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50+ of the Heartfelt Wishes for a Speedy Recovery

50+ of the Heartfelt Wishes for a Speedy Recovery

No one likes being sick: it feels miserable and can cause pain, frustration and even depression. As a good friend, relative or even co-worker, it will mean a lot if you wish the person a speedy recovery as they endure this hardship.

There are many ways to send heartfelt wishes. You can wish someone a speedy recovery by sending a thoughtful text message or email to help brighten their day, or by sending a card with a handwritten note.

You can even wish someone a speedy recovery over social media in an Instagram or Facebook post. Just make sure the person is comfortable with his/her condition being revealed online, and it will be received as a pleasant surprise.

Let’s explore 50+ of the best ways to wish someone a speedy recovery that are ready to send for various ailments and can even be personalized based on the recipient:


10 wishes for a speedy recovery when someone got COVID-19

COVID-19 cases vary in severity; for example, one person may experience it as a mild cold, while another may experience it as its most extreme and require hospitalization. However, the common factor is the isolation and mental distress it causes.
Here are 10 statements you can use to wish someone a speedy recovery after contracting the virus:

01“All my thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time. From my family to yours, we pray for your speedy recovery and restoration of health.”


infection coronavirus couple man sick woman taking care
Photo by Kseniia Vorobeva on shutterstock


02“Continue to keep yourself hydrated and follow the doctor’s orders. You’ll kick Covid’s butt in no time!”


03“I’m sorry to hear that you were infected with the COVID-19 virus. I know that I can’t come over and help you recover but I want to send healing energy your way until then!”


04“It sucks that so many of us have been exposed to this virus, but the good thing is that we have a good fighting chance of getting over it. Let’s recover and continue to keep ourselves safe and healthy until the end of the pandemic.”


05“I wish I could come to see you at the hospital, but they’re not letting anyone in now. Let this message of healing words reach you and those in charge of your care to rid your body of all illness and overcome this situation.”


doctor examining sick patient face mask

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06“You are in good hands. Trust in your doctors and your body’s ability to fight all illnesses. I look forward to your release and recovery. “


07“Things won’t be this way forever, and your body will recover. Stay strong and fight the good fight.”


08“I know you’d rather recover at home, but you’re in the best possible place for your recovery. Get well soon so we can get back to what we do best!”


09Shoutout to my [insert relationship] in hospital fighting COVID-19 like hell. It doesn’t stand a chance. #covid #recovery #quarantine


10My [insert relationship] was confirmed Covid-positive. Let’s lift him/her up and send healing energy as he/she recovers. #covid_19 #staysafe


doctors nurses helping elderly corona virus old person using smartphone

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7 wishes for a speedy recovery when someone has broken their arm due to an accident

Many people often don’t realize the value of their limbs until they aren’t able to use them. Having to deal with a broken arm takes away some of the most basic conveniences and becomes frustrating.
Here are 7 examples of how you can wish someone a speedy recovery if they have a broken arm after an accident:

11“I know you’re used to doing everything for us, but let us take care of you for a change. Speedy recovery!”


12“It might feel like you can’t do much right now, but before you know it, your arm will be as good as new. Let your body focus on healing and you focus on all the things you’ve got to look forward to. “


injured woman pain doctor surgical collar

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13“I pray for a speedy and complete recovery for your broken arm. Don’t let this get you down!”


14“You need to take better care of your old bones. You need to be in tip-top shape to turn up! Get well soon so we can enjoy the rest of our lives. “


15“I hope you didn’t break your funny bone because we need to hit the bar soon to hang out. Get well soon bro/sis!”


group happy friends drinking toasting beer

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16The best thing about life is that the pain eventually fades, and everything heals. #HEALING


17Get well soon, my friend #accidentshappen



7 wishes for a speedy recovery when someone has broken their leg due to an accident

Imagine your life now, but without your legs.
It would be a lot for anyone to deal with, and your kind words will go a long way in helping your relative, friend, co-worker or classmate to have a positive mindset and remain hopeful.
Here are some examples of how to wish someone a speedy recovery if they have a broken leg due to an accident:

18“Life, unfortunately, forces us to slow down sometimes, so use this recovery to take the time to rest from the busy life you lead. I just know you’ll be up and kicking in no time! “


19“I’m so sorry to learn about your broken leg. Make sure you get enough rest so your body can heal the way it needs to. “


20“I’m praying for a speedy recovery for your broken leg. There’s a world of adventure with your name written all over it and I can’t wait for you to join it.”


injured elderly man broken leg after looking at body of water
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21“This sucks right now, but you’d be surprised at how well your body heals, especially bones. You’ll be up and running before you know it!”


22“You’ve been accident-prone since you were a child! I just hate that you’ve broken your leg! Get better soon man.”


23“If you’re feeling bad about breaking your leg, think about the other 205 bones that you managed to keep intact. Wishing you well always. “


24Didn’t you know that you weren’t supposed to literally break a leg? #clumsy


man sititng gypsum leg crutch focus doctor

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7 wishes for a speedy recovery when someone has broken their back due to an accident

A broken back will literally cause a person’s life to come to a standstill until it recovers. Some words of encouragement and healing will mean the world.
Here’s how to wish someone a speedy recovery after they have broken their back:

25“It hurts me to know that you’re in so much pain, but you’re the strongest person I know! If anyone can overcome a broken back and recover, it’s you! Take care of yourself, and don’t give up on your recovery. “


26“I don’t feel right being up and about, knowing you’re in hospital dealing with a broken back. It has taken this to make me truly understand how much of an impact you’ve had on my life, and I miss all the things we used to do together. Please get well as soon as you can because I don’t want to miss out on anything else with you.”


injured woman hip pain back injury fell from stair

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27“No one wants to come to hospital every day and see the person they love in pain from a broken back, but I know you hate being here just as much. I’ll stick by your side through this entire journey to recovery, no matter how long it takes. Get well soon!”


28“The office feels weird without your warmth, and we all miss your good energy and positive vibe. We look forward to the day you’re able to return and catch up on these days that we’ve lost. Speedy recovery my friend. “



29“I know flowers won’t heal your back, but I hope they’re enough to put a smile on your face during this tough time. Feel better!”


30“I look forward to seeing you once your back recovers and you feel ready to get out there again. May your road to recovery be swift.”


employer having pain back he holding
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31Good people like you deserve all the best. If there’s anything I can do to help while you recover from your broken back, I’ll be there. #support #recovery


7 wishes for a speedy recovery when someone has injured their head due to an accident

Surviving a head injury is a blessing. Many people are not fortunate enough to survive these incidents because of their serious nature, or they end up with serious brain damage, so it’s always encouraged to celebrate instances of recovery.
This is what you can say to wish someone a speedy recovery after they have suffered a head injury:

32“I’m so sorry this happened to you. I trust you are in great hands, and once you recover from your head surgery, your life will go back to normal. Get well soon, and keep your head up.”


33“I know it feels like your entire world has changed because of the concussion, but the one thing that never will is the love I have for you. You are one of the dearest people to me and I am praying every single moment for your speedy recovery. “


emergency medics dressing head wound injured

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34“It’s natural to feel fear in these types of situations, but remember that hope and faith are the strongest medicines. Never waiver my friend, and in time, your head injury will heal itself for you.”


35“Since I’ve known you, I’ve seen you overcome a multitude of challenges and hurdles that have shown me a fraction of the strength of your character. Recovery from head trauma will be difficult, but you have the strength to overcome. I look forward to watching you heal.”


36“My dearest friend, I’m sorry you fell and hit your sweet head. Accidents do happen; I’m just glad this wasn’t worse. Speedy recovery!”


soccer player received head injury during the game

Photo by Alex Kravtsov on shutterstock


37“Your head and heart will heal from the pain you have endured. I’m praying on it!”


38“All your friends and family are looking forward to your physical and mental healing and recovery after the accident that caused your head trauma. We love and miss you, and can’t wait to be together again outside of the hospital. “


6 get well soon wishes when someone has got food poisoning

The symptoms of foodborne illnesses can be debilitating. From nausea and cramping to full-blown vomiting and diarrhea, it can be a heck of a ride, and can even lead to hospitalization.
These messages should be used to wish someone a speedy recovery after they get food poisoning:

39“I know this sucks, but before you know it, the toxins will be flushed from your body. Continue to follow the doctor’s orders and heal well!”


40“Praying that you overcome your symptoms of food poisoning quickly and get back on your feet.”


41“Speedy recovery my friend. Don’t let this turn you away from eating all the things you love when you recover!”


stomach ache sick asian woman suffering holding stomach

Photo by Prostock-studio on shutterstock


42“I’ve been there before, and I know overcoming food poisoning is very unpleasant. I pray it passes soon!”


43“Eating something bad shouldn’t hurt this much! I have you in my thoughts and I’m wishing you a quick recovery from your food poisoning.”


44“I miss having lunch with you, but I know your body is going through a tough time. Get well soon my friend. “



7 wishes when someone has just been discharged from hospital

Getting discharged from hospital is a huge relief. Share words of congratulations and well- wishes whenever possible to show your support.
These 7 ways to wish someone a speedy recovery are perfect for someone who has just been discharged from hospital:

45“I’m so happy to hear that you’re finally able to go home. Sending positive thoughts as you continue your recovery and return to your day-to-day life.”


46“The house felt so empty and cold without your presence. I’m so happy to have my baby back, and I’ll do everything in my power to help get you back to your old self.”


male wearing scrub suit pushing senior patient on a wheelchair
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47“The doctor recommends rest and medicine, but I will supplement it with hugs and kisses once you finally get home. Lots of love my dear.”


48“Congratulations on your discharge from hospital. Continue your journey to recovery at home, and achieve healing for both your mind and body. “


49“Hooray, it’s time to go home! I know you will feel much better there, with homecooked meals and the embrace of your loved ones. “


50“I’ve been looking forward to the day you’d be discharged since you were admitted. It’s been a long time coming, but the journey is not yet complete. I hope you will achieve further healing and recover to full strength sooner than you expect. “


doctors looking man embracing woman on wheelchair

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51“This is great news. You are recovering, and things are getting better. Keep strong, and just take it one day at a time!”


Other ways to wish someone a speedy recovery

There are many other ways to wish someone a speedy recovery outside of sending messages. They are just as effective, can reinforce your message, and act like a message in themselves.
Some alternative ways to wish someone a speedy recovery include:

Your presence says and means a whole lot to someone at their lowest. Gifting your time shows that you are supportive and optimistic about the recovery.


01 multiethnic young people visiting sick friend taking selfie

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02Send a fruit/snack basket
Patients who are in hospital or recovering at home are restricted in terms of mobility. They’d probably love to grab a few snacks or have some delicious fruit, and will appreciate it being brought to them.


03Bring a special meal
Hospital food isn’t that great. Bring a special meal or their favorite dish to help lift spirits and distract from the pain and suffering.


04Send flowers/teddy bears
These can have get well soon messages attached, but even on their own, they act as decoration for the bland hospital experience and can lift spirits.


03 sick elderly man staying hospital visitors brought flowers

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05Bring reminders of home
Reminders of home can help homesick patients in ways you cannot begin to imagine. It also shows that you miss the life you had and want to get back to it.


06Start a fundraiser
Medical bills are notoriously expensive in some countries, so having some help to pay them off is a weight off their mind. With their permission, starting a fundraiser can grant access to treatments faster and is a clear indication you want him/her to recover.
Pay attention to the sources of these donations and what your friend or relative is comfortable with. Those who give should be properly thanked for their sacrifice.
There are many platforms that allow you to create online donation sites that are more reputable and convenient that attempting to facilitate multiple bank transfer and cash deliveries.
And, since this is based on what the circle can afford, don’t pressure anyone who is unable to give a substantial donation, or one at all. Having positive intentions is good enough.



Act as a beacon of light and hope for someone who is in recovery. Maintaining a positive attitude is crucial during these times and you can help to make a difference.
Use any of these heartfelt ways to wish someone a speedy recovery to help be a part of the process.