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13 Ways to Ask for Reviews from Your Clients

13 Ways to Ask for Reviews from Your Clients

For many business owners, how to ask for reviews from customers seems challenging.

However, it is also quite unavoidable: you can find any marketer today, and that person will swear that reviews are the best chance of selling any product/service/feature in today’s crowded, competitive markets. How do you start, seeing as no one teaches you how to ask for reviews?

We have some ideas on how to ask for reviews from your clients below. You can use them as templates for your requests:


How to ask for reviews from clients who have bought your product


01RE: About that new 65” LG HD TV set you bought
Mr. Crowe,
I hope everything is fantastic.
How are you liking your new 65” LG TV set so far? We hope that you are loving it more with every day that passes.
Would you mind writing a quick review of the TV for our customers? Reviews, like yours, can help many other customers to find the TV that works best.
You can post your review on Facebook here or on Google here.
P.S.: Don’t hesitate to call us about the TV if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you.


girl is watching tv dears
Photo by Tatiana Maramygina on reshot


02RE: Tell us your side of the story
Hi Carrie,
The New York Times called our new, improved CleanGirl shaver, “more than amazing,” while Woman’s Day called it, “the best invention for women’s hygiene since the modern sanitary pad.” Other users have found it, ”super useful,” “perfect,” and “just what I needed.”
What about you? What did you think of the CleanGirl shaver?
Tell us (and the world) how you liked the CleanGirl shaver so far, with a review on our Google, Amazon, and Yelp pages. Thank you!


white shaver on white textile photo

Photo by Mel Poole on unsplash


03RE: Your review of the Nikan toothbrush
Hi there,
You recently purchased the new, improved Nikan toothbrush last week. We hope that you’ve found it useful so far.
As a small favor, we would like to request that you write an honest review of the toothbrush on our Facebook and Google pages. Reviews can help other customers find the ultimate toothbrush, and yours would be really helpful.
Thank you very much.


hand holding black electornic device

Photo by Goby on unsplash


04RE: We need your review
Dear customer,
You recently bought a 24-set of our new and improved Tamponite tampons. Thank you for your purchase!
Now, it’s time to tell other women about this product via our Facebook and Amazon channels.
A short or long review, we don’t mind. Please, just be real in your review because other females are counting on you.
Thank you so much!!
PS: It’s nice to keep a secret, but it’s not nice when it’s about Tamponite!


physiological date

Photo by acworks on photo-ac


05RE: Your New T-shirt
Dear Mr. Jones,
Our records show that you recently made a verified purchase of our ‘This is Our Time’ T-shirt. Thank you for your support.
How do you like it so far? Alongside other customers, we would love it if you wrote a review about the T-shirt on our Facebook page here or on our Amazon page here.
Thank you.


woman wearing gray shirt

Photo by Spencer Selover under pexels licens


How to ask for reviews from clients that have used your services


06RE: Request for a B2B review
Dear Ms. Jolie,
Following our recent partnership, through which you enrolled your employees in our life insurance program, we hope that everything is going better than before.
As you know, Miss Jolie, B2B reviews are everything for service providers, like us, today. Seeing as you’ve seen how we work and the breadth of our services, we’d be honored if you would review us on Google or Yelp.
Thank you in advance.


woman signing on white paper

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on unsplash


07RE: I have a favor to ask
Dear Mr. Silver,
This is Danny Samuels from Google Climbr SEO services.
We partnered recently on an SEO campaign for your brand, Farhi Cosmetics. It went pretty well, and I hope business is booming on your end thanks to our collective efforts.
I now have a favor to ask of you.
Would you mind writing a short review in favor of my services on my Yelp or Google page? It won’t take more than three minutes of your time.
Thank you very much.


two brown pencils

PHoto by Tobias Dziuba under pexels license



08RE: How are the newlyweds?
Dear Miss de Guzman,
We hope that you had a lovely wedding! It must feel like heaven to be a newlywed couple.
This is Erica Stewart, from Amazing Flowers in Reading. We supplied all of the flowers (lilies, gardenias, and sunflowers) that you requested for your wedding.
I am writing now to humbly request a review of our services whenever you’re free.
Reviews from wonderful, honest customers like you are the reason that we are still in business after 15 years. You can post your reviews on our website,, on Yelp, or on Google.
Thank you very much!


Pink and white roses on white cake
Photo by Ryan Sepulveda on unsplash


How to ask for reviews from clients that have tried your restaurant


09RE: Your review of La Paroni’s
Dear esteemed diner,
Thank you for dining at La Paroni’s today.
How did you find our service, dear customer? Did you find it easy to reserve a table? Did you find your table waiting as promised? If you didn’t reserve ahead, did you have to wait long for a table?
Did our servers meet your expectations? How did you like our dishes? How about our wine selection? Was the whole experience as you would have imagined?
Tell us your response by rating us on OpenTable here, on TripAdvisor here, or on Yelp here. You can also review La Paroni’s on Trustpilot here or on Google here. We really appreciate your honesty and support. Thank you!
Ben Taylor, Head Chef


people in restaurant

Photo by K8 on unsplash


10RE: Tell us what you think about Bacardi.
Dear Bacardi diner,
Thank you for dining at Bacardi.
Would you mind telling us, in a short review, what you thought of Bacardi’s current services?
We’re taking a short survey to help us understand what we can do to make Bacardi the best restaurant in Greenwich. Find the survey here.
All reviews will be given fair attention and acted on accordingly. Thank you!
Reba McEnroe, Acting Manager.


cooked dish on gray bowl photo

Photo by Lily Banse on unsplash


11RE: Is Dorcia’s any good?
Dear customer,
Thank you for dining at Dorcia’s yesterday. We hope that you had a great time.
We’d love your feedback on any of the following areas:
–       The reservation process
–       The decor of the restaurant
–       The menu
–       Our prices
–       The dishes served
–       The waiters and other servers
–       Speed of service
–       The ambiance of the restaurant
Please write your feedback in the form of a review of our restaurant on Yelp, OpenTable, TripAdvisor, or Google.
Your review will go a long way in helping others discover what Dorcia’s is all about. Thank you.


rectangular beige wooden table

Photo by Nick Karvounis on unsplash



12RE: Did you like the Golden Bird?
Dear Sir or Madam,
You dined at the Golden Bird recently, and I appreciate your business.
As the head chef, I have a favor to ask of you.
Would you please write us a review on any of the major platforms that our customers visit to make a booking? All you have to do is write an honest review about your dining experience at the Golden Bird.
Be it three words or a hundred, your review will go a long way in helping new diners make the final decision on where to have their next dinner.
You can leave your review on OpenTable, Google, Yelp, Amazon, or Foursquare.
Thank you in advance.
Ken Williamson
Lead Chef, The Golden Bird


group of people inside the restaurant
Photo by kayleigh harrington on unsplash


13RE: I need your help
Hi there!
This is Amy Tudor, lead chef of Amy’s Buffet, a new vegan restaurant on West 45th St.
You were one of my first customers, and I thank you so much for your business. I couldn’t have done it without you.
I also need your help.
I am requesting humbly that you write a review of Amy’s Buffet online, if you haven’t already. It should be about your last dining experience in my restaurant.
As a new restaurant, reviews like yours are very helpful in finding us new customers. You can post your review on our various pages, such as OpenTable, Yelp, Google, FourSquare, TripAdvisor, and Trustpilot.
My staff and I thank you so very much.
Amy Tudor,
Head Chef, Amy’s Buffet


photo of vegetable salad in bowls

Photo by Ella Olsson under pexels license



Whether you want to give a new product credibility or draw new buyers/customers to a service/restaurant, you can use the tips in this article to help you on how to ask for reviews from existing customers.
There is no doubt that reviews are the new ads. No one is going to teach you how to ask for reviews. You can do it yourself, and it’s a lot easier than you think, especially using the templates above.