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10 Great Templates: How to Say Thank You for Your Order to Customers

10 Great Templates: How to Say Thank You for Your Order to Customers

Ever since childhood, we have been taught that saying ‘thank you’ can go a long way. When dealing with clients your thanks is even more important for establishing a professional relationship.

Saying ‘thank you for your order’ the right way can improve your B2C and B2B relationships by showing your clients you are committed until the end. In addition to 10 templates that will effectively help you express your gratitude, here are a few reasons why it is important to incorporate this into your business practices.


Why do we write ‘thank you for your order’ messages to clients?

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In both B2B and B2C, it’s important to let the client know you value their business, trust and time. Writing a thank you letter is a perfect chance to remind them of your values and how much their partnership means to you.

In your, thank you for your order message, do not try to make another sale. By doing something like that, you risk the chance of seeming pushy and desperate, not sincere. Pushing for a sale in a thank you message may potentially ruin the trust you’ve built.

Instead, use this means of contact to reward their trust. Include coupons, discount codes or reference links for their product, showing them you appreciate them and their business.

While these templates are specifically for eCommerce orders and the food industry using them with B2B clients is just as effective. Showing your gratitude is never out of place.


How to say ‘thank you for your order’ for eCommerce websites

Why not add a discount code when you say, ‘thank you for your order’? Use your thanks to deliver a discount coupon for their next purchase, effectively reminding the customer you have many more excellent products.


01There is nothing that makes us happier than people appreciating all the hard work we do and the effort we invest in making our clients happy. Thank you for your order and for your immense trust.
As a token of gratitude, we’ve added a 20% off coupon code for you to use on your next purchase. It’s the least we can do to show you how much your business means to us.


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02Congratulations! You’re now a part of the [name of your website] family.
You’ve made a great decision and we’re eager to hear about your impression about the [name of the product purchased] you’ve recently purchased.
If you’ve had a positive experience, you can use this referral link to give both you and your friends 25% off of your next purchase.


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03Thank you for your order! Our product is so much more than the packaging.
It’s a result of countless hours of crafting ideas and bringing them to life. Click this link to see how [name of the ordered product] came to be and how it has quickly become a product arriving at most people’s doorstep..
While you’re there, you might be interested in other products, as they go well with your order. Thank you once again!


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How to say ‘thank you for your order’ to a wholesale client who made a big purchase

Say ‘thank you for your order’ and refer to future cooperation possibilities as well.

04We wholeheartedly thank you for your order and the trust you’ve put in us. This purchase will not only make both of our brands/enterprises better, but it’s also the beginning of a potentially stellar business relationship.
No matter the hour, we are at your disposal if you have any questions or uncertainties.


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05Your trust means the world to us. We appreciate you acknowledging our values and the immense amount of work and effort that goes into our products.
Your decision to choose us as your business partner benefits both brands and allows us to maximize our collective potential. Thank you for your order – may we cooperate even more in the future!


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06There is nothing we love more than making a mark and helping our clients succeed. Thank you for your order and for the immense confidence is us.
We hope this mass purchase is the missing piece in your business strategy and that it will lead you to your desired results. You have our gratitude and you can count on us for any form of further cooperation.


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How to say ‘thank you for your order’ for delivery services, restaurant take-out or in a hotel

You want them to order again, right? Don’t hesitate to let people know that. Add a discount code for frequent customers, too.

07Thank you for your order! We take pride using only the best ingredients for the food that ends up on your table.
For every order, we confidently undertake the preparation process, crafting our food with test and true recipes. We hope you will love it and come back to try our other specialties.
Please accept this one-time discount count for 30% off your next order.


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08There is nothing that makes us happier than seeing that your order is complete. Your purchase will be at your doorstep shortly, ready to become a part of your household.
Thank you for your order and we hope we’ll be seeing you again!


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How to say ‘thank you for your order’ for a B2B service purchase

Let them know that your service is reliable and how much their brand will benefit from cooperating with you.

09Thank you for your order! As specialists in [name of the niche], we know what brands like yours go through on a daily basis.
By investing our efforts into providing effective solutions, we look forward to accomplishing our goals of educating and helping our clients. Let us know if you have any questions dilemmas.


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10Thank you for your order! You can now use the full package of our services to grow your brand and improve your conversion rate.
Before you start, take a look at this instructional video. It included a step-by-step guide on how to effectively maximize your chances of success.
Good luck and don’t hesitate to reach out at any time!


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Saying ‘thank you for your order’ the right way can help you leave a lasting impression on your client. Never hesitate to show people how much their trust means to you.

Being cordial and professional, right from the beginning, sets the tone for future cooperation. Be candid, brief, and above all else – honest and forthcoming!