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40 Best Examples for a Thank You Note to Teacher

40 Best Examples for a Thank You Note to Teacher

A thank you note to your teacher at the end of the semester/year is a chance for parents and children to express their gratitude for what the teacher has done that has impacted them.

A teacher spends an inordinate amount of time with their class and has a profound influence on them, not only imparting knowledge but wisdom and morality as well.

When writing a thank you note to the teacher, keep it short and sweet, but make your gratitude known with sincerity. A heartfelt note means a great deal to a teacher and validates their efforts in class to change and influence the lives of their students.


A thank you note to teacher from a parent

Teachers play a huge role in your child’s life and are major influences. They wear multiple hats, such as disciplinarians, counselors, nurses, motivators, and even friends.
They are with your children for hours a week and sometimes spend more time with them than you do! Here are 10 thank you notes to teacher that you can send today!

01We thank you for the role you play in shaping our child into the young adult they are fast becoming.
Your positive influence and moral guidance assure us that our child will make the most of his/her education and become a productive member of society.


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02We realize that teaching is a thankless job, but you pour your heart and soul into it.
Your passion is inspiring to us as parents. Don’t think that because you don’t hear the words ‘thank you’ every day, that we are not grateful.


03Being a teacher can’t be easy. It takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice. You doubtlessly spend a lot of time worrying about the students in your class at the expense of your personal time. We thank you sincerely for caring so much.


04The time you spent during and after class giving our child individual attention to make sure he/she understands, goes above and beyond the call of duty.
Thank you for your patience, and for being gentle with him/her when it took longer to grasp the concepts.


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05Our respect and admiration for you as a teacher cannot be expressed in words. You make an impact on the lives of the students in your class, and they will remember you for many years to come.
Thank you for being the positive change in their lives.


06We’ve seen the change in our child this year, and we wish to thank you for all you have done to grow his/her mind and spirit this year/semester.
You are a truly amazing teacher who makes a difference in children’s lives every day.


07This year/semester has been a difficult one for our child.
We thank you for stepping in and helping our child when you could see that he/she was struggling, even though you had many other students in your class to supervise. It really means a lot that you cared.



08As a teacher, you have given our child the capacity to believe in himself/herself and to dream big.
This is a gift that only a special person such as you could have given. Thank you for believing in him/her.


09We wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you have done teaching our child.
We’re aware that he/she is not always easy to deal with, but your patience and firmness have made a huge difference and we thank you.


10As a teacher, you give the best of yourself to others to advance them and give them better prospects for their futures.
We’re so grateful our child could be in your class and get to experience the marvel of having you as his/her teacher. Thank you.


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Thank you notes from a parent to a teacher during a pandemic

As you already know, living in a pandemic is not easy for anybody, and unfortunately, some heroes, like our teachers, tend to go unnoticed for their sacrifice.
If you would like to acknowledge them during this time, consider sending thank you notes to your teacher to let him/her know how grateful you are.
You don’t even have to be a student to send thank you notes to a teacher.
As a parent, you can share your thoughts with your child’s teacher and express your gratitude for his/her role in helping to mold your child.

11Dear Mrs. Reynolds,
I just wanted to take the time out to let you know how grateful I am that you are able to continue teaching during this pandemic. Even though I am currently working from home, I don’t have the time to home-school Derek.
I am glad that he still has you to guide him through the curriculum while the world tries to recover from this disaster.
I know he can be quite a handful sometimes, especially when he gets distracted, but you’ve never shown frustration or given up on him.
You are a real hero.
Thank you,
(name of parent)


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12To Mr. Parker
Although the pandemic has caused many things to come to a halt, you have not let that come between you and your students.
At this time, it is commendable as many people are unable to adjust to these changes.
Your adaptability and optimistic attitude have helped to keep Whitney and her classmates engaged during the day and kept her busy throughout these long weeks. This helps to curb the boredom many people struggle with and helps her retain some sense of normalcy.
For this reason, I don’t have to worry about her being depressed or falling behind in school. I owe you a big thank you!
Yours truly,
Mr. Evans


13To Miss Taylor
Thank you for going the extra mile for Bobby, who we both know struggles with a learning disability. I was worried that he would not be able to benefit from online lessons, but the one-on-one sessions you have provided have made all the difference.
I want you to know how much you are appreciated, and since I am not in a position to give you a token of appreciation, I will ensure the school board hears about what an amazing job you’ve done.
Yours Truly,
Terrain Reid


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14Dear Mr. Powell
A pandemic can be rough on kids, but because of you, Emma has been able to keep a positive outlook on this entire situation.
Your daily talks and lessons about the situation we are in have not only helped her, but our entire family to take the precautions needed to protect ourselves both physically and mentally.
You are an amazing teacher and an amazing person overall.
Kind regards,
Bill Murray



15To Mrs. Saunders
When I look at the state of the world today and how it has affected everyone, I find comfort in knowing that my son is in the hands of someone who has his best interests at heart.
Not only do you continue with the lessons, but you make the effort to educate your students on what is happening in the world.
Your groundwork has made it easier for me to reinforce these lessons in him, and to make him feel better about our situation.
If it weren’t for you, I’m not sure I would have been able to put my son’s mind at ease, as I am worried sick 24/7. Thank you for being there for him.
Kind regards,
(name of parent)


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16Dear Mr. Green
Thank you for being my child’s guiding light in these dark times. I know she is scared and is very anxious about this pandemic, so having you there to comfort her has been a huge help.
Teachers like you are one in a million! My husband and I appreciate all that you’ve done this school year. I hope she will be able to continue in your class once this pandemic is over.
Thanks again,
(name of parent)


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17To Miss Andrews
You might hear this all the time, but I don’t think it is said enough. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher!
While parents only have to deal with their child, teachers have to deal with multiple personalities from different backgrounds all day. I know this is a difficult task and this pandemic has certainly not made it any easier.
Despite that, you continue to be a compassionate, patient, and brilliant human being. I cannot thank you enough for your contributions to my child’s life.
Forever grateful,
Anna Garcia, PTA President


18Dear Mr. Frank
Thank you for the additional efforts you have made during this pandemic to ensure the children are not left behind at school. It is certainly not easy, but you make it appear effortless.
This is because you are an excellent educator who is dedicated to his job and his students’ parents.
I can say without reservation that many parents, including myself, would be lost without the exceptional service you have provided.
Eric Walker


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19Thank you Mrs. Dwyer
As the school year comes to an end and the pandemic is seemingly being resolved, I didn’t want to go without expressing my thanks for your hard work and dedication.
While many others have been left by the wayside, you have stuck with your students to ensure they are given the attention and guidance necessary to overcome this dark period.
You serve as a reminder that heroes do exist, and they don’t need tights and capes to have an impact.
Mike Dawson


20To Mr. Norman
Everyone knows how important teachers are in children’s lives. Thank you for being a beacon of hope for Samuel during this pandemic when so many aspects of his life have had to change.
This is difficult for a kid to understand, yet somehow you have managed to help him keep a smile on his face. Thank you for all the work that you do.
Kind regards,
Robert Williams


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A thank you note to a teacher from a student


21I am grateful to you for all the things that you taught us this year/semester. I enjoyed the talks we had in class.
Thank you for understanding and always helping me. You’re a great teacher.


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22I know I’m not always the most well-behaved kid. Thank you for accepting me as a part of your class. I know I didn’t always make things easy for you, but you loved me anyway.
Thank you for being my teacher.


23This year/semester was so great. I learned a lot of new things from you. You’re a good teacher because you explain things so well, and you always made me feel included in class.
Thank you for giving me the self-confidence I now have.


24I never imagined this year/semester would be so much fun and that I would learn so many new things. Your assignments were hard, but I learned a lot from them.
You’re the best teacher I’ve ever had. Thank you.



25If I hadn’t had you as a teacher, I don’t know where I’d be. You may not know it, but your classes have given me the self-confidence to follow my dreams.
Thank you for that and know that you will be in my heart forever.


26Thank you for challenging me to think further, work harder and dream bigger. Without you as my teacher, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have. I don’t think people say thank you to teachers often enough.
Thank you for the doors you have opened for me.


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27Words cannot express how much you have influenced me this year/semester.
You came into my life at a very difficult time, and if it wasn’t for you being my teacher, I may have followed a dangerous path. Thank you for caring about me.


28As this year/semester has progressed, I’ve watched and seen how hard you work as a teacher. People don’t always acknowledge that. But I know that you make many sacrifices to be a good teacher, and I thank you for that.


29Until now, (XXXX) has never been my favorite. I always found it a bit boring. But your class brought it to life for me this year, and I now have an interest in following a career in (XXXX).
Thank you for being such an inspiring teacher.


30This year, class was hard for me because of the problems I was having at home. You never gave up on me once, and I want to thank you for that.
When I look back on this year, I will remember your kindness and willingness to go the extra mile just for me.


How to say thanks to your teacher during a pandemic

As a student, it is sometimes easy to forget how important teachers are in our lives. They have a lot on their plates already with the chaos caused by this pandemic, plus the regular stresses of daily life.
Do you think it is easy to come up with lesson plans and instruct several students every day? It is certainly something that should not go unrecognized.
Try using these thank you notes to your teacher to show your gratitude:

31Dear Sir,
I know this has been a tough year for all of us and I’ve considered giving up many times, but you’ve always been there to push us to do our best regardless of the circumstances.
Without you, I would not have been able to graduate, and I would have been forced to repeat this year.
Thank you for all the time you put in to helping me understand all the topics in this subject, and for giving us extra time to complete them.
Thank you for all the work that you do and I hope that you will be able to help more students to succeed.
Kind regards,


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32To Miss Francis
I know I might not be the best student you’ve ever had, but please know I am trying my hardest to make you proud.
You are one of the first people ever to be so patient with me, because you take the time to make sure I understand the lesson.
I can’t do much from where I am, so I will continue to do my best to repay you for all the time you have invested in me. I don’t know how I would have managed this year without you.
Thank you,


33Dear Mr. Moses
Being away from school and all my friends has been difficult, but somehow you manage to make it feel like we aren’t far away from each other.
I really enjoy all the fun activities we do in our Zoom class and I like how patient you are with us when we struggle with our lessons.
Since the words ‘Thank You’ will never fully express how I feel, I will show you how much this means to me by submitting all my assignments on time and studying hard for the end-of-year assessments.
Thanks again,


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34To Mrs. Josephs
Being at home this school year has been hard and it has made me realize how much I miss school and all my teachers. I miss the way you would call us up to the board to solve problems, and how you would give us treats for doing well in class.
I miss the laughs we had together, and the fun games we played. I’m sorry it took a pandemic for me to realize how much effort you put into making learning fun for us.
Thank you for everything,


35Dear Sir,
I hope you are doing well. You give so much of your time to make sure we are learning and following along, but no one really checks to see how the teachers are doing.
I want you to know that the entire class loves you, and we are grateful to have a wonderful teacher like you to guide us. I can’t wait until we are all together again under one roof.
Kind regards,



36For Mrs. Lemon
Thank you for being the incredible teacher you are. You are always so kind and lovely.
When this pandemic is over, I hope we get the chance to have face-to-face classes again because you always made them really fun. Until then, I will keep looking forward to our Zoom meetings.
Kind regards,


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37To Mr. McGraw
The world has changed so much and yet you have managed to adapt to these changes with ease. Thank you for always being present for my classmates and me.
I know it can be frustrating to deal with us sometimes, but please know that we appreciate you very much and we could not have gotten through this without you.
Thank you,
Jason Smith


38Dear Mrs. Grayson
Please know that you are valued and appreciated even when we get grumpy and tired of doing school work all day. What you do makes a huge difference in our lives because living in quarantine would be boring otherwise.
I hope we don’t stress you out too much, and we are here for you if you need us. Never stop being amazing.


39Dear Mr. Mason
I know you have your own life to worry about, so the fact that you make these sacrifices every day for us to learn is a big deal. We all know that you are doing your best and we appreciate it very much.
Thank you for being so flexible and compassionate towards all of us, and for always being willing to help. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Class 5G


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40To Mrs. Campbell
Thank you for being the best teacher any student could ask for. This pandemic was not able to get between you and doing what you love.
Thank you for being brave in the face of uncertainty. You are someone everyone can look up to and draw inspiration from.
Kind regards,
Mike Daniels



These are some of the most heartfelt thank you notes to a teacher that you will find anywhere.
When you send these thank you notes to a teacher, they will feel loved and appreciated, and they will continue to be great examples for other students that come after you.
Which one of these thank you notes to a teacher do you think your teacher will love?