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8 Great Examples of a Business Meeting Request Email

8 Great Examples of a Business Meeting Request Email

There is nothing you can’t accomplish with a professional meeting request email. Whether it is directed to a new client, a subordinate or to your boss, a meeting request email is mandatory for further communication.

Use these 8 effective templates to write the perfect email.


Meeting request email templates for new clients


01Dear [name of client],
My name is [your name], and I am the [your position] at [company name]. We specialize in [details of activities]. As a leading retailer/manufacturer/service provider in our niche, we believe that a collaboration may benefit us both. You would benefit from access to our consulting team, as well as our range of services and products. Therefore, we would like to use this opportunity to invite you for a meeting at our office at [location and date], at [proposed time].
I am looking forward to your response. Feel free to suggest another time and location, if [time and location you’ve suggested] doesn’t suit you.
Kindest of regards,
[your name]
What makes this email effective is that it doesn’t come off as “salesy.” Instead, you are offering a potential client a chance to find out more about you and your products. Also, suggesting the time and date is always a great idea, as it takes the organizational burden of the potential client. It’s a good way to start a fruitful business relationship.


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02Dear [client name],
I am [your name], a [your position] at [name of your company]. Through working in the same niche as you, my company believes that cooperation between our organizations would be beneficial for both sides. Our products are specially created for [purpose/ solving a particular problem] and feel they would market well with your [product name]. As such, we would love to discuss a possible collaboration with you, at [time and date of the proposed meeting].
We look forward to hearing from you and establishing a business relationship.
Have a nice day,
[your name]
If your potential client is a big company, then approaching the relationship as a collaboration or acknowledging their superiority is a wise idea. Highlighting some of the proposed ideas for the collaboration will help show you are prepared and willing to work. With this meeting request email, you are both direct and cordial to the recipient.


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Meeting request email templates for colleagues on the same project


03Dear [colleague’s name],
Working together with you on [project name] has been a delightful experience. However, it’s time to discuss the takeaways from the previous phases and highlight the duties and possible challenges for moving forward with [title of the next phase of the project]. If you could join us at [date and time of meeting], that would be splendid.
I look forward to discussing the project with you.
[your name]
With colleagues, you can afford to be a bit less formal and briefer in the email. You can even insert a bullet-pointed list with all the topics you are to discuss.
Remember, you can modify this template according to the topics you have to discuss at the meeting. Mention everything that you will be doing, so that every one of your colleagues can come in prepared.


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As you all know, we have already advanced quite far with [name of task or project]. To ensure that we continue in the same efficient manner, it’s essential that we meet and discuss ongoing matters. My suggestion is that we focus on the following tasks:
Let’s meet at [time and location] and everyone’s attendance is mandatory. Let me know if you have any questions or if something is unclear. I look forward to meeting with you all!
Kind regards,
[your name]
What makes this email effective is that it is both brief and formal. You are clarifying all that needs to be done and how important it is for everyone to be present. With a simple, polite sentence, you are ensuring that everything goes as planned.


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Meeting request email ideas for checking project progress with your subordinates


05Dear [name of subordinate],
You have done an excellent job on [name of task/project], and I am delighted by your progress. However, it’s important that we have a meeting to discuss [the topic, project title, program title]. It would be excellent if you could bring [necessities that they need to bring to the meeting]. Does [date and time of meeting] suit you? Let me know!
Kind regards,
[your name]
Every great leader must treat his subordinates with cordiality and respect. This is why this template needs to be started with a praise so that the recipient doesn’t think the meeting is going to be unpleasant. Be direct about the things you will discuss. Also, don’t forget to remind them about what they need to bring.


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06Dear, [name of subordinate],
As you know, we are nearing the [detail of the phase] of [name of project]. So far, our progress has been exceeding expectations, and it’s essential that we continue in such a manner. Therefore, I am inviting you to a meeting at [time and date]. Your presence is necessary, as we will be covering [list of items needed to be covered].
I look forward to seeing you and discussing with you.
[your name]
If a project is complex, you need to address the matter in the first sentence. Doing this will make your meeting request email effective and “urgent”.
The employees will appreciate your clarity and briefness. There is no need to complicate it, as most of the discussion will be done at the actual meeting.


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Meeting request email templates for reporting to your boss


07Dear Mr./Mrs. [the boss’s surname],
I have completed/taken care of [the task detail], and I would like to meet with you to discuss progress so far, as well as plans for the next phase of the project. Let me know a suitable time and place as I am willing to accommodate to your schedule.
[your name]
Sending a meeting request email to your boss is different from other situations. This template is excellent, as it is both brief and cordial.
Unless you have a close relationship with your superior, it’s best that you let them decide the time of the meeting. Letting them know that you’ve accomplished the task is the main goal.


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08Dear Mr./Mrs [surname of the boss],
I have a few questions about [the name of your project], in regard to the report that I’ve prepared. I didn’t want to continue without making sure [method/task/action] was the right decision. Please suggest a time and date that suits you, as I am open to all suggestions.
Thank you in advance for your time.
Kind regards,
[your name]
When writing a meeting request email to your boss, it’s great to have brief templates such as this one. Bosses get a lot of emails every day, so you should be as brief as possible to get a quick answer. Thanking them for their time leaves a great impression and will lighten the mood for the actual meeting.


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Writing a meeting request email is different for each purpose, but it’s always important to be cordial, brief and direct. Everyone appreciates that, not just your boss.

With your colleagues and subordinates, you can afford to be less formal. Feel free to modify the templates.