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35 Whimsical Halloween Sayings and Wishes

35 Whimsical Halloween Sayings and Wishes

As Halloween approaches, the air of excitement around you is contagious. Posters and Halloween themed decorations appear inside and outside of your neighbor’s homes.

Sending a card or text to family and friends celebrating Halloween is a common practice. Here are some Halloween sayings and wishes to use for your messages.


Personalized Halloween sayings and wishes for friends and families


01We know that Halloween is one of your favorite times of the year just as it is one of ours. Costume making, home decorating, pumpkin carving, and buying candy supplies for the neighborhood kids is something we look forward to each October. Best wishes for a very happy Halloween.


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02I’ve been thinking about all the Halloween sayings Mom and Dad would use to scare us half to death growing up! Despite the horror, it brought back so many happy childhood memories. I wish we stayed closer to each other, so our kids could go trick or treating together!


03I’ve baked up a storm and can’t wait for Halloween to start. My 18-year-old, Andrew, has promised to take the younger kids out trick or treating as long as I make sure he has a cool costume! That just goes to show you’re never too old for Halloween!


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04We’re looking forward to having you stay over this Halloween. Let’s make it a one that the children will never forget! I’ve got the candy and decorations and can’t wait to see the costumes you’ve made them. I can’t wait! Happy pre-Halloween!


05Are you ready for a spooky Halloween? I’m dressing the children up as superheroes this year. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and friends. Wish I was there to celebrate with you.


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06We’re looking forward to seeing you this Halloween evening. The kids have been bugging me all week about their costumes. I’m sure you’re having the same problem!


07Wishing you and the kids a great Halloween. Give the kids our love and tell them Grandma and Grandpa said they can eat all the candy they like! We’ll leave you to deal with the ensuing sugar rush! Love you lots. Have fun and enjoy this special time with your children.


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08Happy Halloween to you and yours,
Hope you kids don’t have too many chores!
I know you’re going out to trick or treat,
So, save your favorite aunt some candy to eat!
Happy Halloween!


09I think I’ve managed to teach your Mom and Dad all the Halloween sayings and stories they need to know to make Halloween lots of fun. The only thing I didn’t quite get through to them is that they must let you eat everything you get trick or treating in one sitting! I’m sorry, kids, Grandma really went to bat for you! Happy Halloween!


Photo by dh_creative under pixabay license


10It’s fright night and time to prove all those Halloween sayings and stories true! Are you ready to be frightened half to death? Have an awesome Halloween!



11It’s that time of year,
To get you full of fear!
Ghosts and goblins will abound,
Not one place is safe and sound!
We want to hear you shout and scream
All the way through Halloween!


12Trick or treat! That’s my favorite part of Halloween. Be safe when you go visiting the neighbors. Above all, enjoy every minute of it. I hope you get a great haul of delicious treats to enjoy. Happy Halloween!


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13Halloween zombies in the neighborhood
Will make sure they scare you right and good!
Don’t be frightened, they won’t bite,
Or maybe they will, they very well might!
Happy Halloween!


14We hope you have your costume planned
And someone to keep your front door manned.
For trick or treaters roam the streets,
Looking to catch you and steal your treats!
Happy Halloween!


15Hope you have lots of plans for Halloween. We’re taking the kids trick or treating and I’ll be in bed early after the sleepless nights making costumes! Happy Halloween!


Photo by Ivan Obolensky under Pexels License


16Our house is decorated and ready for the upcoming party. We’re so glad you’re coming to see it! Happy Halloween!


17Those old Halloween sayings and stories you used to torture me with have paid off. Wait until you see what Dave and I have done with the house. Thanks, big brother and Happy Halloween!


Photo by Artie Siegel – under pexels license



18All those Halloween sayings and stories we told as kids will come to life in our home tonight! Expect a good scare!


19Happy Halloween Mom and Dad. Decorating the house, I’ve been thinking back to the wonderful times we had together when Mike and I were kids. Thanks for the memories!


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20Ghosts and ghouls, goblins and elves,
Are you sure you’ve prepared yourselves?
Happy Halloween!


Halloween sayings and wishes to put up on the neighborhood group chat


21The Johnsons are open for business! Don’t say you weren’t warned… it’s fright night here and not for the faint-hearted. Wishing you all a happy Halloween! Be sure to visit our bewitching home!


Photo by Cayla1 Under unsplash license


22Be sure to stop by our home tonight with your children. Parents, we’ll have some ‘treats’ to share with you as well to make sure you survive the night!
The Thompsons


23Unfortunately, our family is going away this Halloween, so we won’t be home for trick or treating. We’ll certainly miss seeing all the kids in the neighborhood in their costumes. We hope you have a ghoulishly great Halloween!
The Williams family


24Please make sure your kids stop by at our house when they’re out trick or treating this evening. We have loads of delicious homemade treats to share.
The Hamiltons


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25Remember all the Halloween sayings you learned as kids and expect to see them come to life at our annual neighborhood Halloween family get-together. Remember that costumes are mandatory! Wishing each and every family in the group a happy Halloween. Hope to ‘saw’ you later!
Bob and Bev Richards.


26Dear neighbors, Halloween is here! We’re excited to have your children come trick or treating at our home and hope you know we’ll be giving them plenty of candy! You can thank us for the sugar rush later! Prizes will be awarded for the best-dressed trick or treaters! We look forward to seeing you!
Fred and Janet Jameson


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27We’re so sorry we won’t be sharing the neighborhood fun this Halloween as we are going to visit family. Happy Halloween to one and all.
The James family



28It’s Halloween time! We’ve gone all out and are offering a haunted house tour for anyone brave enough to try it! We promise a spooky experience you’ll never forget! Best wishes for a Halloween full of fun and fright.
The Edwards family


Image from PublicDomainPictures under Pixabay License


29If you’ve seen the outside of our house, you’ll know we’ve been hard at work preparing our home for Halloween. We hope to see you and your costumed kids later today.
The Smiths


30We hope you have your costumes ready and can’t wait to see the kids out and about trick or treating.
Anne Andrews


Photo by Conner Baker under Unsplash License

Halloween is a fun time of the year for adults and children alike. Immerse yourself in the occasion by dressing up and going out trick or treating.

Remind your friends and family of those Halloween sayings to get them in the spirit of the occasion. Let them know you’re thinking of them and wish them well.