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10 Perfect Answers to “What Makes You Unique”

10 Perfect Answers to “What Makes You Unique”

Even if you have the best resume in the world, you won’t get your dream job if you don’t prove that you’re different than other candidates. It’s an obstacle that everyone encounters.

Use these answers as inspiration to let your future employers know what makes you unique. Customize them according to your own preference.


The do’s and don’ts when answering


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01Provide clear examples from your own life. Be descriptive and cite the reasons why a particular experience is what makes you unique.


02Discuss your different skills and tell the interview team why the combination makes you a unique candidate.


03List as many experiences and examples as you can. The best scenario would be to take one or two instances from each phase of your life and explain how they contributed to your uniqueness.


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01Be generic. Answers like ‘I work hard,’ ‘I never give up’ are things candidates say all the time.


02Memorize answers. You will best explain what makes you unique if you think about it and use your own words to describe why.
If you memorize or practice the answers, it will come off as fake and rehearsed.


03Just use work experiences. The truth is that most companies are looking for employees that fit with the team, not just those who have extensive experience.
Talk about your character instead.



The 10 perfect answers to ‘What Makes You Unique’


01Challenges are the key to success
When I handled [name of project], I faced challenges with [facet of project], but I learned how to use [tool/resource/idea] to solve it and it made me a better professional in that area.
‘What makes you unique?’ often means ‘What makes you a good candidate?’. Resourcefulness and the ability to handle challenges is something every employer looks for.
The best way to use this answer is to give two or three examples of challenges and describe how you solved each one. Provide tangible proof of your skills.


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02Communication skills
I find myself very adept at communicating with people and I’ve always found it easy to relate to people of all walks of life, regardless of the circumstance.
The key to this answer is in highlighting the ‘all walks of life’ part. Your ability to navigate different people and situations is a significant part of any job.
It’s important to show the interviewer that you aren’t just limited to communicating with people in the same niche as you.


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03Listing your passions
Even before I started working at [company name], I had a fondness for [hobby/skill/profession] and that has shown me how to handle [task].
Employers choose people who are passionate about the position over people with only the qualifications.
Excitement towards a profession is contagious and expressing it during your interview will help keep you in mind for a second interview, or hire.


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04The will to learn is what makes you unique
Once I first encountered [area of expertise], I became infatuated with it and wanted to learn more. I have accumulated more knowledge, insatiably, in order to accomplish [achievement(s)].
Even if you have all the qualifications in the world, you are not an attractive hire if you are unwilling to learn and improve.
If you present past examples of your curiosity benefiting both you and your former company, you will be a prime candidate for the job.


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05Talking about experiences
At [company name], I was tasked with handling [activity/task]. At first, I had no clue how to achieve that, but I used my resourcefulness to develop my skills, which resulted in the task being completed and my skills increasing.
When I realized I had become proficient, I approached a task by combining [skill] with [name of another skill].
Nobody was born an expert in a certain area or niche. Employers generally don’t like when an employee boasts about how he/she is talented and about how he/she was born to do that job.
Be vulnerable and human. Humanity is what makes you unique and your employers will look at you as a sincere person when you admit that you were clueless and that you had to fight your way to the top.


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06Internships are everything
When I graduated from college/high school, I knew I wasn’t the ideal candidate, so I decided to make myself one by applying for internships at different companies.
In working with the professionals there, I was able to learn the ins and outs of the industry and how to handle myself when [situation related to your profession].

Why are internships a key cog when trying to explain why you’re unique? Well, when you’re willing to take up an unpaid internship, it shows a willingness to learn and to hone your skills.


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07Your own ideas matter, too
When I encountered [challenge], early on in my employment, I soon thought of several solutions that would make the problems more approachable for new coworkers.
I developed a precise system with my superiors that made onboarding new hires more seamless and in the end my job more manageable.

Companies want someone who isn’t afraid to lead the way and provide new solutions. A surprisingly low number of candidates mentions things like this, and it’s a perfect thing that makes you unique.


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08Talking about failures
At [company name], I couldn’t undertake [task or action] which set me back at first.
I did not let this failure hold me back, having realized that while such instances aren’t ideal, they’re essential to the progress required to make me a better professional.

Don’t be scared to list the things you were bad at! It’s what makes you unique and every interviewer will appreciate the fact that you’re not overconfident or overzealous.


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09Combine 2+ skills
When approaching a problem or task, I like to use my knowledge of digital marketing and SEO to determine whether the website is functional. I am also able to help my coworkers should they need help with graphic design.
Nobody wants a professional that only knows how to do one thing. Show that you’re able to use all your skills to solve a problem because it is what makes you unique and shows your logical thinking and problem-solving skills.
A versatile employee is every company’s dream.


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10Cold, hard facts
I take pride in my organizational abilities. At my last company, I managed to promote 11 total websites to the position of Google Snippet in 6 months of work.
To accomplish that, I used…
There is nothing more convincing than adding a bit of personal accomplishments to the mix. Remember, everyone has a different road to success and your particular path is what makes you unique.
This answer is best combined with others in this list, ideally as a conclusion to your short monologue.


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Concluding thoughts

With these responses, you will know exactly how to discuss what makes you unique and impress the people interviewing you. Most important is to just be yourself and relax.

Don’t come off as desperate and be as confident as possible, without seeming arrogant. Instead, speak about what you have in common with the best professionals in your niche.