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5 Inspiring Examples of a Letter to My Son

5 Inspiring Examples of a Letter to My Son

No matter how old he gets, parents will always make it a priority to show their son that they are there for him and that they will support him through the best times and the worst times in his life. The son will always know that they love him and that he is never alone.

One way to do this is through letters. “A letter to my son” does not have to be long. So long as you touch on all the important points you want to make, he will absolutely get the message.

Here are 5 of our best examples of a letter to my son that you can use as a source of inspiration to write a letter to yours.


01 A letter to my son on his wedding day

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Dear Bobby,
Congratulations on finding the woman of your dreams.
Now that you are taking this next step in your life and getting married, there are some things that I want to let you know.
A woman’s happiness comes first, before anyone else in your life, and especially before your own ego. As long as she is happy, you will be happy.
If you won’t take it from me, take it from every married man you will talk to, “a happy wife equals a happy life.” Keep her enchanted, and there will be no limits to what that woman will do for you.
The next thing I want you to remember is to listen and communicate your feelings. Listening to how your wife feels about things, and not only hearing her perspective, but taking it to heart, will help you to be a better husband to her, and a rock for the family you will build.
Communicating how you feel is the only way to keep your relationship strong and healthy, and this will help you avoid so many petty arguments.
Never lose sight of the little things that made you fall in love with her. Moving too fast and overthinking can threaten all that you’ve worked to build. Just take things a day at a time and enjoy the time you have together. Life is short, but love makes it worth it.
Before I close this letter, I just want you to know that I am proud of you, and your choice in a wife.
Your mother and I love you, and her.
I know you guys will have a long and happy marriage. And don’t take too long with the grandkids!

02 A letter for his college graduation

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To a son we couldn’t be more proud of,
It’s not every day that you get to sit in the front row of your son’s graduation, to see and hear him make his valedictorian speech. But today, we were fortunate enough to watch you mount the final summit of this incredible achievement.
We wrote this letter to say congratulations, even though we’re not at all surprised that you’ve made it this far.
From the time you were just a little boy, your mother and I knew you were destined for great things. We saw it the first time you were in our arms, in the first steps you took, and in the first words you spoke.
Now, the whole world will get to experience exactly what we have always known. That you’re an incredible, talented, and capable young man.
You are officially the first Johnson man to attend and graduate university. To say we feel proud is an understatement. You won’t be able to understand how we feel until you have a child of your own. Continue shooting for the stars, and making us feel honored to call you our son.
With love,
Mom and Dad


03 A letter to my son who is starting his own business

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To Ryan,
I can’t even begin to express how proud I am of you. It warms my heart to know that my youngest child has started his own business and is actively working toward achieving his dreams. Not every parent can say that.
The best advice I can give you is to be patient. Success doesn’t come overnight, and it will be a while before you start seeing the big payoffs you’re dreaming of.
With patience comes determination and dedication. Success is never just handed to you, and you’ll have to work long and hard to see results.
Sometimes, you will be tired, fed up, or even angry with the way things are progressing, but it’s essential to keep your goals in focus and never give up hope.
In time, you’ll find that all your efforts will start to add up and the blood, sweat, and tears you put into this will result in something incredible.
If you ever need any help, remember that and the entire family and I have your back. You are not alone in this, and we will always be there to support you in any way we can.


04 A letter to my son going through a divorce

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Dear Marcus,
A man’s wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of his life. On that day, he isn’t expecting this ride to come to an end. He never expects all that love and joy to end in divorce.
Divorces are tough. I know that personally. I know that there will be times that you will blame yourself, and times where you’ll lay awake at night thinking about what you could have done differently.
But the reality is, some people just aren’t meant to be together. It just sucks that you have to find this now though.
Don’t let this difficult time break you. Use is a fuel to make you stronger. Reminisce on all the good times that you shared, what you accomplished together, and most importantly, stay steady and solid for the two beautiful children that you brought into this world.
Divorce means that you have lost your wife, but every loss is a lesson and a chance to do and be better. I hope you can take this opportunity and see it for the gift it is.
Someday you might find yourself appreciating the personal growth you’ve experienced in this moment.
The most important thing to focus on is being better. Better for your kids, better for you, and better for your future. After that, everything else will come naturally.
Keep your head up, son.


05 A letter to my son who got laid off

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To Nikolai,
When I got the news that you were being laid off, my heart sank because I know how much you loved that job. But, among all those dark clouds, I saw a silver lining.
The good part about all of this is that you have the opportunity to branch out and try something new. Doing something for too long can make you comfortable to the point that you stagnate.
Now, you can look for something new and exciting, perhaps outside of your field, which can give your life new meaning.
You could even start your own business, travel for a while, or take some time off to finish that deck you’ve been dreaming about. Whatever you choose to do next, make it something that will inspire you.
Don’t worry about bills or rent or any of that stuff. Your father and I will help you out until you figure out what to do next. For now, focus on your wellbeing, both mental and physical, and in time, you will find something even better than the job you‘ve left.
Love always,



Writing a letter to my son is not hard. Now that you have these examples to guide you, you will have no trouble at all writing your own letter.
Your message does not have to be on paper, you can put it in a text or an email, as long as he gets to read it the impact will be the same.
Your son knows that you love and support him, but a reminder every once in a while will be appreciated.