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50 Good Questions to Ask a Girl on a Speed Date

50 Good Questions to Ask a Girl on a Speed Date

Speed dating is considered an extreme sport by most but being prepared with some good questions to ask a girl beforehand can make it much easier.

Be confident and view the speed dating experience as fun and a chance to meet some new people, if not potentially the girl of your dreams!


Good questions to ask a girl at the beginning of a speed date

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There are a lot of different things that can happen on speed dates, but you need to start off with these speed date questions before connecting on an emotional level. These may seem basic, but they will give you insight into her personality and reveal whether or not there could potentially be chemistry between the two of you! Once your chemistry develops, you can take things up another notch by looking into these great flirty questions to ask a girl.


01What do you do when you get back home from work?


02What urged you to try speed dating?


03What are the first five things you do in the morning?


04What’s your favorite song of all time?


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05If someone filmed a movie about you, which actress would you choose to play the lead role?


06Can you guess my age correctly?



07What’s you’re most unforgettable college/high school experience?


08Have you had previous experiences with speed dating or is this your first time?


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09What is your weirdest dream ever?


10Do you prefer living in an apartment or in a house?


11Which three songs have been on most of your playlists lately?


12What’s your favorite weekend activity?


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13What are your top 3 annoying things in life?


14Can you guess what kind of music I like?


15How good are you at games like poker?


When preparing the good questions to ask a girl at a speed date, you need to be careful. These questions are meant to be asked at the beginning of date when you’re just getting to know each other, so make sure you do not sound like an interrogator.

Asking someone “How old are you” or “Where do you work?” doesn’t have the same effectiveness of a leading question and general questions like these tells the girl that you’re not creative and that you don’t know how to lead a conversation.

Therefore, the good questions to ask a girl at the start of a speed date are random ones because they ignite conversation, show creativity and are all round fun.

While they seem random, they are designed to uncover all the important details that will give you plenty of food for thought. Never ask them in rapid succession. Instead, listen to what she has to say and maybe ask for more details with some answers.

In speed dating, it’s important to start off confidently. Once you leave a good first impression, you can relax and improvise on your own.

Feel free to add your own flair to these questions, since everyone loves creativity and the ability to maintain conversation even in the extreme conditions of speed dating!


Interesting questions to ask a girl during a speed date

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16What did you have for lunch today?


17Did you ever think about growing your own veggies?


18Do you like winter sports?


19Have you ever been skiing?


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20Which end of the world scenario do you think you can handle better – a giant meteor or a zombie apocalypse?


21What is the best / worst thing to happen to you all week?



22Do you live alone or with a roommate?


23Do you prefer winter or summer and why?


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24What’s your favorite place to go on holiday?


25What place in the world have you always wanted to visit?


26Do you have any tattoos? If not, do you plan on getting one?


27What was your favorite Halloween costume when you were a kid?


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28You prefer Frozen or Finding Nemo?


29Do you find it hard to stay awake all night awake or not?


30You prefer white wine or red wine?


31If you could choose to have one superpower, what would it be?


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32Chanel or Celine – which one do you prefer?


33What’s the last party you’ve been to? Did you like it?



34Do you like going to musical shows?


35Maroon 5 or Linkin Park?


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36Which book left a lasting impression on you?


Now we’ve reached stage 2 of every speed date. You’ve determined whether she’s the right one for you but how do you continue? Is it a good idea to become suggestive and cheeky right away?

Of course, not. While asking the first questions, you’ve found out the basics. Therefore, you have plenty of material to ask more specific questions.

During this phase, you should still maintain a question-answer conversation rhythm, as you need to find out more to make the final move.

These specific questions are useful if the conversation dies down a little. Remember, the best conversation driver is your curiosity. No matter how well-dressed or attractive you are, a girl won’t give her best during a conversation if you don’t invest effort in asking her.

If her character traits suit you, it’s time to see what her interests are. In case you plan to call her the next day, this is a good test to see if your lifestyles match. If she likes Doctor Strange and you prefer Iron Man, there are going to be some problems.

Use these good questions to ask a girl about some personal things. For example, if you ask her about her favorite holiday destinations, she will probably talk a little about her childhood. Memorize everything you deem important and smile as much as you can.


Good questions to ask a girl when you want to close the deal

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37What are your thoughts on love at first sight?


38What was your worst relationship and what did you learn from the experience?


39This speed date limits us so much, how about we extend it a little bit afterward, at your place of choice?


40What was your funniest/worst date tonight?


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41How does going to my favorite sushi place afterward sound?


42Did you ever think speed dating would work? I honestly did, and I would like to be proven right.


43Let’s play rock-paper-scissors. If I win, you go out with me later. If you win, I go out with you. Does that sound like a fair game?


44Can you give me a call? I seem to have left my phone somewhere.


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45Do you want to ditch the rest of this speed dating night and go do something more fun, just the two of us?


46You know that getting rid of this conventional speed dating limits is the only way to find out if we’re right for each other, right?



47Wanna go and watch a game with me? My favorite team is playing.


48Do you want to go to a movie theater and catch a random movie and see if we like it?


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49Is there a bar you like near here?


50Hypothetically, if I invited you over for coffee, how would your reaction be? What can I do to influence a positive reaction? Give me some pointers!


51Are you free tonight? Want to get lost in the city with me?


The dos and don’ts when on a speed date with a girl

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● Anything related to art or an activity that people are passionate about
● Ask her about her passions and try to find out more about her career and work through such inquiries
● If you want to ask her something personal, share something personal of yours as well to encourage her
● Be determined and let it be known through every question you ask her
● It’s okay to be suggestive and slightly sexual, but keep it at a minimum and never give any signs in the beginning
● Don’t ask her about money or work explicitly – instead, let her mention such personal details within an answer to another question
● Never be timid. Ask away – you got nothing to lose!



Speed dating is an amazing and fun activity. Knowing which good questions to ask a girl will help you meet interesting people, get a few numbers or maybe fall in love.

Remember – all you have to do is to plan, know what you want in advance and have fun. Positivity is contagious, and girls love it!