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25 Good & Funny Questions to Ask a Girl to Make Her Laugh

25 Good & Funny Questions to Ask a Girl to Make Her Laugh

We will give you the secret to a girl’s heart. It isn’t necessarily hard, but the surest path is to be funny.
Girls love when a guy can make her smile, and if you can make her laugh as well- that is just extra brownie points.

So, whether you are trying to land that very special lady or simply want to make a girl laugh, these light-hearted and funny questions to ask a girl will help you spice up the conversation.


Dos and Don’ts When Asking a Girl You Like, Funny Questions

If you’re nervous about speaking to a girl you like, you need to keep perspective. She may like you too! Be confident and don’t use cheesy pick-up lines. Ultimately, be natural.
Tell her a bit about your recent accomplishments. Make sure to smile, naturally, to keep her comfortable. Ask her if you can text or call her sometime. Don’t talk about your past breakups. If you incessantly talk about your ex, she’s going to think that you’re not over her, or you’ll talk about her that way.
If you somehow upset her, do not dwell on it. Accept defeat, acknowledge how she feels and simply move on.

Funny Questions to Ask a Girl


01“Were you hurt when you fell from heaven?”
This is a great funny question that always generates a smile. Give it a shot, and you will not regret it!


girl woman floating above a body of water
Photo by Piotr Wilk under Unsplash License


02“If you were invisible for one day, what will you do?”
This is an amazing question as she can come up with a lot of things. It will increase both the fun and laughter quotient in your conversation.


03“What is your best-hidden talent?”
You will find out what hidden talent she has, and you may be surprised by her answer!



04“Is a hotdog a sandwich in your opinion? Why or why not?”
She might give you a funny explanation. Or she could come up with a sophisticated explanation.


person holding a hotdog sandwich
Photo by Mark Neal under pexels license


05“What is the most creative insult you can come up with?”
This will give you an idea of her imaginative skills.


06“You can have one magical power, what will it be?”
Will it be a good power or bad? It is better to know sooner.


07“Name the one food you could not live without?”
This is a question she will have an instant answer for.


blur breakfast close up dairy product pancake

Photo by Ash under pexels license


08“Is the word ‘dictionary’ in the dictionary?”
It is one of the funny questions to ask a girl that will leave her guessing.


black and white book business close up dictionary

Image from Pixabay under pexels license


09“What one skill can help you the most?”
You may get an interesting answer, like putting together IKEA furniture or remembering people’s names. 



10“If you could jump into a giant pool full of something, what would that thing be?”
Fantasy questions are usually fun to ask. They offer lots of place for creativity and imagination, and whenever imagination kicks in, funny things tend to happen.
She could say a few things, such as a pool full of Jell-O, chocolates, money, candies, wine, and stuffed animals, etc. 


Conversation Starters


11“After you survive the great apocalypse, what would your job be?”
You may be pleasantly surprised by her response.


12“If you could be a boy for only one day, what would you do?”
It is another one of those funny questions to ask a girl that will give insight into her personality. Listen closely to all of her imaginations and perhaps you two can use them in a future role-play.


boy wearing checked button up long sleeved shirt
Photo by Victoria Borodinova under pexels license


13“If psychics know the future, how come they don’t win the lottery?”
You will get to know if she believes in psychics and may get a quirky answer.


lottery balls shuffle jumble

Photo by Dylan Nolte under unsplash license


14“What is your silliest pet peeve?”
It is one of the funny questions to ask a girl that will reveal her personality.


15“Which sports do you find funny and why?”
Sometimes, we find sports funny for many reasons. Ask her this question, and she will tell you.



16“What easy thing do you often screw up?”
It will tell you what she’s not good at.


17“What is the best Wi-Fi name you’ve seen?”
Answers to this question are likely to make both of you laugh.


blur cliff fingers cutout wifi paper
Image from under pexels license


18“What’s the funniest prank you have ever pulled on somebody?”
Although all of us have pulled one or more pranks on someone in our life, note that some people are just born pranksters.
This question will help bring out her funny side. Like the question, the answers that would follow would surely be fun.


Funny Questions to Ask a Girl with Compliments


19“Which perfume do you use? You smell very nice.”
Every girl likes a guy to notice and to be complimented about the perfume they use.


four assorted perfume bottles

Photo by Valeria Boltenova under pexels license


20“What celebrity do you think you look like?”
Every girl tends to have a secret desire to look just like her favorite celebrity.


Interesting and Funny Questions to Ask a Girl


21“Do you think that fish ever get thirsty?”
You may get a hilarious response that you may love.


Photo of fish in a coral

Photo by Sebastian Pena Lambarri under unsplash license


22“Have you ever been arrested?”
This might reveal her dark side. It is better to know beforehand.


23“What is your worst habit?”
It is another one of those funny questions to ask a girl that will give insight into her personality.


close up photo of cigarette

Photo by Basil MK under pexels license



24“Can you come up with 3 words to describe yourself?”
It is a funny question as girls love to describe themselves.


25“Why is a boxing ring square?”
It is one of those funny questions to ask a girl that will leave her guessing.



Show interest in the girl you like and do not make her feel like as if you’re interviewing or grilling her. Keep in mind that that key to initiating and maintaining an exciting conversation is in asking the right questions at the right time.

With these 25 funny and unique questions to ask a girl, you’ll never be short of a conversation starter again.