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35 Good Morning Messages that Friends Love to Receive

35 Good Morning Messages that Friends Love to Receive

Starting the day with good morning messages from a friend might be the perfect step to kicking off the day on the right foot. Good morning messages for friends can reaffirm your bond and make them happier when they start their day.

You can start this texting tradition with friends by using any of the following examples.


Good morning messages for friends: After having a great previous night

You likely always have lots of fun during your nights out with friends; sending them a text the next morning about how much you enjoyed spending time with them can put a smile on their faces.
You can send them any of these messages if you run out of ideas and need a little inspiration.

01“It is a fresh, new day for you; I hope that you can fill your life with joy, awesomeness, and thrill. Good morning. Let’s plan to have another amazing movie marathon soon.”


Photo of two friends sitting together happily.
Photo by on Pexels – under CC0 license


02“You are a delightful piece of sugar in my cup of life. You dare me to explore by going to concerts. You teach me about the art of being happy. Thank you. Good morning to you.”


03“May each sunrise hold more promise of fun and excitement for you. You are such an amazing host. You light up the mood of any place, and you turn it into a party.”


04“Every morning is more beautiful and pleasant when you’ve had your body steamed out before bed. Good morning! I hope to spend more spa nights with you.”


05“You lighten up the morning with your beautiful smile in the same way that you make a tasty barbecue for dinner parties. Have a lovely day! Cheers to more meals together.”


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06“The sun brightens up the world, but my nights cannot get brighter without your company. Get up so that you can lighten up the day with your amazing character.”


07“Friends like you make every moment count. Spending New Year’s Eve with you was the best thing ever! Have an awesome day ahead. Make every day better.”


08“May your cup overflow with joy, happiness, and adventure on this day, just it does for the Witcher from Netflix! It was a pleasure watching the episode with you last night.”


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Photo by Dasha Pats on reshot


09“It is the beginning of a fresh day, and it’s full of hope for a good time. I hope you can spend it outdoors. Wake up so that we can plan another movie night because I’m dying for us to have the next one.”


10“I hope that you have an amazing day, full of pleasure. I had a great time decluttering the apartment. I hope that we will do the same at my place soon.”


Good morning messages for friends: After being supportive of you

Having friends to support you can significantly improve your well-being; friends can helps you cope with situations better and enhance a healthy lifestyle.
You can send them any of these good morning messages for friends when they are supportive of you and your efforts.

11“I am so glad that you could help me out with my project that was due this morning. You made my work easier. I am wishing you an amazing day ahead.”


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Photo by Kaleidicounder Unsplash License


12“Having a friend like you to back me up in school truly fills me with the utmost joy and appreciation. Thank you for always standing by me. Good morning.”


13“It’s a lovely morning that is full of sunshine. I hope it lightens up our day and fills it with support. It rocks that you are always there for me whenever I’m feeling low.”


14“I wish you a fresh and successful day ahead, as you go to work and live your life. I am so glad that you encouraged me to keep practicing my guitar chords.”


15“You really helped me out with my art presentation, and it is the most amazing thing that anyone has ever done for me. I wish that you start your day with peace. Thank you once more.”


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Photo by CoWomen on unsplash


16“Good morning! I hope that this day brings you all of the same support that you showed me during my last day of job hunting. Wishing you all the best in your job interview today.”


17“I pray that your day is filled with smiles on your face. I appreciate the kindness that you’ve shown me while I’ve been dealing with my depression.”


18“Let this message begin your day with happiness and excitement. I appreciate how you helped me get to the hospital. You could not have shown up at a better time.”



19“I want you to start your day knowing that you are a hero and a mentor to someone out there (me). You have my eternal gratitude for giving me a ride to school every day.”


20“Nothing can stop you from having an incredible day, especially if you woke up feeling healthy today. Thank you for being there for me when I needed someone to listen to my feelings.”


When Your Friends have school/work/relationship issues

Depression can really impact someone, and waking up to a good text in the morning can help brighten his/her spirit.
Here are some messages to send to friends when they feel their work, school, or relationship issues are overwhelming them.

21“It is so hard to deal with the pressure of meeting good sales’ goals at work, and my boss won’t give up. Let the sun shine on you this morning. I want you to know that I’m here for you.”


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Photo by Simon Maage on unsplash


22“It does not matter how dark your days get because I will always stand by you, especially through the storms. Turn your worries this day into joy. Have a lovely day.”


23“You are worth more than you believe. You are strong and brave. Wake up so that you can shine like the sun to those who value you and see you for who you are.”


24“Yesterday is not like today, and tomorrow will not be like today. You will get that grade that you wanted to achieve. May your cup overflow with joy this morning.”


25“May your joy be great this morning. You can reach out to me anytime. I will be here for you and ready to talk about how you feel whenever you need it.”


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26“I hope that your day starts with peace and ends with excitement. You are the perfect fit for getting that promotion. I want you to trust in the process and that it will be successful for you.”


27“Do not let the darkness take the most out of you. Do not let it dim your light on this day. Wake up so that you can live life to the fullest; there are so many better partners out there.”


28“Reading this message should be assurance enough for you that this day will be incredible. I know that your course is tough, but you will pass these exams.”


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29“Starting your day with a smile on your face can make others give you plenty in return. I am one phone call away. You can share your feelings with me at any time.”


30“I pray that this day holds plenty of promises for you. I hope your day is filled with success. You can overcome this situation. You will find a new job.”


Good morning messages for friends: When you’re hungover the next morning

Drinking too much can make you feel hungover, and you can send these messages to friends when you are in this state.

31“My body is on the edge of collapsing. It is like I’m floating above cold water this morning. I cannot feel my legs nor the touch of anything around me. How about you, gals?”


32“Good morning, sunshine. I threw up the color pink on my mom’s favorite couch this morning, and I am about to do it again! Oh no… Let’s talk later.”


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33“Wait, is it just me that is seeing two suns rising, or is it the beginning of an apocalypse?”


34“My body is inactive, and I feel like a zombie creeping out from the woods on a sun-filled morning. Everyone and everything around me look hazy.”


35“I’m surprised that my room is full of blues and a touch of red this morning. Wasn’t it always painted a cream color?”




Coming up with good morning messages for friends can be difficult for you, especially if you are sending them for the first time.
Now, it is simpler when you use some of the examples above. You can send them to brighten their moods each morning.
Go ahead, you can let them feel that you care by sending them some of these text messages.