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45 of the Best Captions for Your Spooky Halloween Instagram Posts

45 of the Best Captions for Your Spooky Halloween Instagram Posts

Did you have fun this Halloween? Now that you’ve enjoyed yourself and taken your pictures, it’s time to post your pictures on Instagram with some awesome Halloween Instagram captions.

These Instagram captions can be about anything related to Halloween, whether it’s your creative costume, a great Halloween party, the vibes with your friends, or even about the food you ate.

If you have trouble coming up with a good Halloween Instagram caption, we don’t want you to fret it because we’ve got this covered, as usual.

Here are 45 of the most unique, witty, and funny Halloween Instagram captions that anyone can use on Halloween!


12 Halloween Instagram Captions About Your Costume

After spending so much time, maybe all year, trying to come up with the perfect Halloween costume, the chances are that you’ll want all of your friends, family members, and followers to see it.
You will need to express how you feel about it or in it, and you can do this with the perfect Halloween Instagram caption.
The right Instagram caption under your picture of your Halloween costume can change your follower’s minds, from scrolling past to double-tapping and leaving the most wonderful comments.
Who wouldn’t want to hear about how awesome their costume was this year?
Here are 12 of the best Halloween Instagram captions about your costume that will help you to flaunt your costume to your all of your followers:

01Make way for the ghost princess with the most princess qualities. Aren’t I just boo-tiful? #halloweencostume #friendlyghost #halloweenmakeup


woman in black green long sleeves holding a lighted red candle
Photo by Ferdinand studio on unsplash


02Double-tap to show love to the cutest pumpkin in the patch. I better win at least one costume contest this year! #halloweencostume #halloweenobsessed #halloweenlook


03Be careful not to cross me; I just might put a spell on you tonight. #halloweenwitch #witch #magic


04If you’ve got it, you got to haunt it! At least, that’s what the other ghosts told me! #halloweencostume #friendlyghost #boo


kids wearing halloween costumes outside the house girl on blue boy on black and another boy in skeleton

Photo by Marcia M on reshot


05Not a basic witch. Check out my broom! #halloweenwitch #witchcostume #witchinitup


06Resting witch face. Don’t get too close because I’ll bewitch you! #halloweenpuns #halloweenlook #halloweenmakeup


07Don’t panic because I’ve got your heart under lock and key now with my fa-boo-lous spell! #sexyhalloweencostume #halloweenmagic #halloweenpuns


08Bow down witches! The worst witch is back in town! #witchcostume #witches #sexycostume


Girl in witch costume sitting on dried field

Photo by Paige Cody on unsplash


09Stop checking me out! I’m not that kind of kitty! #catwomancostume #halloweencostume #sexykitty


10Did anyone call for a nurse? I feel like making someone my patient for the night. Can I check your temperature? #nursecostume #halloweennurse #halloweennursemakeup


11Never fear, [insert superhero name] is here to save the day. You can tell the bad guys to watch out! #superherocostume #avengershalloween #halloweencostumeideas


dog wearing superman costume sitting near the white wall

Photo by Elias Castillo on unsplash


12Who are you going to call? Ghostbusters! We’ll bust any ghosts that try to spook you this Halloween! #ghostbusterscostume #ghostbustershalloweencostume #ghostbusterscosplay


12 Captions About the Halloween Party

After a certain age, the chances are that you’ll grow out of trick or treating; you’ll want to do something more fitting, like attending a Halloween party on Halloween night.
This is where you’ll meet up with your friends and maybe some strangers to show off your costume; you’ll want to party, drink, and have a good time.
If you feel like sharing a few pictures of these moments with your followers, then you’ll need a good caption to reflect how awesome of a time you had. Are you having trouble coming up with some ideas for captions?
Well, here are 12 Halloween Instagram captions that can help you to describe your night of fun and fright to your Instagram followers:

13Had to make a quick appearance before I head back to Gotham to save the day [you can insert whatever your costume character is known for]. #halloweenparty #halloweenturnup #happyhalloween


batman standing under a steel roof straight white lights

Photo by Serge Kutuzov on unsplash


14Cheers to a Spooktacular night with the spooky fellows I met tonight. #halloweenparty #thrillernight #boos


15I’m only here for the boos, but I’ll be the one doing the scaring! #turnup #halloweennight #party


16Sorry to any guys that I ghost tonight; it’s in my nature. Boo-hoo! #ghostcostume #halloweenghost #halloweenparty



17Hi, I’m Chucky! Want to play with me? No one will be able to hear your screams. Come inside! #halloweenfiesta #chuckycostume #frightnight


18Let’s get sheet faced together, and we can wake up like none of this ever happened! #ghostcostume #booze #halloween


morning halloween girl wokeup tattoo holding halloween themed cap
Photo by Lesia Valentain


19Halloween parties are like Christmas parties but with more booze and spooky costumes! #halloweenparty #halloweennight #costumeparty


20Last night, I think I saw the joker and batman playing beer pong; a nurse and a witch were playing spin the bottle. Who else had a crazy Halloween night? #nightstoremeber #halloweenparty #halloweenturnup


21Who said vampires only drink blood? Cheers to a spooky night in spooky ville! #spookyparty #vampirehalloween #halloweenparty


man wearing black tuxedo holding wand half body on case

Photo by Pierrick VAN-TROOST on unsplash


22Halloween is my excuse to get dressed up as a superhero and drink tequila with supervillains. The rest of the year, I just write fanfiction about it! #marvelhalloween #superherohalloween #halloweenparty


23The only place that you’ll see ghostbusters getting along with ghosts is at my Halloween party! Don’t miss it next year! #ghostbusters #halloweenghost #party


lighted jack o lantern photo purple background

Photo by NeONBRAND on unsplash


24Cheers to a night that I can’t remember and the spooks that I’m glad to forget! #halloweenparty #halloweenpartytime #partygirls


13 Captions About the Vibes With Your Friends

One thing is for certain: good friends bring the right vibes on Halloween to make it a memorable night. Even if you don’t end up at a party, a little get-t­ogether with friends is something that can definitely be Instagram worthy.
Don’t waste time worrying about your Instagram captions when your time could be spent making memories with your friends.
Use any of these 11 Halloween Instagram captions about vibes with friends to let your followers know how much fun you had with them:

25Get in losers because we’re going hunting! #Squadghouls #Halloweenvibes #halloweengirls


blue yellow wooden wall beware the wicked witch lives here signage

Photo by Bee Felten-Leidel on unsplash


26Chilling with my ghouls, having a fang-tastic night! #halloweensleepover #spookynight #halloweenwithfriends


27There’s no tricks here, just treats! #halloweenchicks #halloweengirls #halloweenfriends


28Called my friends over and now we’re going to get spooky! #emogirls #spooky #halloweenparty



29Ghouls just want to have fun! #sleepover #halloweenchicks #halloween[Year]


30Introducing the boo-boo gang. Fangs for all the memories! #squadghouls #halloweenfriends #bestfriends


woman wearing gray with wings raising her arms on parade
Photo by Pietro Tebaldi on unsplash


31Every witch needs a few good ghoul friends! #girlfriends #sleepover #halloweenmonsters


32I made friends with the monsters under my bed. #halloweenmonsters #happyhalloween #halloweenspirit


33 Barricaded in the house with my friends! If any monsters get in tonight, we’ve got a surprise for them! #monsterhunters #halloweenwithfriends #halloweenweekend


group of people wearing black halloween costumes group photo near concrete wall

Photo by Ekaterina Novitskaya on unsplash


34Scary movies, snacks, and spooky friends are all I need! #halloweennightin #happyhalloween #scarymovie


35Meet the creep squad! We’ll be sleeping with one eye open tonight #ghoulfriends #halloweenwithfriends #halloweenvibes


36Get us to 100 likes, and we look at what’s in the closet! #frightnight #happyhalloween #halloweenfriends


37I feel much safer inside with my friends, especially when there are so many witches and monsters on the prowl! #halloweenparty #thrillernight #halloweennight


orange covered cake pumpkin themed on the table being sliced

Photo by Michal Balog on unsplash


11 Halloween Instagram Captions About the Food

No holiday or occasion is complete without some food and drinks! Around this time, the food may be Halloween themed, so your caption can reflect that.
When your stomach is full, you won’t want to worry yourself with brainstorming for the right captions.
Here are 11 Halloween Instagram captions about food that should work for any Halloween meal:

38Another Halloween and life is gourd! Eat, drink, and be scary! #halloweendinner #halloweenfood #halloweenfun


eat drink and be scary signage near broom on stairs

Photo by Bee Felten-Leidel on unsplash


39Can somebody point out which way to the candy? That’s the only thing I’m here for! #halloweencandy #halloweentreats #sweettooth


40On my way to dinner, that witch better have my candy! #halloweenwithfriends #halloweenpartyfood #halloweendinner


41Nothing says Halloween like a bloody Mary. Cheers! #halloweendrink #halloweendrunk #bloodymary


clear drinking glass with red colored liquid with leaf as garnish

Photo by Klara Kulikova on unsplash


42I’m a vegan vampire, so I’ll settle for bloody Marys this year! #halloweenvampire #vampirecostumer #bloodymary


43I usually eat brains, but they’ve convinced me to try human food this year. I’ll let you guys know how it goes! #halloweendinner #halloweenbite #halloweenzombie


44Who knew that I’d enjoy human food as much as I enjoy eating humans? #zombiecostume #halloweenfood #zombie


45I don’t care if I’m too old for trick or treating because everyone loves free candy! #halloweencandy #halloweentreat #trickortreat


assorted candies on plate many plates different color candies

Photo by Analia Baggiano on unsplash


46I think my dentist would agree that I’ve had too much sugar this Halloween. #sweettooth #halloweensweets #halloweenfood


47Who knew that there were so many different ways to prepare pumpkin? Halloween is officially my favorite holiday! #halloweenpumpkins #halloweendinner #pumpkinpie


48If anyone asks you to come over for Halloween dinner, you should always say yes! There’s nothing more delightful and frightening at the same time! #halloweenfood #halloweentheme #halloweendinner



Spice things up a little bit this Halloween with any of these 45+ Halloween Instagram captions. These are unique captions that you won’t find anywhere else!
You can look forward to laughs, likes, and more shares when you use these Halloween Instagram captions for your pictures this season!