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20+ Sweet Messages to My Best Friend When I Miss Them

20+ Sweet Messages to My Best Friend When I Miss Them

Almost everyone gets a sinking feeling or an I-miss-my-best-friend feeling when they haven’t seen their pals in a long time. Since some separation situations are dire, the chances of seeing your friend again may be slim.

So, how do you express that growing sentiment of “I miss my best friend” to your friends wherever they are?

We have a few ideas for you below.


How to say “I miss my best friend” when they are kept away from you (by sickness, etc.)


01Hey John, I hope you’re feeling better. Can you believe it’s been a week since you’ve been hospitalized? It feels like six months.
On my side, I am already missing your fart jokes. Anyway, I hope you’re staying safe and remembering to eat.
Side note: Is it true that your hospital has really hot nurses?


Black american injecting on a patient
Photo by National Cancer Institute on unsplash


02Dear Lucy, how are you feeling these days? I hope you are feeling better and getting the best attention possible.
Just so you know, the apartment is really boring without you. I even miss your weird deodorant smell.
Get well soon, and come home as soon as you can. If you need anything from here, don’t hesitate to ask me.


03Billie, I hope you are doing better in the hospital. I miss my best friend; I wish your hospital wasn’t so far away from here.
Either way, don’t you worry because I am catching up on the Sopranos for both of us before it leaves Netflix. I am also making a list of the things to do when you get back.


london hospital

Photo by acworks on photo-ac


04Hey Peter, it’s positively annoying that I can’t come to see you. With the sickness being so dangerous, it’s definitely safer to stay put where I am.
Either way, I am not going anywhere; I’ll be available on WhatsApp and Facebook to chat with you and keep you laughing. I know where the best memes can be found online.


05Bo, it’s Lindy here. I hope you are feeling better. I know that you might be gone a few more weeks, but I really wish you were here to make me laugh.
I am counting on you to stay strong Bo because you know that I need my best friend back in one piece. I’m sending you lots of love!


06Dear Alex, I heard about the illness, and I am so sorry! I hope you are not freaking out because everything is going to be okay.
I miss you already, and everyone here including Jennie, Grumpy, Tony, and the rest of them miss you too. We’re all praying for you, and you know how effective my prayers are. 


woman lying in hospital bed

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio under pexels license


How to say “I miss my best friend” when friends have moved away (for work, study, immigration, family, etc.)


07Hey Ross, the dumbest thing happened to me last night. I accidentally booked three tickets for the upcoming Keith Graham concert: one for me, one for James, and one for you.
I still make such random mistakes, and it’s already been five weeks since you left. I suppose it’s because I still miss you here, and we all do. You should come back sometime soon!


live concert scenery

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08Hey Mickey, I sometimes feel really sad that you left, but then I remember that you’ve always wanted to study abroad.
I am starting at Penn State in a week, and I still wish we were both here. We would have had some crazy times! Anyway, I hope you’re doing great at Cambridge, with the culture shock and all.


09Hey Lee, I hope you arrived safely in Italy. I really wish you didn’t have to immigrate, but what can you do? Anyway, I miss my best friend, and I miss all the adventures we had before you left.
I hope that you’re safe and doing well abroad. Keep me informed, will you? I’d appreciate that very much.


manarola italy village cliff

Photo by Jack Ward on unsplash


10Hey Nancy, I hope life is going great in Kenya. I miss you already! Our office feels a bit empty without you, like something is missing, and we don’t know what it is.
I hope you miss us too; I know you’re busy settling in and all of that. Anyway, good luck with everything.


11Dearest Tina, it’s been an unbearable couple of weeks since you left. Everyone has had their moment of missing you, including me.
A calendar alert rang yesterday for our usual coffee meeting, and it made me realize how much I missed you being here. I really hope you’re doing great in Ann Arbor.



12Oh Bert! I am sure that you’re expecting some updates about the County Eagles’ recent game, but I’ll have to disappoint you.
I didn’t know I could lose interest in anything this fast, but it seems that local soccer doesn’t fire me up anymore without you around to enjoy it with me.
It’s just that going to games was a lot more fun with you. Now, it feels like hard work just booking pre-season tickets. I hope you come back very soon.


soccer game la galaxy
Photo by Madii L on reshot


13Hey best friend, it seems that I am doing a bad job of adjusting to life here without you so far. I’ll be fine, and I hope you are okay too.
Also, I know you must be busy, but I’d love if we could continue corresponding on social media. I like to know how you are getting on.


14Hey Ben, I hope you and your family are settling nicely in Thailand. I just wanted to let you know that we haven’t forgotten about you over here.
In fact, we miss you a lot, and it’s me mostly who misses you. All of last week, after you left, wasn’t easy for me. I hope that you’ll tell me about your new life soon.


15Hey Kim, I hope you’re having a fun time working in Hong Kong. I know your contract expires in three years, so it’s rather sad for me to know that you’ll be away for so long.
I miss being here with you and hanging out with you. I’ll keep you updated on what happens here.


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16Emma, it’s Tony here. I am just writing to say that I wish you were here in Aberdeen.
It’s been a rather bright spring, and I know how much you like flowers and sunshine. You would have loved it. When do you return? I am really looking forward to seeing you again.


How to say “I miss my best friend” when they have passed away


17Hey Timmy, last weekend, I discovered five photos that I had completely forgotten about in my gallery. They were from three years ago when we went bungee jumping on a dare.
I haven’t done anything adventurous since you checked out; only you could inspire that level of confidence in me. It all reminded me of how much I miss my best friend. RIP Timmy.


bungee jump photo

Photo by acworks on photo-ac


18To my late best friend Sam: I still miss you very much, and I pray that you are okay up in heaven. I want you to know that you will always be in my mind and in my heart. Rest in peace.


19Mackie, you know that I was never one to try wishful thinking, but in the weeks since your death, I have played out different scenarios in my mind.
I do it in the hope that you wouldn’t be gone when I opened my eyes. The reality is that you aren’t here, and I miss you terribly, man.



20Dear Hilly, I know that it’s been months since you passed on, but I haven’t quite gotten used to your absence.
I still book cinema tickets for both of us accidentally; I still imagine future adventures with both of us involved. I miss you very much, no doubt, and I hope you are at peace wherever you are.


movie theater seats popcorn
Photo by masa92 on photo-ac


21Hey man, I first noticed it when I no longer wanted to watch our show The Legends. “It” being the fact that I still miss you, my best friend, even though it’s been a while since you passed.
People around me think that I am being too sensitive, but I don’t care. I wish everything was different right now, and you were still here with me.


22Dina, is it shocking if I say that I haven’t gone out once since you passed on? Well, it’s largely true.
I haven’t done much since you passed on because we did everything together, and everything reminds me of you. I wish you were here so that we could go rollerblading and window shopping together.


woman standing near store

Photo by Gyorgy Bakos on unsplash


23Grace, I know that you might no longer see, hear, or feel, but I know that you are always present.
This idea warms my spirit. I haven’t had it easy since you died, and I still miss you. I miss our fun experiences together. I hope you’re at peace wherever you are.



As we’ve shown above, it’s easy to turn your feeling of “I miss my best friend” into a sensible message for your friend, even when they aren’t really there.
Whatever the cause of your separation, turning your feelings into words can make you feel better about missing your friend. Let the sample phrases above inspire you to create your own message for your friends.