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25 Other Ways to Say I Agree in a Discussion

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25 Other Ways to Say I Agree in a Discussion

Saying I agree to an opinion is something, you encounter daily. There are other ways to say I agree, using body language, or other words that are not I agree.

Use the following examples based on how crucial the response should sound as a form of other ways to say I agree.


Other Ways to Say “I Agree” during a formal business meeting (to boss, colleagues)

Formal business meetings need you to have good communication skills when agreeing to ideas.
Use the following examples when in a business meeting to agree to your colleagues or Boss’s opinions.

01“That is right”
You use that is right to accept that an idea is correct based on the facts presented before coming up with a decision.
It helps you support the opinions of others by agreeing, and it’s another way of saying yes.


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02“You can say that again”
You can say that again is a way of encouraging someone to repeat their point because it is crucial.
You find it relevant, and that is why you motivate them to keep saying it repeatedly because you agree to it.


03“I concur with you”
It is a way to support the ideas presented in a short, clear, and direct manner.
Use it when you agree with someone’s points or opinions without any doubt that they are lying.


04“I could not agree with you more”
I could not agree with you more as a way to state that your decision is within the suggested idea.
You cannot think of anything better than the ideas making you have nothing else to add.


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05“Lead the way”
You agree with the suggestions of the person presenting in the meeting and entrust them with your vote.
It is why you tell them to lead the way as you follow behind their steps while supporting them.


06“There is no doubt”
When you do not have second thoughts about the facts presented before you in the business meeting, use it.
There is no doubt is a way to agree after you see the relevance of someone’s suggestions and no other.



How to Say it strongly during a formal business meeting (to boss, colleagues)

In a formal business meeting, there are ideas that you support whole-heartedly without a single doubt. Use the following ways to say I agree but strongly.

07“That is absolutely true.”
It is a way of stating that you agree completely with the stated facts as they go unquestioned. No other opinions are going to make you change your mind about supporting the stated facts.


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08“Exactly what I was thinking”
It is a way of saying that the idea is precisely your thought or point, and there is no other way to make it better.
You entirely support the opinion, and this is why you say exactly what I was thinking.


09“Definitely what I am talking about”
It emphasizes a stated point in support of your idea for sure. Use it after someone adds extra information that is valid and aligns with your suggestions.


10“Precisely my point”
The ideas presented are what you thought and were about to state them or previously explained to them. Use it to agree certainly to the extra information that supports your cause.


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11“Totally true/correct”
It is with uttermost completeness that you are in support of another person’s opinions without a single doubt. You agree completely with what they say, and use it when you have proof that they are correct.


12“You stand unopposed”
It is the same as stating that no one else has the chance to challenge a person’s idea. Use it when having every single idea needed to back up an opinion and declare its worth.



Other Ways to Say “I Agree” during a casual discussion (to friends, family, partners)

Talking about the current news going on around you with family and friends may deem you to agree at some point to their ideas.
Use the following examples of other ways to say I agree on a casual discussion.

13“Why not”
Speaking about entertainment and politics may need you to support an idea. Use “why not” to agree to a situation where you suggest what a person can do to make them or others better.


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14“I guess that is true”
When you are not utterly sure of a situation, but the other party needs your opinion, use it. “I guess that is true” helps them know that you agree with them, but need to do some digging afterward.


15“That is a sure thing”
It is a way of saying you support the idea because you have valid facts to accompany and prove they are correct. Use it after you researched or are very sure that the opinion is correct.


16“I am okay with it”
Being okay with a point is because you agree with it based on the idea that you cannot prove the other person wrong. You lack credible sources of information to validate your point, hence use I am okay with it.


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17“Whenever you are ready”
Include “whenever you are ready” in the middle of a statement to state your support for an idea. It is a way of telling the person to continue explaining their point because you agree with them.


18“I suppose so”
When you are sure but not very sure of whether the person is telling the truth or not, then use “I suppose so.”
It lets them know them that you agree with their ideas but needs to do some research to learn more.


19“Yes, we can move forward.”
After you come to a conclusion agreed upon by all parties, then let them know that “yes, we can move forward.” It shows you agree with their previous points that make you want to go ahead.


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Other Ways to Say “I Agree” strongly during a casual discussion (to friends, family, partners)

Casual discussions may not be so serious, but there are some ideas presented that need your total support. In this case, use the following examples of alternative phrases of I agree.

20“Let us do this”
You already totally agree with their opinions, and this is why you allow them to do it. It shows you actively participate in making their idea even better.


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21“Of course yes”
You are with no doubt supportive of their topic of discussion and their opinions making you say “Of course yes.”


22“There is no other way we can do this.”
You end up cornered and have no other alternative making their idea the best way to handle a situation. Use it when you do not have any other way.


23“Awesome idea. Let us handle it.”
The idea is perfect for the set job, and this is why you call it awesome and need to use it. You trust the point completely and are willing to use it.


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24“You are completely right.”
You find no wrongs in what they have to say, and this is why you support their opinions completely.


25“That is perfectly fine.”
There are many ideas stated, but this one is the best you found fit to answer questions or solve an issue. It is why you have to agree with the person but show complete support.



Agreeing to points, opinions, and ideas is so frequent that you may end up saying the same word repeatedly. It turns out to be monotonous and exhausting without changing it in other forms.
It is why you need to use some of the above examples of other ways to say I agree in a business or casual discussion.

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