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5 Scripts: How to Ask For a Recommendation Letter with Success

5 Scripts: How to Ask For a Recommendation Letter with Success

A recommendation letter is a type of formal letter written by someone with authority to speak to your candidacy.

The letter can come from a colleague, supervisor, professor, manager, or boss. The letter contains references and highlights one’s achievements and skills during the time they worked in an organization or attended a course.

Many organizations request reference or recommendation letters when scrutinizing applicants. This is why employees must know how to ask for a recommendation letter throughout our career.


Things You Should Consider in order to Maximize Your Chance of Getting a Yes

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A recommendation letter is a referral and can therefore greatly increase your chances of getting the job.
Knowing how to ask for a recommendation letter requires considering the following tips:

01Always choose the person recommending you wisely. They should this highly of both your personality and skills.


02Never add a reference in your cover letter without the recommender’s permission


03Know that your managers and co-workers have no obligation to write you a letter of reference. Make sure you ask politely when seeking a recommendation letter.


04Follow a proper format for a formal letter, which includes


aThe sender’s and recipient’s address


bDate and salutation


cBrief reason for the purpose of your request (the letter), and include information about the company that you’re applying to so they can tailor their response.


dConcluding paragraph to thank them in advance


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How to Ask for a Recommendation Letter?

Writing an email to request a recommendation letter is the right way to inform a recommender that you need a professional favor.
You can mention a list of qualities and specific skills that you would like your letter to highlight. Ask that they include their contact details, in case the hiring manager, wants to reach out to them.


01Further Studies: Asking Your Manager for a Recommendation Letter
Dear Mr. Rogers,
I am writing you to ask for a recommendation letter for an opportunity I have to pursue my PhD scholarship at the University of New York. My application is in process and I require a letter of recommendation from a manager who can describe my skills, achievements, and work habits.
I have been fortunate to work with on a team with you over my years at [COMPANY]. I believe you are the right person to provide an honest and effective letter of recommendation.
My thesis relates to human resource services and I am sure you can reflect highly on my abilities as an HR person in your office. I will appreciate if you could highlight the projects I handled that can emphasize my potential and work habits.
The submission deadline is June 20, 2019. If meeting this deadline is difficult for you, you can inform me anytime. Additionally, if you need any details that you think might help you write the recommendation letter, I will be happy to provide them.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon,
John Zimmer
The script reestablishes a connection between manager and employee by giving a reference of a professional history and masterfully shows how to ask for a recommendation letter


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02A Script to Ask Your Professor for a Recommendation Letter to Continue Your Studies
Dear Professor Mona,
I have an interest in enrolling in child psychology and am preparing to extend my academic journey after graduation. For this purpose, I have to submit a portfolio based on children psychology, along with a letter recommendation.
As my mentor, education advisor, and professor, I strongly feel that a recommendation letter from you will provide a comprehensive insight of my educational career. You have known me as a student for nearly five years and can reflect on my abilities, explaining how I am an ideal candidate.
I’d appreciate it if you would provide a copy of the recommendation letter in a sealed envelope, with your signature.
Thank you, for your support and consideration
Sue Wright


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03Script to Ask Your Professor for a Recommendation Letter to Scholarship
Dear Professor Packer,
I am reaching out to ask you to write a letter of recommendation. I am in the fourth year of pursuing my major in English literature. I am glad that I got the chance to attend your classes.
I have decided to apply for a scholarship at a renowned university in order to continue pursuing my interest in literature. I truly feel that this is where my passion lies. You played a huge role in helping me identify that literature, specifically theater based, is where I want to dedicate myself.
If convenient, I would like you to write me a recommendation letter by March 15, 2019 to help me submit my scholarship application.
I am happy to meet with you for a coffee, or during your office hours to share you any additional resources for a clear idea of my skills and abilities. It could be the reference that can change my future.
Thank you for your consideration and time.
Nina Paul


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04Script to Ask Your Ex-Boss for a Recommendation Letter When You Are Looking for a Job
Dear John,
I am writing this email to ask for a favor. I am applying for a senior marketing position at Merck Pvt Ltd. I was hoping you could write me a letter of recommendation to highlight my work habits and achievements.
You have always been more than a boss to me and I gained valuable insight under your leadership. I have also always appreciated your judgment, perspective, and professionalism.
I am also aware of your credibility and reputation among marketers and in the product development space. Your experience in the industry validates your opinion. This reason is why I thought you would be the ideal person to recommend me for this role.
I’d appreciate if you highlight the details of the projects we’ve worked on together. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any additional details or information.
Looking forward to receiving your positive response.
Peter Franklin
The script holds the past references and has a formal tone to tell you how ask for a recommendation letter


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05Script to Ask Your Colleagues/Friend for a Recommendation Letter on LinkedIn
Dear Michael,
I hope you are well. I am writing to ask you a small favor. I am considering applying for the position of senior content marketer at the American Academy, to further in my professional career.
I feel we worked on some of our best projects together at Glouma Industries as junior marketers. I would appreciate if you will be open about sharing our working experience on my LinkedIn profile. Your opinion is of great value to me and would accurately reflect my professional habits.
I can provide you my resume and other details to help you write an appropriate letter.
Thanks for your support,
Nile Dornan
The script is concise and in friendly tone to convince a colleague to write a letter of recommendation


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