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15+ Best Encouraging Words for Someone in Rehab to Stay Strong

15+ Best Encouraging Words for Someone in Rehab to Stay Strong

If you have someone in rehab that you know, the chances are that they are going through a tough time. Whether it’s drug rehab or alcohol rehab, it is always a challenging period for the person undergoing treatment. For this reason, expert therapists suggest writing encouraging words for someone in rehab from time to time.

However, how do you write encouraging words for someone in rehab if you haven’t ever written them before?

Our templates below are for encouraging words for someone in rehab, and the best part is that they are free!


Encouraging words for someone in rehab: When it’s drug rehab


01“Dear Marie, how was your first day in rehab? I hope that it’s not too difficult. I just want to make it clear that I think your decision to kick cocaine out of your life is the best decision you could ever make, and you will not regret it.
It won’t be easy of course, but I don’t want you to lose sight of the final reward: a clean, happy, and confident you.”


This phrase is great to use as encouraging words for someone in rehab because it highlights a better future, which is a great motivator for the person.


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02“Mike, I am a firm believer that no good thing comes easily, and no good decision is ever simple at the start.
Whatever difficulty you’re facing in your struggle to become drug-free in rehab, I want you to remember that the means justify the end. You’re doing the right thing, so I don’t want you to forget that.”


People struggling in rehab need to be reminded that their struggle is not for the wrong reasons, which makes this phrase very effective.


03“My dear Lisa, I hope you are doing well. I have been thinking of your current rehab situation a lot these days, and I want you to know that I am so proud of you.
You are so brave for making this choice, and I feel extremely proud to be your friend. I can’t wait to see you when you get out of rehab. I want you to keep fighting! I love you.”


A show of solidarity and support is a great way to motivate anyone in rehab, and this phrase achieves just that.


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04“Peter, I pray everything is going well for you in rehab, and I hope that you are starting to feel better already.
I am sure that you feel doubtful of your rehab motives from time to time, and you feel immense temptation to get back on the streets.
I don’t want to sound preachy, but it’s natural to feel temptation. The crime is in letting yourself down by giving into your desire to use.”


This phrase encourages the rehab patient by offering a little advice and helping to justify his/her inner temptations.


05“Dear Tracy, I heard about your admission to rehab for heroin, and I applaud your choice.
Any time you feel tempted to cancel your rehab and start using again, I want you to remember that cocaine nearly killed you, broke up your family, and left you broke. It also left you friendless.
For that reason, I want you to remember that you can stay firm and get through this.”


This works well for encouragement because it reminds the patient what the ugly past looked like, and it reminds him/her of the harm it caused.



06“Tim, I keep wondering what Dad would say if he were alive right now. I am certain that he would be very proud of you, and he would be proud of your decision to reset your life with rehab.
I am very proud of you too; we all are. We want you to keep going sweetheart; we’re all cheering you on from the side-lines.”


Any mention of a dead parent being proud of a son or daughter’s choice, from the grave, is always good for encouragement.


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07“Tyrell, son, I’ve got one piece of advice for you as you get through your drug rehab. I don’t want you to focus too much on the negativity of the situation. This will just drag you and your mood down.
Instead, I want you to focus on what awaits you once rehab is done: you can get a good job, build a family, have more time on your hands, and probably a bank account in better condition.
I have always found positive thoughts to be very encouraging for your morale.”


This phrase works well because it distills great advice that is encouraging in a straightforward manner.


08“Annie, on a trip to Italy once, I heard a random man make the most important statement that I’ve ever heard:
He said, “we all mistakes in life, but only a few of us are brave enough to try and correct them at whatever cost.”
As you go through drug rehab, I want you to remember that to keep going. You can do this, Annie.”


This phrase uses a simple, timeless, and encouraging quote to get your message across; it shows support which is the most important and effective way to encourage someone.


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Encouraging words for someone in rehab: When it’s alcohol rehab


09“Dear Patrick, I have known you long enough to believe that you can achieve anything that you set your sights on.
I have seen you conquer the worst challenges with determination and grit.
Now more than ever, I am confident that you will beat your alcohol addiction, and you’ll come out of rehab stronger than ever before. Good luck!”


These words can work well as encouraging words for someone in rehab because they remind the addict of how strong he/she is, and this can help him/her to not lose confidence in the struggle.


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10“Nina darling, most alcoholics choose to use a 12-step program only, but you chose to go all in. You got into rehab before joining Alcoholics Anonymous.
I think that your actions are extremely commendable because it shows your dedication to getting better. I know you can make the most out of it, despite any challenges. I am praying for you, my dear.”


This phrase points out the addict’s efforts at getting better while praising him/her, which is the best way to encourage someone.


11 “‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. I don’t know who wrote that, but I sure as hell know that it’s true.
Your thousand-mile rehab journey began the moment you stepped into the Rainbows Rehab Center.
I don’t want you to let anything distract you from getting to your destination, and that’s because you’ve worked hard enough to get here. Hang in there, buddy.”


This phrase works up to encouragement by highlighting the addict’s efforts in getting clean and making them feel worth it.


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12“As a former addict myself, I can say that no one else can kick the habit for you but yourself. I also know that rehab is no joke, and it can crush those without conviction.
However, if there is anyone who can make it out of rehab, it is you. I am confident in your abilities, Tony, and I am rooting for you.”


When a former addict says that he/she believes in the addict’s ability to get clean, it cannot fail to be encouraging.



13“Mindy, ever since you went into rehab for alcohol, your progress has given me more confidence in the future.
I believe that you are going to get better and put your life back in order. You’ve proven that you’ve got the strength to push through, and it makes me very proud to know that.
Keep pushing and good luck!”


This phrase helps to show your belief in someone, which is something any addict needs to hear.


14“Hey Mark, I was just looking at all of these dudes on the Internet that beat alcoholism and came out on top to become award-winning celebrities and/or big-time entrepreneurs.
Some of them were in worse shape than you, by the way, like Robert Downey Jr. If someone like him can do it, I think you can too. You’ve got what it takes.”


Anyone in rehab would love to see people who’ve succeeded in beating alcohol, and this can be very effective for his/her morale.


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15“I once associated rehab with the end of all joy in the world, until I discovered how great life without an alcohol dependency could be.
From my own experience, a non-addict life has proven to be way better than the addict life, so I want you to keep fighting in rehab, Josie. The fight is worth the result.”


This phrase emphasizes the fact that life without alcohol is worth fighting for, which makes it a very effective message of encouragement.



For many people, encouraging words from family and friends are the reason that the addicts make it through their rehab days.
You need to know how to write good, encouraging words for someone in rehab to have any positive effect on their mood or morale.
If you feel like writing a good message will be difficult for you, you can check out the templates above.
These are good encouraging words for someone who is in rehab, and you can tweak the messages as you want.