“It wasn’t easy to come and admit that you’re responsible for the broken bathroom window. But you took responsibility for your actions, which is the right thing to do.”


21“Attending extra classes for Math while all your friends were outside playing must’ve been hard. But you stuck with it, and your grades have improved. We’re proud of you.”



22“I know that I rely on you too much to babysit when you’d rather be with your friends. Thank you for understanding why it’s necessary, and for doing it willingly. You’re a great big sister.”


23“It’s been two weeks now that you’ve been doing your chores without me having to remind you. I’ve noticed you’re being more responsible. Well done and keep it up.”


24“What you did today helping our neighbors look for their dog was very kind. They’re so grateful you found Fido and couldn’t stop telling me what a helpful kid you are. I’m proud of you.”


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25“It’s been a tough football season. It wasn’t nice to sit on the bench for most of the games. But you supported your team, and you never gave up. That shows the strength of character.”


26“You worked hard to improve your grades. It took a lot of sacrifices, and I’m sure sometimes you felt like giving up. But you didn’t. This great report card is your reward.”


27“You were so well-behaved when your grandparents visited. They were impressed by what a mature person you’re growing up to be and said compliments for kids like you should be given more often.”


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28“I watched you when you decided to teach yourself how to draw with the book your aunt gave you. It wasn’t easy, and it took a lot of attempts to get it right. Well done on persevering.”


29“You’re so good at video games, and it would be easy to beat your little brother all the time. But I know you let him win every now and then. You’re a good role model for him.”


30“Mom’s surgery was scary, and her recovery was hard. You helped so much around the house and to look after her. You’re a very caring son/daughter.”