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40 Small Notes to Say a Big “Thank You for Your Donation”

40 Small Notes to Say a Big “Thank You for Your Donation”

Pleas for donations go out every day for different reasons. It’s important to write a note to say thank you for your donation to the people who make the effort to contribute.

People who feel their donations have not been acknowledged might be unlikely to donate to that cause again.

Here are some ideas on how to write a “thank you for your donation” letter to acknowledge the generosity of others:


Notes to say thank you for your donation to a charity:


01Our charity, _____________, relies solely on donations from the public to keep our doors open and continue with the work we are trying to do. Your generous donation is deeply appreciated.


Photo by Kat Yukawa – under unsplash license


02Thank you for your donation to _____________ which has allowed us to sustain our efforts in making a difference in the community of ___________. We appreciate your kindness.


03As an organization, we at _____________ would like to express our deepest gratitude for your donation. It has allowed us to keep trying to transform the lives of the destitute people in _________________.


Photo by Wikilmages – under CCO license


04Our organization has been struggling for months to raise the money we need for our next project. On behalf of ________________, I’d like to thank you for your donation toward making our dream a reality.


05The hardworking men and women of ________________ appreciate the donation you have made to help us provide our services to those in need.



06Your generous donation will go a long way in helping us to make the lives of __________ better.


Image from Pixabay – under CC0 license


07Thank you for taking the trouble to do some fundraising for us among your friends and giving us such a generous donation. We intend to put the money to use in pursuing our mission of ensuring that the children of ____________ receive nutritious meals each day.


08We appreciate your response to our Facebook plea for donations. Thank you for your contribution. It is going to make a major difference in the lives of our organization’s recipients.


09Any donation, no matter how big or small shows a willingness to help organizations to help those in need. Thank you for your donation to _____________.


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10A special thank you for your donation to ______________. Without people like you who are willing to help, we would have had to close our doors a long time ago.


11Your continued generosity toward our charity, _______________, has allowed us to continue to achieve the goals we set out when we opened our doors. Thank you for your donation.


12Thank you for hosting a fundraiser for our charity, ________________. The donation made afterward will be put to good use. We are eternally grateful for what you have done for us.


Image from nattanan23 – under CC0 license


13Your efforts to campaign, fundraise, and donate to our charity, ______________, are much appreciated. Such kindness is a true reflection of your humanity and desire to help others.


14Your parents told us you had saved for a whole year to make a donation to __________. We wanted to say a special thank you for your donation. We are privileged to have the support of a special girl/boy such as you.



15Your donation couldn’t have come at a better time. We were facing an uncertain future before your kindness saved the day. Thank you for your donation.


Photo by Tom Parsons – under unsplash license


Notes to say thank you for your donation to a worthy cause


16In the immediate aftermath of _________’s accident, his wife and children were in financial peril as he was the family’s sole support Thank you for your donation. It made a genuine difference in their lives.


17As a family, we cannot express our thanks enough. We are deeply sorry for the loss of your son but eternally grateful for the donation of his heart and lungs to our beloved mother.


Photo by Mimirebelle – under CC0 license


18The wildfire that claimed the lives of 6 people and destroyed several homes has left many families destitute as they have lost everything. Thank you for your donation which will allow them to rebuild their lives.


19In the wake of the recent earthquake, the people of _____________ were in desperate need of help. Thank you for your donation of water, blankets, and tents. They were instrumental in making a start in the recovery process.


20Thank you for your donation that allowed the operation on _____________ to take place. The family has been struggling to pay all the hospital and doctors’ bills that have piled up since the cancer diagnosis.


Photo by Marion Brun


21Each cent raised for the ____________ family to help them get out of the desperate situation they found themselves in is much appreciated. Thank you for your donation.


22Our recent plea for donations to help us get our son, ____________ into rehab was a difficult decision for us as a family. The kindness and support of donors such as you are much appreciated.


23Without your donation, the children at our school would not be getting the winter coats they urgently need. Thank you for donating to our cause.


Image from Pixabay – under CC0 license


24The sudden loss of _____________ in a motorcycle accident left the family bereft. Your generous donation helped to fund his funeral service so that the family could get the closure they needed.


25Thank you for your donation of furniture to the ___________ family after their home was robbed. Your kind-heartedness is much appreciated.



26Thank you for donating money to help us fund our daughter’s school trip to __________. Without your donation, we wouldn’t have been able to make her dream come true.


Photo by sasint – under cc0 license


27We tend to assume donations have a monetary value. However, the time you spent reading to our father at the retirement home in his final days meant a lot to him and to us as well. You are a spectacular young lady/gentleman.


28Your donation helped us take our terminally ill daughter, ___________ to Disneyland. You made a little girl’s dreams come true in her final days with us. Thank you very much.


29Thank you for helping the _____________ family get back on their feet after the foreclosure on their home. Your donation of groceries was very helpful.


Photo by paulbr75 – under CC0 license


30Thank you for donating money to cover the costs of ___________’s skin graft surgery after the horrific acid attack. Your assistance will help her put this terrible experience behind her.


Notes to say thank you for your donation to an organization offering a free service


31We at _____________ rely on donations to keep our website up and running, offering readers reliable news stories. Thank you for your donation.


Photo by simon – under CC0 license


32Without donations, our information sharing site would not be able to continue with its good work. We strive to provide accurate information free to everyone but must cover our costs. We appreciate your generous donation.


33Thank you for offering your reading services. We have added the book you read to our site and are receiving positive feedback. Your help is much appreciated.


34Thank you for your donation to our site. We strive to provide a free service to those who are bereaved or having an emotional crisis. Keeping our service online continues to be a financial challenge. Your donation has helped us keep the site going.


Image from Startup stock photos – under CC0 license


35Providing free courses to help anyone, anywhere in the world, expand their horizons is our mission. Thank you for your donation, as it has helped us continue to achieve our goal. We are now able to offer additional courses to our students.


36Our online assistance to troubled teens who need diversion intervention is showing positive results. However, running it costs a lot of money. Thank you for your donation to this worthy cause.



37Thank you for donating your time to act as an online tutor on our site. We are always looking for new tutors to give the kids who approach us the help they need.


photo by Bruce Mars – under pexels license


38Our online community forum and newspaper is a source of great pride to us. Thank you for your donation which is allowing us to continue our operations.


39Our free online library of books for children is able to operate thanks to the kindness of the people who make donations. Your contribution is appreciated.


40Putting people in need in contact with donors is essential for getting them the help they require. Your donation has allowed us to continue offering this important service.


photo by cris_chengck10339- under CCO License