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30 Best Wishes and Congratulations for New Business Adventures

30 Best Wishes and Congratulations for New Business Adventures

Starting a new business is a daunting task, no matter how experienced you are. When someone starts a new venture, the least you can do is say a congratulation for new business ventures and wish them well.

With just a few kind words, you let them know you’re there for them and that you support them. Use these congratulations for new business templates if you need inspiration!


Congratulations for new business adventure messages: for a family member


01I always knew you were meant to do great things. I love your ideas and I’m sure this business venture of yours will make all your dreams come true.
Anything you need, I’m there for you, no matter what!


Photo by Franck V. under unsplash license


02No matter what challenges you face on the road ahead, I and your father will always be by your side!
Congratulations on your new business adventure and for being brave enough to become so independent and ambitious.


03I’ve watched as you slowly devised plans for your startup and now – it’s finally become a reality! Someone with your determination and cunningness is bound to succeed.
We’re all so proud of you and wish you all the best, at every step!



04Having you in the family is a blessing beyond words! You always inspire everyone and push us to be the best version of ourselves we can be.
Congratulations for new business adventure, and may your first venture be remarkable. We believe in you and you can count on us, no matter what.


Photo by Le Creuset under unsplash license


05Every triumph of yours makes me happier and happier! Congratulations for new business opportunities! Know that I will always be by your side.
I’m blessed to call you my sister and words cannot express how much I believe in your capabilities. An idea like yours is bound to succeed.


06I believe that your new business adventure will be an amazing one! The whole family is proud of you!
Nobody is surprised because we always knew you had the spirit of an entrepreneur!


07I can’t be more proud of you! Everyone in the family always believed in your ideas and there wasn’t a shred of doubt that you would be a success!
Your business will help people and in a little while, you will change the world like you always dreamed!


Photo by Emma Matthews under Unsplash License


08Your mother and I will never stop supporting you and your new startup is no exception!
Congratulations on your new business adventures, it’s a pleasure seeing you succeed and flourish!


09Ever since you were a little kid, your vision was impeccable and your drive was awe-inspiring. Your family is always by your side.
We know that a new business involves many responsibilities, but without a doubt – you can do it!



10I can’t believe how fast you’ve grown up! One moment, you were my little brother who was struggling to learn to ride a bike and now you’re the owner of a successful startup!
You always had that determination and CEO mentality! I love you!


Image from Pixabay under CCO License


Congratulations for new business adventures messages for a friend


11Remember those nights in high school when we used to talk about business plans? Well, now they’re a reality! Congratulations for new business adventures!
I’m always by your side.


Photo by Brooke Cagle under Unsplash License


12What’s it like being your own boss?
I’m sure you will grow quite used to it because you’ve had that boss mentality ever since I met you! Go get ‘em!


13Starting your own business is no small task, but if there is someone who was made for big things – it’s you! Congratulations on your accomplishment!
Anything you need, you know who to call!



14It seems like yesterday that we were sitting together in high school and choosing which college to go to.
Even though we are peers, you were my role model and inspiration and this business venture has inspired me like nothing ever before. You go girl! I love you so much!


Image from rawpixel under Pexels license


15You have all the tools to be the best entrepreneur anyone has ever seen!
From your incessant will to succeed to your compassion and people skills – it’s impossible not to be in awe by your accomplishments!


16One big step for you and one more reason for me to be proud of everything you’ve accomplished.
You will always be like a brother to me and there is nothing I love more than seeing my brother succeed!


17How can someone not admire your ingenious ideas and solutions? Your venture is not only admirable, but you will change the world before you even realize it.
I love you, man!


Photo by Thomas Drouault under unsplash license


18Your new app is amazing; I can’t keep my hands off of it! If only there were more people like you, the world would be a much better place.
Congratulations, baby, I always knew you could do it!


19I’ve told everyone about your new business! I couldn’t help myself!
I’m so proud of your determination and how you’re never fazed by setbacks. I am honored to be your friend!



20How is it possible that someone once doubted you? You were always a visionary and it takes a fool to think you won’t succeed!
Everyone is beyond proud of you and we can’t wait to celebrate!


Congratulations for new business adventures messages for an acquaintance


21Hey man! When I heard you started your first business, I wanted to congratulate you in person.
I’ve been reading all about your new venture and I know it will succeed greatly. Honestly, it’s no surprise as I know you always had it in you.


Image from Cytonn Photography under pexels license


22John, I must say I’m beyond happy for you now that your business it successfully taking off.
I must say I love your ideas and I honestly think you can and will change the world!


23Congratulations on your new business venture, I hope you have the same luck and determination you’ve always had!


24Few are determined and skilled enough to make their dreams into reality like you did.
Your effort has always been admirable, and I wanted to congratulate you myself. Good luck and never give up!


25It seems like yesterday when your new business was just an idea in the back of your head.
I must say I wasn’t surprised to hear you’d finally done it one bit – you always had it in you.


Photo by Daria Nepriakhina under unsplash license


26Ever since we first worked together, I had a feeling you would pull off something like this. I’m sure this is just the beginning of your takeover of the business world!
You have my support and respect!


27How’s it possible that someone can have so much determination?
Cathy, I congratulate you on your new business. It’s the first of many.



28When Mike told me you went through with your business plan, I was beyond happy.
You always had it coming and this is just the first step. Someday soon, you will rule the business world.


29Congratulations on your effort and success in the business world!
If someone can do it, it’s you. Let me know when you’re free so we can celebrate!


Photo by Austin Distel under unsplash license


30You were always meant to accomplish great things.
I had the honor of being your coworker and I knew you were going to make it big. Congratulations!


Concluding thoughts


No matter how challenging the process is, your friend or family member will find it much easier with you around. Support is priceless, no matter the situation.

With 30 congratulations for new business adventures messages, you will spread positivity and give them the support they need. Modify them to your preference!