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35 Funny Egg Quotes and Jokes

35 Funny Egg Quotes and Jokes

If you haven’t tried drawing a funny doodle on, or colored an eggs, you have probably at least seen decorated eggs everywhere during the Easter season.

Almost 200 million Easter greeting cards are distributed between people around the world every season, all in an effort to share the love, and spread the warmth it brings.

What’s even more fun is getting to read all the hilarious jokes and egg quotes and boy, have we ‘laid’ some good ones up for you here!

In this article, get ready for some funny egg quotes that hopefully get to crack you up. Get it…. Crack… you know, like egg crack… ahhh never mind, you probably didn’t get the yolk.


Here are our funny egg quotes


01I can’t eggs-actly say if the chicken was created before the egg, all I know is there has to be an eggs-planation.


photo by cocoparisienne – under CC0 license


02What do you do when you break your mom’s crate of eggs; you scramble.


03One egg asked the other; how shocked are you that you are an egg? Answer: Shellshocked


04Is it just me or do scrambled eggs taste eggs-cellent on toast.


Photo by Markus Spiske – Under Pexels license


05Have you ever noticed how people pile rocks to make art? I bet they don’t use eggs because it would be egg-stremely hard to stand them up!



06What do you do when you are too eggs-cited to speak? Eggs-claim!


07If I am ever late for an engagement, I’ll simply cook up the perfect eggs-cuse.


Photo by Wenping wang – under unsplash license


08Q : Why were all the eggs missing? A: They discovered an eggs-it.


09Come out of your shell, there is a whole world out there to eggs-plore!


10It’s so tough living the life of an egg. You only get laid once!


Image from Pexels – Under CC0 license


11I changed my mind; I’ve decided to work for a farmer because he hen-ticed me with a higher pay.


12Eggs remind me of people, they all look the same but once hatched, they can be completely different.



13If the world was made of eggs it would be one big scramble…


Photo by sipa – under CC0 license


14I guess Easter is the only time I can boldly put all my eggs in one basket with pride.


15I love omelets so much I order my groceries through American Eggs-press.


16Don’t just eggs-ist, make a difference, eggs only break once


Image from – under Pexels license


17My friend never seems to fit in, always complaining about his workplace, so I had to tell him, ‘If you can’t beat them, you join them’ I really hope he understood.


18An egg told another ‘You really have all the ladies tripping, what’s the secret’? Answer: ‘I’m freerun’


19If I was eating fried eggs, while watching a scary movie, would I at some point become terri-fried?


Photo by geralfriedrich2 – under CC0 license


20I saw two poultry farmers the other day at the festival and they seemed quite happy… Dancing chick to chick.


21If I had to sit and watch an egg hatch … I’d fly the coop!



22Eggs are just fun, they can crack up in any environment!!


Photo by Myriams Fotos – under CC0 license


23Roses are red, violets are blue, a rotten egg, makes everywhere boom.


24Best romantic egg quote ever… ‘If you could give me the chance, I’d whisk your heart away.’


25As the chicken was about to be cooked, the egg said, ‘Any last words?’ The chicken replied, ‘At least I hatched….’


Photo by Alexas Fotos – under CC0 license


26An egg said to another egg ‘You are cracked!’ It smiled back and said ‘ In the end, it happens to us all’


27An egg to a rat: ‘If you don’t scramble, I’ll show you what that word really means!’


28When life throws you lemons, be grateful they weren’t eggs!


Photo by klimkin – under CC0 license


29I hate Halloween! Kids egg my car and its eggs-austing to clean up!’


30So, three chickens decide to have a meeting in a coffee shop, they walked up to the cash and ordered ‘three egg-spressos’



31Don’t eggs-aggerate, you scrambled your exam


Photo by Tookapic – Under CC0 license


32No matter what you say, New -Yolk city is dominated by eggs.


33What did the chicken egg say to the turkey egg; ‘You roll around here often?’


34What goes up… is definitely not an egg.


Photo by – under pexels license


35Question: What days of the week should eggs be eaten the most? Answer: Fry-days.


The yolks on you

There you have it guys, unbeatable egg quotes for you. If there is anything I love about Easter, It’s all the fun you get to have with eggs: decorating, cooking and joking.

No matter how you say it or how serious you want to be, egg quotes are always funny, and if you are one of those people who are good at witty comments, Easter gives you the perfect excuse to hatch some funny ones.

So, do you have any hilarious egg quotes of your own? Don’t let it rot, write it and send it to someone to give them a good laugh.