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10 Great Templates for Writing a Thank You Letter to a Professor

10 Great Templates for Writing a Thank You Letter to a Professor

Our professors contribute largely to our lives. They invest all they can into ensuring that we are challenged to grow and take on whatever branch of knowledge we choose specialize in.

Additionally, some go out of their way to help establish their students in their chosen field of study by referring them for internships, jobs and scholarship programs.

For all that they do for us, we are sometimes unable to put our gratitude into words must write a thank you letter to a professor.


Outline of a Thank you letter to a Professor

When you write a thank you letter to a professor, there is a recommended structure to followed. First, describe your intentions to your teacher. Then, tell them exactly what you are thanking them for, which you could split into two paragraphs if you have a lot to talk about.

Finally, close the letter with a sincere valediction. Do not forget that a letter to your professor is a formal letter so sign off appropriately.

Some templates to help you craft a thank you letter to a professor can be found below. Remember, be sincere. You do not need to embellish or fabricate anything, just tell them you appreciate their effort.


Templates for Writing Thank You Letter to a Professor


01Letter of Appreciation
Dear Mr. Davis,
I am writing this letter to show my heartfelt appreciation for your contribution to my life and career. All the times spent in your class and all the things you taught me helped set a clear direction for me to follow.
Today, as I looked back at how my dreams have materialised into reality, you stand clearly in my mind. You patiently listened to my challenges, understood them and motivated me to push harder in life. It is because of those times that I have become responsible, professional, committed and hopefully, successful, in my career.
During my final examinations, I can remember how you stayed back after regular classes just to ensure that we did not have challenges with the content. It was required of you to hold those classes for us but you decided to commit to making time for us. If I had not passed that examination, I would not be here today.
There is nothing I can do to repay you adequately for your contribution to my life. I promise to always cherish your lessons, and hopefully one day be as inspirational others as you were to me.
Thank you very much
John Doe


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02Thank you for sponsoring my internship
Dear Ms. Shirley,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sponsoring my internship with the Science Community. I had an incredible experience. In addition to more advanced information and learning to apply the properties of industrial chemistry to the world, I was given the opportunity, one I enjoyed immensely, to work in the laboratory with really intelligent people. That was an invaluable experience.
I want to specifically thank you for taking the time to discuss my professional options with me. Those weekly meetings subjected my methodology to your critical eyes which helped in correcting my wrong approaches. During my internship, I was able to carry out my research using the methodology you suggested, and it made my work very much easier.
Additionally, thank you for agreeing to write another letter of recommendation towards my next internship. I am yet to finish my well-prepared report of the research I accumulated. When I am done, I will send you my findings.
I appreciate you everything you have done for me, and I look forward to seeing you soon.
Amanda Shivers


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03Thank you for your contribution to my life
Dear Helena,
I just finished recording my album. As I listened to the beautiful harmonies that were recorded on the last track, tears fell from my eyes. The beautiful harmonies reminded me that everything I am able to express musically, my ability to build mind-blowing harmonies can be credited to the first class of Tonal Harmony that I had with you.
Everything you painstakingly taught us, fashioned me into a professional musician with plenty awards hanging on the shelf for it. It would be accurate to say, you have made me what I am today and I am thankful for it.
Thank you for your selflessness. I will never forget your contribution to my life.
Michael Johnson


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04Thank you for teaching me thoroughly
Dear Dr. Tony,
I was your student five years ago. I was in your Psychology of Religion class, where you meticulously dissected the different temperaments and how they influence the way people react to other people. Unknown to you, that class helped me learn how to be patient with other people, understanding the strengths and weakness of our different personalities.
In fact, I still have my notes and your book which I still make reference to. Last year, in the college where I worked, I was selected to give a speech on Man and The Way He Behaves. I found it quite easy to give the speech because of the experiences I had in your class.
All thanks to you, for teaching me these things that have greatly influenced my life and my work. I am in town and I would love to pay you a visit. I would appreciate it if you respond to this mail with a time and place.
I really appreciate all you have done.
With regards,
Kurt Branson


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05Thank you for your effort
Dear Professor Martin,
The semester that has just passed has been the best I have had since I started at this college. Before began my studies, I can honestly say that I hated Physics. It seemed quite abstract and incomprehensible, until I joined your class.
Personally, you demystified the course and made me understand that Physics is all around us. Your ideology and explanation made it very easy to comprehend the content you taught in class; you made physics relatable. Also, your office was open for us to come whenever we had a problem.
You were so warm and kind. You were my favourite teacher of the year. I know you may never get an award for that but I decided to show my gratitude in this letter.
Thank you very much for your effort.
Your student,
Richard Schmid


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06Thank you for investing your time
Dear Dr. Baldwin,
I write this letter with deep joy in my heart. I cannot believe that I write in fluent English now. I remember the first time I came to your class, after my arrival from South America; I could barely speak in English. However, you picked an interest in my case and trained me on how to speak and write in fluent English.
Now, I am a public speaker, going around the world, speaking to people. Who would believe that I could not speak fluently at one point? If I had not met you, I may have remained the same.
Therefore, I want to honourably invite you for a conference where I would love for you to speak. It’s a conference for teachers. You have so much to teach that all teachers may learn from.
This is my little way of appreciating you for the great things you have done for all your students. I await your response.
Once again, thank you very much for being an inspiration.
Alexis Shawn


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07Thank you for the scholarship referral
Dear Ben,
I could not have known that there was a scholarship program available without your support and guidance. I was so busy preparing for my examinations that there was no time to research or apply to any scholarships. I was overwhelmed with joy when I saw the mail concerning the scholarship that you sent to me.
Two weeks ago, I submitted my resume for the scholarship. This morning, I got confirmation that I qualified for the scholarship. I am so happy that I had to send this email to you immediately.
Thank you very much for always having our backs. Thank you for always seeking our best interest. On behalf of the class, thank you for being our professor.
Shannon Crue


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08Thank you letter with an invitation
Dear Professor Benson,
I had the opportunity to take your Logic class in [year]. Your approach to teaching motivated me come to class and be an active participant. Your open-mindedness and ability to help us think critically made my endeavour effortless.
I also met my fiancée in your class. Years after graduating, we still find ourselves talking about you, our class, and all we learned from you. We appreciate the passion with which you taught us, standing with us until we understood what you were trying to impart.
With these fond memories, I want to invite you to our wedding. My fiancée and I would love for you to be there. Having you there would really complete the day.
A card is attached to this mail, which contains details of the venue and date.
Thank you for everything you taught us and for the wisdom that you shared with us. We are forever thankful.
With regards,
Jerry Cummings


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09Thank you for always being supportive
Dear Dr. Kuku,
I can hardly forget how you stood by me when I had to cross from one department to another during my university career. Although the process was laborious and nothing was guaranteed, you ensured that you followed the transfer process through to the end. Thanks to you, the process was successful.
Today, I look back as I graduate with a first class and a Bachelor’s Degree in Music. If you had not helped me through that phase, my transfer may not have been successful and I may not have reached my full potential and join the new department.
I appreciate that you had a vested interest in me. Thank you very much for teaching me how to be good to people that I barely know.
Olumide Prax


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10Thank you for being a good example
Dear Dr. Kowalski,
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your student representative during my time at college. Your trusting me to act in your stead and communicate information to your students instilled a sense of confidence and professionalism in me I am proud to carry today.
You exemplify what it means to be a hardworking person and a great leader. I hope you know the example you set by the endless nights in your office, tireless preparation and commitment to your work.
From you, I learned how to manage my time, energy and resources from you which ultimately has made me a better professional but has also made me a better family member.
I am thankful that you unwittingly and effortlessly shaped me into a better man. Thank you for all you do. I look forward to seeing you soon.
Once again, thank you.
Yours Sincerely,
Schmidt Klaus


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In conclusion

When writing a thank you letter to a professor, address them directly. Ensure the envelope and letter has the proper information visibly displayed so that it is direct and intentional.

Keep your letter concise and to the point. While you may have developed a friendship with your professor, your gratitude should reflect on what you learned during your tutelage.

In the event you are not writing your letter soon after graduation, being lengthy may cause your message to be lost if your professor just scans through. So remember, be concise and direct in getting the point of your thanks.

Finally, consider hand writing your letter. Handwritten letters show that you took the extra time to sit and consider your thanks. If you prefer typing, that is acceptable as well.

Be sure you look over your letter, ensuring it reads smoothly and is grammatically correct.

I believe these templates and the tips provided here will help you craft a letter that puts a smile on your professor’s face when they read your thank you letter.