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10 of the Best Excuses to Avoid Having Sex with Your Partner

10 of the Best Excuses to Avoid Having Sex with Your Partner

Sometimes when your partner/date is in the mood, your mind or body is telling you not to have sex. It’s not personal, but it’s usually easier to come up with excuses not to have sex than to make him/her wonder what he/she did wrong.

The excuses are better off for everyone in the long run, whether they are true or not, but how can you even be sure your excuse will work?

You’ll just have to trust us like you always do to give you the best excuses not to have sex. Now just a minute, we need to let you in on a few tips that you must pay attention to in order to succeed.

These will help you pick the right excuses not to have sex and let you know beforehand if they will even work.


Things to pay attention to before making excuses not to have sex

Before you go making excuses not to have sex, you have to put things into perspective to determine if you’ll be successful.
This way, you’ll avoid hurting your partner’s feelings and having him/her lose faith in you.
Think about:

01How often you make excuses
Are you making up an excuse every day? At some point, your partner will notice a pattern and will begin to question the credibility.
If you plan to go off sex for a while, you’re better off with a long-term excuse rather than a series of short-term excuses which makes it seem like you’re purposefully avoiding sex.


02Their personality
How well does your partner handle rejection? Is he/she very sensitive?
If so, your excuse will have to be one that will not cast any doubt in his/her mind. If your partner is a bit hot-headed, silly excuses can cause an argument.


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03How the excuse sounds
No one is going to believe a lame or surreal excuse so if that’s your plan, save it and go with the truth. You’ll only make yourself look bad.


7 excuses for a girl to get out of sex with her partner/dates

So, what if you’ve had sex with the person already? That doesn’t mean you’re in the mood all the time.
Sometimes you just don’t feel like having sex and instead of making him feel like he’s the problem, you can use one of these legitimate excuses not to have sex or tell a little white lie. Whatever you prefer.
Here are 7 excuses not to have sex with your partner/date:

01My period came
This is probably one of the most popular excuses females use to get out of having sex. It’s fool-proof for the most part since most guys don’t want to have period sex.
It’s messy, and it’s just not the same. Here’s what you can say:
E.g. “Sorry baby, I just got my period.”
The only drawback to this excuse is having a partner who knows your cycle or if he remembers that your period ended a few days prior.
Not that he/she is likely go searching or anything, but if you have an open-top bin in the bathroom, there’s a possibility he/she may notice an absence of pads or tampons.
You run the risk of losing his trust.


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02Yeast infection/UTI
Yeast infections and UTIs can happen to any woman no matter how clean or careful she is. During this time, sex is not recommended since it can be painful and unpleasant for both parties.
This makes it a perfect excuse because what is he/she going to do, check? No way!
E.g. “As much as I’d love to, I have a UTI so it’s not happening tonight.”
Just remember to maintain this for at least a week. Don’t try to engage him/her in sex the next day because these infections don’t clear up that fast!


03I’m hairy down there
These days, most people prefer being bald down there for cosmetic purposes. People tend to shy away from sex until they have a chance to tame their bush.
This is a good short-term excuse, but he/she will likely expect you to be shaved the next time around otherwise it’ll seem like you aren’t interested in sex.
E.g. “If I knew you were going to get so naughty I would’ve gotten a wax dammit.”


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04Got a headache
No one wants to have sex while they’re in pain, and no one wants to have sex with someone who’s in pain. It’s that simple.
Of course, you’ll have to appear to be in pain, but if you’re a terrible actor you’ll give it away and make yourself look bad.
E.g. “Can we have a rain check on that one? I have the most terrible headache.”


05I’m a virgin/celibate
If you’re looking for an excuse to never have sex with a date, you can use this excuse. Let him/her know that you are saving yourself for marriage or a soulmate.
If he/she doesn’t respect your beliefs, he/she has the option of leaving. Otherwise, he/she can choose to stand by you until you’re ready.
This long-term excuse is best used when true, and if you haven’t had sex with the person before. Otherwise, it will be a bit hard to convince him/her that this is the real reason.
E.g. “I know you’re going to be a bit bummed out by this but I’m actually waiting until [insert goal] before having sex. I hope that’s okay with you. I’m worth the wait.”



06Too tired
This is a good excuse to use after an adventure-type date where a lot of energy was consumed, or after a long date or trip together. It would only be natural for you to be tired afterward and in no mood for sex.
E.g. “Now? I’m beat. I need some Zs.”
If you just woke up from a nap or did nothing all day, this becomes a lame excuse and he/she will question it or feel offended.


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07I’m getting sick
There are often signs that let you know you’re getting sick before it becomes a full-blown cold or flu, such as nausea, headaches, feeling hot/cold, dizziness, tiredness, and a fever.
These signs are often enough to make you not want to have sex but are also a great excuse when you don’t want to pass on whatever you have to the next person.
E.g. “No way, you have that huge presentation in two days and I think I’m coming down with something.”
You have to look sick at the very least or develop symptoms for this to be believable so don’t use this excuse if it isn’t true.
If you don’t actually become sick he/she might start to wonder if he/she did something wrong, or if you weren’t attracted to him/her.


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3 excuses for a guy to get out of sex with his partner/dates

Men are “supposed to” always be willing to have sex and have a high sex drive, but that’s just not true.
Like women, men can simply not be in the mood. That doesn’t mean anything is wrong with his partner/date.
To avoid getting him/her mad or hurt, here are three excuses not to have sex you can use:

08No condom
Safety first right? Well, if this is just a date, you’ll likely want to play it safe, and if you don’t have a condom, that will put a stop to the fun.
Similarly, if you are in a relationship and condoms are your primary form of birth control or protection from STDs, it is a reason to not have sex.
E.g. “You know I want you but I don’t have any condoms on me right now.”
This is great because it still makes him/her feel wanted, just make sure you don’t actually have any.
It would suck for him/her to spot any in your drawer or wallet because he/she will end up feeling insecure about the entire situation and he/she may never approach you for sex again.


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09Upset stomach
It’s not a good idea to have sex on an upset stomach since it can cause more aches and pains, or even worse, vomiting or diarrhea.
The thought of that is sure to take him/her out of the mood completely, and he/she will be too repulsed to even question it.
For best results, go to the bathroom for a couple of minutes. Bring your phone to help you pass the time.
E.g. “No can do baby, I have the runs!”


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10I haven’t showered
As much as sex can get messy and sweaty, no one wants to start off that way, especially with a guy who reeks! This is a good excuse to use if you stopped by his/her house and he/she invites you up for sex.
Don’t use it if you obviously took a shower and smell fresh, or if he/she saw you take one. You’ll look like a liar and he/she might think you don’t want him/her.
It’s best to kind of keep your distance, and if he/she asks you to shower, take a long shower. By that time, he/she will be out of the mood.
E.g. “You don’t want my funky body in your bed right now. I just left the gym.”



It’s easy to find excuses not to have sex. The problem lies in finding one that your partner will actually believe and can’t be disproven easily.
Remember to consider each excuse carefully before using it, and when possible, be honest! Honesty is essential in any relationship. If you find yourself making excuses, then you might need to have a talk with your partner.