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15+ of the Best Words to Describe Customer Service for Reviews

15+ of the Best Words to Describe Customer Service for Reviews

The best customer service reviews stand out for using just the right words to describe customer service. For example, words that clearly capture a customer’s feelings and experience without being too lengthy can be very helpful for any company.

If you’re looking to write a terrific review, you can check out our list below of ideal words to describe customer service.


Words to describe customer service: when it’s excellent or five-star service




“To be honest, the best thing about choosing Postmates, over other delivery services, is its customer service.
Postmates’ customer service is superior in all aspects, starting with the way they treat people’s packages. I would choose it any day.”

The word “superior” suggests elevation or being better than everything else. Unlike other words to describe top service, this one evokes feelings of high quality and high standards.


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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio under pexels license




“In addition to having an outstanding gym and the most spacious hotel rooms that I’ve ever slept in, the City Center Hotel also provides exemplary customer service.
No other hotel in this city matches the customer service that is offered here.”

The word “exemplary” suggests top-notch quality and the best vibes, so it is a natural fit when describing excellent service.
It can never be confused by readers to mean anything other than better-than-good.




“Dining at Bacardi was wonderful, as always.
They’ve recently added a good number of wonderful dishes to the menu, and the customer service was nothing but first-class. We’re already planning to eat here again next Saturday.”

As with flights and other services for the public, the term “first-class” is used to explain any offering that is the best available option. It is so easy to understand because it immediately provokes images of excellence when used in a review by a customer.


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“Qatar Airways’ lounge at Newark Airport is, to me, what a truly first-class suite should be.
The Wi-Fi is terrific; the customer service is peerless, and the ambiance is amazing. If anything, it should be the industry standard of what an airport lounge should look like.”

When you describe customer service as “peerless,” you immediately understand it as the best of the best, and you do this without using too many words.
It’s a great word to use, and it’s not very common. It works wonderfully for extremely top-tier services.




“We have been having a terrific time since we arrived at the Bamboo Hotel and Casino last night. The customer service here is just awesome.
They send someone up to our room every four hours to check on us, and they handled our luggage very quickly on arrival.”

The word “awesome” is good to use is because it’s easy to understand; it immediately suggests good feelings and great vibes. It can also be used for any sort of review.




“If I were to describe the customer service at Barney’s New York, I would call it exceptional.
That’s because, on any given day, they have butlers waiting on your every order. They know how to cater to your every need, right up until you leave the store. Isn’t that just exceptional?”

“Exceptional” is a great word to use because it suggests a quality that you won’t likely find anywhere else.
As a commonly used word, it is also easy to employ in a review and easy to understand.





“There aren’t many restaurants in Times Square that I would consider perfect, but Elaine’s comes very close to perfection.
For me, you can forget the menu because it’s their commendable customer service that stands out the most. No one else does it better.”

Using the word “commendable” in your description is great because it’s not common, but it’s easy to understand.
It also suggests that whatever you’re reviewing is so good that you would definitely recommend it.




“For our honeymoon, we stayed at the Radisson Blu in New York, and we could not have made a better choice.
The customer service here was even better than the rooms, which means it was really good. In one word, the customer service here was sublime.
I could have stayed an extra night just so that I could enjoy it a little longer.”

“Sublime” is one of the few words that is used to immediately capture the very best of something. Therefore, it’s perfect for describing excellent customer service.


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Photo by Engin Akyurt under pexels license


Words to describe customer service: when it’s terrible service




“I would be mad to send a single parcel using this delivery service again. From past experiences, their delivery times would only make a snail proud of itself.
Even their customer service is just sub-par, and they don’t seem concerned enough to do anything about it.”

The word “sub-par” brings both a wave of fresh air and intellectual glitter to any review, even though it is depicting a bad quality; it does this in one swift move. 


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“I can only say one thing about Café Cabana: the whole place is a mess.
More outstanding than any other aspect is the customer service here, which ought to be peerless. Instead, Café Cabana’s customer service is just atrocious, and that’s an understatement.”

The word “atrocious” means inferior or unpleasant, and it immediately brings that feeling to any description or review of the customer service.
It’s perfect for expressing the worst thoughts about a venue or service.




“I don’t understand how else to describe the kind of customer service that I found at Coriander Bar last Friday night.
No waiters, nasty bathrooms, the worst smell in the air, and even the DJ looked sleepy. When did the customer service here become this appalling?”

Even the most junior reader would understand what “appalling” meant if you used it in a review.
It’s commonly used and easily associated with a bad quality, so it fits perfectly into any description of bad customer service.  


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“If you value your money and your time, you should stay away from this ghastly place that calls itself a ‘hub of relaxation.’
Everything here is sketchy, especially the customer service. It is so inferior that I couldn’t even stay one night.”

This word is easy to use in a sentence and to understand.
It immediately suggests an image of bad customer service.


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“There are no good words to describe customer service as it’s offered in this establishment. Even the worst words wouldn’t do it justice.
The customer service here is abysmal, people. You can consider waiting an hour for someone at this place to take a simple order. You can expect that kind of thing here, so just stay away.”

“Abysmal” is a good word to use in a review or description because it naturally projects an image of bleakness and poor quality, making it perfect for expressing your dissatisfaction with any establishment. 




“Even if you paid me one million dollars right now, I wouldn’t sleep in any room at the Waverly Hotel on West 45th Street.
My last experience there left me with a really bad taste in my mouth. The worst experience of all was the lousy customer service offered.”

Is there a better word to describe something that is terrible or of poor-quality?
In any review or setting, the word “lousy” immediately sends the message home, and you don’t need to explain it.


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“My first experience at that new department store in Dallas was one of the worst experiences that I have ever had.
From the start, I knew that something felt off. Maybe, the planning was poor because even the customer service was disappointing, and that was supposed to be the gem of the show.”

“Disappointing” is perhaps the best descriptive word for the sense of arriving with high expectations and seeing them crushed by terrible customer service.
On the plus side, it is also very easy to understand for readers.


Words to describe customer service: when it’s so-so (not bad or good) service




“I wasn’t particularly impressed by the customer service here, and it wasn’t that bad either.
It was just adequate, to be honest. You can expect a few cases of rude staff here and there. The rooms are also very basic.”

“Adequate” is a good word to use if the customer service was not very good or very bad, but there were other positive features about the place to consider.
It is also perfect for explaining an average experience.





“I won’t be returning to this department store in the near future, and it’s partly because the products here are bit overpriced. However, it’s mostly because of their customer service, which can only be considered as mediocre.
Get it together, people!”

No word describes a boring, average experience better than the word “mediocre.”
It is commonly used, so it is easy to understand; it clearly expresses what you need to say within one simple word. 


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“The problem with our local Banana Republic store is not the price of the items. It’s everything else, such as the staff, the management, the lighting, and everything else.
These days, even the customer service, which used to be exceptional by the way, is just passable. I know that it will soon become abysmal.”

“Passable” is another good word to use when describing something that isn’t too good or too bad, but it’s slightly on the better side of things.
In reviews, it’s easy to understand too.




“The thing about McCaffrey’s is that it has a great bar, which is well-stocked. The music is also loud enough.
However, you’ll have to avoid this place if you want proper customer service in exchange for your money. The customer service that is in place is only tolerable at best.”

“Tolerable” is sort of the opposite of passable. It works well when describing average service that is slightly on the bad side of things.
Tolerable is easy to understand for readers.


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Any type of customer service review can work, but you may want your review to stand out because you’re not happy or you’re very happy with an establishment’s customer service.
To write reviews that command attention, you will need to use precise words to describe customer service.
For your next review, you can use this article to find inspiration for words to describe customer service.