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5 Best Templates of Divorce Announcement on Social Media

5 Best Templates of Divorce Announcement on Social Media

Divorce is never easy, especially letting having to tell everyone about it. In order to make sure everyone, even the acquaintances you wouldn’t think of, know, the best solution is to post a divorce announcement on social media.

Use these templates to make the process as painless and as effective as possible, so that hopefully, you can move past the event quickly.


The dos and don’ts when writing a divorce announcement on social media


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01Be honest
If the relationship is ending, then someone is unhappy. Be honest about why, because making yourself try and look better than your ex just won’t be good for anyone.


02Be positive
When making a divorce announcement, you shouldn’t be negative, just factual.
Maybe someone else is going through the same thing as you are and they need some positivity.


If you and your soon-to-be ex are in a good space, you could always try and joke about it. Something light, but final. Joking around will let others know that you’re doing okay and that you are able to move on.



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01Air out dirty laundry.
Even if your partner cheated on you or did you wrong, you won’t accomplish anything by revealing things like that on social media. Instead, people will just think you’re petty. Show them you’re above that.


02Fight with people in the comments.
Sadly, there are people who will want to provoke you or insult you.
Don’t let them do it. Stay civilized and avoid even talking to instigators.


03Share your love story.
Keep it simple and to the point, no one needs a reminder of how your relationship started when you are supposed to be letting them know it’s over.



Best Divorce Announcement templates for social media


01It’s all love in here
After three wonderful years of marriage, Kate and I have concluded that we are much better as friends and honestly should have stayed that way. There are no hard feelings or disagreements.
Sometimes, things don’t work out but there is no point in torturing the other person by not accepting reality. I will always love Kate and now our bond is even more special.
There is no ‘his’ side or ‘her’ sides. Love is about unity, which is sometimes just too much to sustain.
Thanks for understanding.


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02It was a fun ride
Dear friends and family, it is with great sadness I’m announcing that John and I will no longer be married. Whatever happens, he is still one of the people closest to me.
You are probably wondering what happened? Well, things just don’t work out sometimes and it’s best that we just made the decision.
John and I will always come together for our two wonderful kids, I will forever be thankful to John for being such an incredible father figure to them, no matter what. Just because we didn’t work out as husband and wife doesn’t mean we can’t be friends and parents together.
P.S. John, you’re not taking the couch, I swear to God!


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03Things just don’t work out sometimes
Some of you may know by now, that Marianne and I are ending our marriage. Don’t worry, because there are no hard feelings or anger.
As you all know, Marianne has always been my biggest supporter. However, that is not enough to maintain a marriage.
We shared three wonderful years together and I will cherish that time going forward. Marianne is the type of wife most people can only dream of. I am delighted that I can still call her one of my best friends.
P.S. Should I take the TV or the computer? Vote in the comments, please.


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04Think of the kids
Wow! I never thought I would be saying this, but soon, Jonathan and I will no longer be married anymore.
It’s a decision that we’ve come to, after several weeks of discussions and debate. This separation doesn’t mean that we won’t be in each other’s lives – he is still the father of our children and he will always have a friend in me.
We will continue to be a strong team for the kids and recognize it will take our amazing partnership for everything to continue moving smoothly as our new future unfolds.
I appreciate everyone asking me if I’m okay. Coming to terms with things not working out is just part of being an adult. Thanks again for all your support.


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05The funny approach
Before you strip me of everything during the divorce process (who knows, this might be my last post if they take my phone and laptop), I just wanted to say that I loved you and I always will. Things don’t always work out the way we’ve planned, but at least you didn’t try to murder me.
As a friend, you will always have a place in my life and you might even be able to borrow my PlayStation from time to time. Of course, the conditions of you borrowing it will be determined by the judge, so don’t think of overdoing it!
I was lucky to experience this and will cherish these years as some of the best in my entire life. Peace and love!


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Concluding thoughts

We hope you’re doing okay and that you’re not taking this too hard. Things just don’t work out sometimes, but this is not the end.

Spend time with the people you love and enjoy all the things that make you happy in life. We sincerely hope that these templates of divorce announcement helped you and have saved you from a lot of awkward one-on-one conversations.