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15 Sentimental “Mother’s Day” Messages to Honor Your Grandma in Heaven

15 Sentimental “Mother’s Day” Messages to Honor Your Grandma in Heaven

The memory of your grandma can bring you a lot of pain when Mother’s Day comes around. Saying Happy Mother’s Day to your grandma in Heaven isn’t going to be easy, so having a little help with crafting the message comes in handy.

Some people use their social media accounts to send odes to the ones they lost, some by sharing their favorite memories, and others by talking about how much they love and miss them. Your grandma would appreciate your kind words and you keeping her memory alive in this way.

Say Happy Mother’s Day to your grandma in Heaven this Mother’s Day by using one of these examples. Customize your Happy Mother’s Day message in any way you like to match your feelings, and even attach it to your favorite picture(s) or video(s):


What Your Message Should Say

Grandmas are some of the best people to walk the earth. They shower us with love and adoration from the moment we’re born and are there for us in a special way.
Losing a grandma is a type of pain no one really talks about. Even though they aren’t your real mom, they’re the next closest thing to it and they love us unconditionally, without fail.
Grandmas hold a special place in our hearts, and your Happy Mother’s Day to your grandma in Heaven message should reflect that. Use these ideas to help create the perfect message this Mother’s Day:

01Talk about how much you love her because of how she treated you and others. You can also talk about how thankful you are to have had someone like her in your life.


01 grandmother teaching kid make cup cakesPhoto by Jacob Lund on shutterstock


02Share your favorite memories you have as her grandchild. Talk about how she has influenced and impacted your life, and what you’ve learned from her.


03Give her an update about the family and any new or exciting thing that has happened. Perhaps she has another grandchild or a great-grandchild.


04Go into detail about how losing her has impacted your life, and what you’re doing to deal with it. Talk about how things were and how they are now.


04 woman sad sitting beside bed breakdown


Photo by fizkes on shutterstock


05Tell her you miss her and the type of grandmother-grandchild relationship you had.


06Express your adoration for her dedication to being a mom, grandma, confidant, motivator, and more.


07A good grandma will be at peace in Heaven when she passes. Picture what you think her life in Heaven is like.
Don’t forget to finish your Happy Mother’s Day to your grandma in Heaven message with how much you love her and miss her.


10 Happy Mother’s Day to your grandma in Heaven messages for a late grandmother from a granddaughter

Your mom came from your grandma, and she’s the reason why your mom is the way she is today. It’s normal to see your grandmother in your mom because she’s the original copy.
You may even see her as another mother you can turn to when the going gets rough, or when you just need some girl time with someone you adore. Grandmothers are especially protective of their granddaughters and many make it a point to be present in their lives.
When you’re ready to write a Happy Mother’s Day to your grandma in Heaven message, think about what you want to say beforehand so you can find the best way to say it. This guide will help you gather your thoughts and express yourself properly.
These are 10 examples you can use to say Happy Mother’s Day to your grandma in Heaven:

01This is an appreciation post to my 2nd mom: Happy Mother’s Day to my Grandma in Heaven.
Thanks for letting me stay over when Mom was too busy with work. Thank you for comforting me at night when I was scared of the dark.
I appreciate all the fashion and makeup tips you gave me growing up. Without it, I wouldn’t be the fabulous woman I am today.
Thank you for parenting with a big heart and a strict hand. I needed that.
Now, you deserve your rest up in Heaven with the rest of the angels, I’ve got it from here.
#BestGrandma #HappyMothersDay #IMissYou


little girl hugs her grandmother kiss happy


Photo by De Visu on shutterstock

Use this to share what you loved about your grandma (idea 5) and express your thanks for everything she’s done (idea 1).
Post with a photo of yourself and your grandma when you were younger, or a video collage with images/videos of you growing up with her.

02Happy Grandmother’s Day to all grandmas, and a special Happy Grandmother’s Day my favorite person in the entire world: My abuela, my nonna, my gam gam.
If you were still here, you’d get to hold your great-grandchild, Lucy, and spoil her like you did when I’d come over on Sundays. She’d love and adore you just the same, and you’d teach her to be a little lady like you did with me.
Until we all meet again, you can look down on her from Heaven and be her guardian angel. I know you will guide her and keep her safe from anything in the world that wishes her harm.
#Family #Grandkids #HappyMothersDay


This message is about how you imagine she’s having a good time in Heaven (idea 7) and it gives her an update on the changes that happened while she’s been away, like having a new baby (idea 3).
A picture or video with the family is a great way to send this message across.

03Life may end, but your impact never will. Your wisdom and courage as a businesswoman have afforded us this life, and the most important lesson I’ve learned is that women can do anything the men can.
Your legacy lives on through us and will continue to through the young ones who never got the chance to know you. At least they’ll know that YOU are the reason they’re here today, and are able to live the lives they do.
Legends live forever, and every Mother’s Day, the tradition of honoring your memory will continue.
#Legacy #StrengthofaWoman #LoveYou


senior ceo multicultural business people coachingPhoto by Ground Picture on shutterstock

Use this Happy Mother’s Day to your grandma in Heaven message when she’s had a noticeable impact on those around her (idea 2) and great success. It shows love and gratitude for who she was (idea 1) and says the family is sticking together.
Upload with recent media from a family gathering or of the latest additions to the family.

04When I think about you, I think about that day you were supposed to babysit me, but we ended up at Daytona Beach having the time of our lives. I loved how a day with you would turn into a day of spontaneous adventures and mischief, and I could never predict what would happen.
Age meant nothing, and you were the best girlfriend I’d ever had. I don’t think I’ll find a friend as sweet as you again Grandma.
I hope your Mother’s Day up in Heaven is going well. And even though you wouldn’t approve, I’ll have two glasses of your favorite 19 Crimes to celebrate.
#GrandMaLove #Toast #HappyMothersDay

It talks about your favorite memories together, and how they shaped you (idea 2). It also talks about the closeness of your bond (idea 5), and what she meant to you.
It would be funny to post it with that glass of wine you mentioned, or a throwback of one of the adventures you shared with your grandma.

05I am who I am because you were who you were. You’ve shown me the world from a different lens and taught me what it means to be a woman.
Your example changed the way I did everything, from the manner in which I confronted adversity to how I raised my children. I hope that when I’m gone, my kid/grandkid will feel the same, and I’ll be a part of creating a generation of upstanding women.
Sophistication and poise were your mantras, and I suppose that hasn’t changed now that you’re in Heaven. Love always, Erica.
#GirlPower #MissingYou #HappyMother’sDay


grandma granddaughter smiling together


Photo by goodluz on shutterstock

Use this when your grandma was a teacher or mentor who instilled lifelong lessons (idea 2). It says you admired who she was and what she represented (ideas 1 and 6).
Post it with the generations of women and kids she left behind on Earth, or a picture of Grandma highlighting her beauty and style.

06Mother’s Day isn’t the same without you being here. Usually we’d meet up at your place for Girl’s Night and have a blast singing karaoke before stuffing our face with your world-class apple pies.
I won’t lie, I’m pretty depressed, but thankfully, you’ve raised strong aunts and cousins that can look out for me and keep my spirits up. We’ll make it through this because we learned from the best.
Things aren’t perfect, but I know they’ll work out. And with you watching over us, we have nothing to fear.
Rest up Grandma, we’ve got this.
#Mother’sDayInHeaven #GrandParentLove #GrandparentsAreTheBest


This says even though you are grieving, you still see the silver lining, and are dedicated to moving forward. It says she’s had a major impact on your life (idea 2) and losing her has changed the way your life will be forever (idea 4).
Share this Happy Mother’s Day to your grandma in Heaven message with the other women in your family.

07Even though this Mother’s Day will be spent apart, your love is felt and seen in what this family is today. You’ve shown us how to love, be helpful and take care of each other.
This Mother’s Day, we decided to gather and reflect on our favorite memories together with YOU. Mine was the time you caught me sneaking out to see my boyfriend, and though I was clearly in the wrong, you still chose to protect me by fabricating a credible story for my parents.
I hope we can meet again in the next life. Maybe we can sip on some hot cocoa, and I can catch you up on everything that has happened, just like we used to.
#FamilyLove #Growth #HappyMother’sDay


grandma grandaughter reading book in the couchPhoto by Ollyy on shutterstock

This speaks directly to her impact and influence over the family (idea 2) and how much she’s taught you all. This pairs well with a recent picture or video with the rest of the family.

08When I lost Mom, the world ended. You stepped up and filled that role so well that I never lacked love and comfort.
I thought that losing you would break me again, but you made me the type of woman that can handle anything life throws her way. You always told me : “No matter where life takes YOU, remember to smile in the face of the storm, because clear skies are always beyond it.”
I think about you often, and this Mother’s Day I am reminded of how lucky I’ve been to have someone like you in my life. See you when I see you, love, Enid.
#GrandMaLove #BestFriend #IMissYouNona

Use this Happy Mother’s Day to your grandma in Heaven example to say you appreciated her stepping up after your mom died (idea 6).
If you have a picture/video with yourself, your mom and your grandma, it will match this message perfectly, but one with just your grandma will also do the trick.

09I know we didn’t get along all the time when you were here, but growing up made me realize you only wanted the best for me. I regret not spending enough time with you or seeing eye to eye.
I can’t believe we used to argue about stupid stuff like making my bed or not wearing crop tops. I wish I knew how short life was, and that I shouldn’t have taken anything for granted.
I’m sorry for all the things I did wrong, Grandma. I know that I have let you down, and I’ll make it up to you. From now on, I’ll be the good girl that you have always told me to be, I promise.
Happy Mother’s Day.
#Nostalgic #HappyMothersDay #LoveYouAlways


grandmother grandaughter playing chickens outdoors


Photo by Tania Kolinko on shutterstock

Not every relationship with a grandma will be butterflies and roses, but the memories of the past (idea 2) and what they’ve meant for your life will always be present. Post this with a picture/video of your grandma when you’ve come to realize how much she meant to you.

10Heaven is lucky to have you; I know because I felt like the luckiest granddaughter alive to have a grandma like you in my life. You always stressed the importance of sharing and giving back, so I’m not upset that you had to go.
Now you can be a guardian angel to my sweet baby girl, Emma, and teach the little angels how to love themselves and everyone else. I know you’re a favorite up there because you were a favorite down here.
I hope God gives us the chance to be together again. Until that time comes, I’ll keep my head up and embrace all the changes.
#Growth #Grandkids #GreatGrandKids

This message talks about the changes that have happened in your life since she died (idea 3) and lets her know your life is going well.
This is good to post with a picture of your child/children. If they look alike, post a side-by-side to show that she lives on in them.

5 examples of Happy Mother’s Day to your grandma in Heaven messages for a late grandmother from a grandson

Boys and men are either mama’s boys or grandmama’s boys. Grandmas spoil their grandsons, even more than parents sometimes, and create bonds deeper than tree roots.
Some boys and men think they’re too cool to show love for their grandma, but when you’ve built such a strong bond, it’s evident. Posting a Happy Mother’s Day to your grandma in Heaven message keeps her memory alive and helps you cope with the loss.
Upload with your favorite picture(s) and videos(s) as a dedication to the wonderful woman you lost:

11You were like a bonus mom, so Happy Mother’s Day from your naughtiest grandson. Thanks for accepting me through all my phases, even the ones that didn’t make sense.
What I’ll miss most of all is your cooking, especially my favorite juicy roasted chicken thighs because nobody does them like you.
I miss those camping and fishing adventures we used to do with Grandpa. At least now that you’re in Heaven, you can be with him again.
I feel better knowing you’re not alone, and you have someone who loves you just as much as me by your side.
#RIPNana #IMissYou #HappyMother’sDay


grandmother grandson family reading book together


Photo by on shutterstock

This shares some of your favorite memories together (idea 2). It says you shared a special bond that not even death can break (idea 5) and you miss her dearly.
Post this with some throwback pictures/videos of your favorite memories to celebrate her life.

12Everyone knows I’m a big grandma’s boy, and that will never change. We were like two peas in a pod, and now my heart feels empty.
You were always someone I could turn to when I needed dusting off and a reminder that everything will be alright. You always told me the truth and made sure I was on the right track, even when I was too stubborn to hear it.
Without your input, who knows where I would’ve ended up? Acting like a gangster wasn’t going to benefit anyone.
I’ll honor you by being someone who can make you proud. Until we meet again, Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven.
#Mother’sDayInHeaven #Grandson #LoveYou


This Happy Mother’s Day to your grandma in Heaven message is great when you have a tight bond with your grandma (idea 5) that has made the loss more difficult. It shares what you loved about her (idea 1) and how much of a mother she was to you (idea 6).
Post it with some throwback videos/pictures to take a walk down memory lane.

13Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven Grandma. I hope they’re treating you to a nice surprise up there.
You deserve to be celebrated for all the kind things you’ve done on Earth and what you represent. You were a grandma unlike any other, and Jaylen would’ve been your #1 fan.
Love is the first lesson you taught us, even for those who do us wrong, and I’ll be sure to pass that on to my son. You taught us to be kind to everyone and value the beauty of life, even with strangers.
You made me a better man, and an even better father. I’ll repay you by raising Jaylen in the same way.
#GrandMa #MothersDay #Love


senior woman smiling glasses happyPhoto by Brastock on shutterstock

Use this when you know your grandma is in Heaven (idea 7) living the life she deserves. It says she’s a great mom (idea 6) and an even better human (idea 1).
Post this with something that captures her beauty, inside and out.

14When I woke up, the first thing I thought about was how I’d start Mother’s Day by calling you.
I wish T-Mobile had a Heavenly plan so I could talk to you, even one last time. I’d tell you how much I missed you, riding our bikes on breezy summer afternoons and having you watch me play ice hockey in winter.
But they don’t, so I’ll release this message into the world and hope that it reaches you up in Heaven.
#HappyGrandmaDay #MissingYou #GrandmainHeaven


active grandmother kids riding bikes


Photo by NadyaEugene on shutterstock

Use this when your life has changed drastically since losing her (idea 4). It says you miss her deeply (idea 5) and the good times you shared.
Try posting this with media from a past Mother’s Day or any other picture of grandma that you love.

15Dear Granny, I try to put on a brave face, but no one buys it. They know I’m not the same since you left, and no one knows how to fix it.
I want to smile again so they’d feel better and not worry. I want to be the man I was while you were here, and not feel depressed and broken.
My therapist says it will take time, but I have my doubts. I just hope one day I can see you again in Heaven so I can be happy once more.
I miss you so much, Grandma. Happy Grandmother’s Day up in Heaven.
#HangingInThere #ILoveYouGrandma #HeartAche


grandson grandma painting on canvas teaching how to paint


Photo by Dragana Gordic on shutterstock

It’s easy to fall into a deep depression when you lose your grandma. This talks about how you’re coping (idea 3) and how others around you feel about it.
Post with your favorite picture of Grandma, a song you like or a video compilation.


No one told us how hard it would be to lose one of the sweetest ladies we’ll ever come across, i.e. Grandma. Sometimes, we feel robbed of one of the best things in our lives, but we’ve got to hang in there for her sake.
Putting your thoughts and feelings into words and releasing them into the world is a great way to do that. Use these Happy Mother’s Day to your grandma in Heaven messages to do so.