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20 of the Best Supportive and Encouraging Words for Divorce

20 of the Best Supportive and Encouraging Words for Divorce

As kids, we all learned about getting married, having our own families, and growing old together with them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go that way all the time, and some of our friends’ or families’ marriages will end in divorce.

Whether your friend or family is the one who initiates the divorce or their partner chooses to walk away, it is still a tough time for both people involved.

You may need to offer encouraging words to help them get through this difficult time in their life.
These encouraging words will, of course, vary depending on the nature of your relationship with the person who is getting divorced.

So, here are 20 encouraging words for divorce that you can use in any situation:


10 encouraging words for divorce when the spouse leaves your friend/relative

You can only imagine how heart-breaking it was for your friend or relative to hear from his/her partner that divorce was in the works for their relationship. Here are 10 encouraging words for divorce that can help him/her in this situation:

01“In life, you can expect ups and downs. This is one of those downs, but it’s why you shouldn’t lose hope either. Things will start looking up for you and your family in time.”
These encouraging words for divorce are good to use when the divorce has caused turmoil in our friend’s family.
You are letting your friend know that life will not be like this forever, and one day he/she will be able to get past this stage; when she/he comes out, he/she will be even stronger than before.


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02“I know that you’re feeling down about this whole divorce thing, but this could be a blessing in disguise. This isn’t the time to feel lousy or guilty.
You shouldn’t spend your time thinking about what could have and should have been.
You can use this time apart to rediscover yourself and plan how you will move forward. That’s the only way that you’ll find peace and happiness again.”

When a spouse asks for a divorce, many partners hope that he/she will change his/her mind and come back.
The person may spend his/her time obsessing over what the partner is thinking or what he/she does. This will likely make both partners feel miserable over time.
In such a scenario, this is the perfect thing to say because it can help to bring your friend/relative to the realization that life goes on with or without his/her partner.


03“No one is perfect, and you’ve made your mistakes. They haven’t been forgiven, but you can take the lessons that you learned in this relationship to work on making yourself a better person.”
If your friend/relative was in the wrong, and he/she did things, like lie or cheat, that caused his/her marriage to end, you shouldn’t try to justify his/her actions or wrongdoings.
As a good friend/relative, this is the perfect thing to say because it encourages him/her to be a better person.


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04“[insert spouse’s name] walking away doesn’t mean that you did anything wrong or that you are unworthy of love.
It just means that you guys weren’t a great fit. If you learn to love yourself, you will find someone who will appreciate everything that you have to offer.”

This is a good thing to say when your friend/relative is stuck in the past, and he/she is punishing him/herself for the divorce. It is good to say because it encourages him/her to grow and move on.


05“Counting your losses will only leave you feeling stressed out and down. You can try counting your blessings for a change, and maybe, you’ll realize that you are doing much better than you think.”
Not being with someone who your entire world revolves around is difficult, but it isn’t the end of the world. The person needs to remember that it’s full of potential.
You can use this with a friend/relative who is, perhaps, better off without his/her partner.


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06“I heard about what happened with you and your husband/wife. I wanted to let you know that we are here for you. Anything you need, we are simply one phone call away!”
If you and this person are not really close, but you want to express your sympathies and good wishes, then this is a good thing to say.
You aren’t overstepping. You are letting him/her know that you have his/her back.


07“Even though he/she may not be able to forgive you, you need to forgive yourself so that you can move on with your life. You’re only human, and we all screw up sometimes.”
This is good to say when your friend/relative continues to beat up him/herself over a divorce that happened a long time ago.
It is saying that, in order to heal, he/she needs to let go of past regrets.



08“You may think that a divorce is a tragedy, but no one ever died from a divorce. You will recover from this heartbreak, and you’ll come back feeling even stronger than before.”
This is good to use when a friend/relative isn’t taking the divorce very well. It simply means that this feeling will not last forever, and in time, he/she will find happiness again.


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09“It will get worse before it gets better, my dear, but it does get better.”
This is something simple that you can say in passing to a friend/relative who is going through a divorce.
These encouraging words for divorce will let him/her know that, even though it may seem tough now, there is light at the end of the tunnel.


10“Your husband/wife may have divorced you, but I still consider you as family! We will help you to get through this, and I just know that you will find the healing process to be easier than you think.”
This is good to use when you are related to the spouse, but you have close relations with his/her wife/husband.
When you say this, he/she will feel encouraged knowing that he/she was not completely abandoned and that he/she has someone on his/her side.


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10 encouraging words for divorce when your friend/relative has left his/her spouse

It takes a lot of courage, and even frustration, to decide to pack up and leave a marriage. Here are 10 encouraging words for divorce when your friend/relative choses to walk away:

11“I want you to know that I will stand by you and support your decision. Whatever you’re feeling is perfectly fine, as long as you feel like you’ve made the right decision.”
Choosing to leave a marriage is a very tough decision to make, and people will likely have something to say about it; it’ll either be good or bad.
It lets him/her know that he/she is not on his/her own, and the world is not against him/her for the decision that was made about leaving the marriage.


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12“I hated him/her anyway! You deserve way better!”
This is something that you can say when the spouse did something very terrible to your friend/relative, and you’ve always had your suspicions about the spouse.
It lets your friend/relative know that you are on his/her side.


13“I’ve been there before. Anytime you feel like you need to talk to someone, I want you to remember that I’m here for you.”
This will, of course, only work if you’ve actually been divorced before.
These encouraging words for divorce are good because it lets him/her know that he/she is not alone, and you can relate to whatever problem he/she may be facing.
It’s also good to use if you have moved on in your life, and you are doing bigger and better things than before. You can serve as an example of what good can come from getting divorced.


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14“I’m praying for you at every chance I get. I know that you will get through this!”
This is good to say when you clearly see that he/she is having a tough time, and you just want to say that he/she is in your thoughts. It shows that you believe in him/her.


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15“I know from experience that this is one of the hardest things that you can ever go through, but your life is not over.
You still have many great years ahead of you, and in time, the pain will go away. You will be happy again soon.”

This is good to say because you are using your own experience to offer support. It lets him/her know that there is hope for the future, and he/she will one day feel better.


16“It saddens me to know that you and [insert name of spouse] are separating, but if you believe that is the best move for your well-being, I will stand by your side.
If you need me, I can be your confidant and your shoulder to cry on.”

This is good to use because it offers more than just support from afar, but you are also offering to be a companion or counselor to the friend/relative.


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17“My heart is aching for your family during this time, and I understand if you need your space. I will not pry. However, if you want to talk, I’m always here to listen.”
This is good to use with a friend/relative who is somewhat secretive and doesn’t tend to put his/her business out there very easily.
It is a subtle reminder that you will lend your support upon request.


18“I don’t quite know what to say to make this situation better, but I want you to know that I am here to listen.”
This is good because it is honest. Some people force themselves to come up with long, heartfelt paragraphs that come off as phony or insincere.
Your friend/relative will appreciate your honesty, especially if you don’t share a very close relationship.



19“Love doesn’t only exist in marriage, but it exists with your kids, friends, your family, and your community.
This divorce will not break you because you will not be lacking love or anything else. We are here for you.”

You can use this message when you wish to express your support on behalf of yourself and others.
This message reminds him/her that the divorce is not the end of love for him/her, and he/she will be perfectly fine without a spouse.


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20“Your marriage fell apart, but it doesn’t mean that your life should too. You walked away, and you showed tremendous strength.
Now, you can continue to be a warrior by standing tall on your own, and you should continue loving yourself.”

This is good to use when a friend has fallen into a bit of a slump after initiating his/her divorce. This pep talk will remind him/her of his/her strength, and he/she will feel motivated to go on with life.



If you think coming up with encouraging words for divorce is hard, you can just imagine what your friend/family is going through.
We did the rough work for you, so all you have to do is follow through with your promise by being supportive and generous with your words. Your friend/family will appreciate you greatly for it!