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How to Ask for a Job Opportunity Professionally: 10 Email Examples

How to Ask for a Job Opportunity Professionally: 10 Email Examples

Not a lot of people know this, but applying for a job through a vacant post isn’t the only way to go. Use your networking skills when asking someone for a job opportunity, and send an email to find out about any openings.

An email asking for a job opportunity might be intimidating to craft, especially because you aren’t going through traditional channels. Finding the right words and figuring out how to ask someone for a job opportunity via email isn’t as scary as it seems.

In fact, asking for a job opportunity via email is not much different from the traditional route. The only difference is that you’re asking if there’s an opening.

You’ll still have to explain why you’d be a good fit for the job and provide your qualifications. How to ask someone for a job opportunity, email sending, and samples are all explained below:


Tips on what to include in your email and how to format it properly

The trick to asking someone for a job opportunity via email is to have a proper structure. Include all the things a potential employer would want to know about you, and sell yourself well to the company.
Here are some crucial tips on what to include in your email and how you should go about formatting it for the best results:

01Introduce yourself
Start your email with introductions. Remember that this person does not know you and hasn’t even seen a previous email or cover letter.
Take a few sentences to tell the recipient who you are, and more importantly why you’re interested in the job. You should display some knowledge about the company, and what you like about it.
You may even include any similarities between yourself and the company, and what you could add by landing a job there.


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02Talk about skills and experience
You have to talk a good talk, but you also have to be able to back up everything you’re saying. This is where your resume comes up.
Highlight the skills and experience that make you a good fit for that position and what you can bring to the table
(at least three)
. Summarise this briefly to complement your attached resume with the full list of relevant experience and qualifications.


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03Request information
While it should be clear that you’ve done your research on the company and the role, it’s impossible for you to know the full scope of the company’s expectations. This is where you politely ask for more information or the possibility of speaking to a company representative. You may also request additional materials, such as a detailed job description.


04Show gratitude
The next thing you should do when asking someone for a job opportunity via email is show gratitude for the time the recipient has spent reading the email, and emphasize your interest in working for the company.


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05Provide contact information
Inform the recipient of the best way to reach you should he/she consider you for the position.


Wording Tips for Job Opportunity Email

Now that we’ve got the structure of the email covered, let’s discuss what your wording should be like. This matters even more than the structure since this is how you will be selling yourself to the company.
This is the wording you should use:

01Pay attention to your tone
Always be professional when asking someone for a job opportunity via email. Even if the recipient is someone you know, like an old college buddy or someone you met in another setting, keep your tone/wording polite and professional. This is a work setting and you should approach it that way. Be enthusiastic, but don’t act desperate.


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02Spelling/grammar check
Sending a job opportunity email that is riddled with spelling and grammar errors makes a bad impression and will likely ruin your chances of getting the job. Basic spelling and grammar skills are necessary when asking someone for a job opportunity via email and are required for most jobs. No one wants to hire someone who cannot write or speak well.


03Get to the point
Don’t go on and on in the email or provide more information than necessary. Your CV should give the rundown of your experience and skills, and anything further can be discussed in an interview.



04Length of the email
Your recipient may be overwhelmed if the email is too long and might not read it for that very purpose. The best way to ask someone for a job opportunity via email is to keep it short and sweet and to the point.


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Examples of how to ask someone for a job opportunity via email

Now, here are some examples of how to ask someone for a job opportunity via email that you can use and tweak according to your own purpose. Remember to add your own salutation at the end, and attach your name!

01When you are a college/university graduate
“I hope this email finds you well. My name is [insert your name], a recent graduate of [insert name of school] with a [insert name of degree].
While in school, I learned quite a bit about your company and its goals. I have admired your efforts to [insert what the company does] and how well the company has performed from its inception.
I have been following the company’s growth in the press, and have personally been motivated by the quality of work/product put out year after year. I strongly believe such a company would allow me to blossom in this field and achieve my career goals.
During my time at [insert name of school], I was an avid member of [insert name of club and position], which exposed me to [insert what club does]. I have also picked up excellent interpersonal skills, which have honed both my ability to lead and be a great team player.
If given the opportunity, I am ready and willing to answer all questions you may have about my attached CV and my studies. I would also like to thank you for taking the time to review this email and the attachments, and for considering me for the role.
You may reach me via email, or via phone at [insert number]. I look forward to your response.”


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02When you would like to quit your company after working for 2 years or so
“Hi Gregory, it was great meeting with you at [insert meeting place]. I hope you have been doing well since our last encounter.
Our last conversation was a real eye-opener, and after consulting with a few colleagues and other people in the field, I have made a decision that I believe will further my career. I intend to officially resign from my post as [insert job title] at [insert name of company] within the next few weeks to find a more fulfilling opportunity.
I believe the skills I picked up there would be better utilized and valued at an institution such as yours with a tremendous track record of upward mobility. This, coupled with personal drive and determination, will allow me to realize my goals much sooner than if I stay in my current role.
When we last spoke, you indicated that you are currently seeking new employees with the right mindset and experience. I would love it if I could be considered a potential candidate and to speak with someone who can give me a full rundown of company expectations.
I greatly appreciate you speaking with me. Attached is a copy of my CV for your perusal and contact information should an opportunity arise.”


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03When you just got fired
“My name is [insert your name], and I am seeking employment fitting my current qualifications and experience.
I found out about your company from a mutual friend who advised me of the various achievements and growth projections. This prompted me to do some research and it wasn’t long before it became clear that this is where I need to be.
Having worked in the field for nearly a decade, I possess key skills such as [outline skills], vital to the role and the company values. I spent years working with [insert name of company], however, due to shortcomings in the budget, I was unfortunately let go.
Now I am seeking an opportunity to pick up where I left off, at a place with the necessary infrastructure to support employees in the field. I would be most grateful for an opportunity to further discuss this possibility and to review company expectations.
I have included my resume in the attachments, and would greatly appreciate a review of the document, along with a response regarding this request. If there’s anything else that I need to provide, you can reach me at this email address at any time.”


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04When you haven’t been in the market for long
“I am enquiring about job vacancies at this prestigious company and the chance to speak further on the matter. I am [insert your name], a stay-at-home mom and a holder of a degree in [insert name of degree].
My last employer was [insert name of company], and there I worked as a [insert name of role] for about [insert tenure]. This was a great opportunity at the time, as I had just moved to the area with my family.
I became a mom and decided to slow down a bit to raise my family. Now that they have grown older, it’s time to get back out there.
Being a mom has taught me patience, resilience, ingenuity and adaptability, more so than I learned during my career and schooling. Coupled with my experience and qualifications, I do believe a position at this company will help me to accomplish many goals and provide great service to people.
I have included the list of my qualifications and references, and graciously await your correspondence on this matter.”


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05When you would like to change to a new career path
“My name is [insert your name]. I am in my [insert the ordinal number of years] as a [insert position].
I have served diligently at [insert name of company] for the duration, and have fully maximized my potential in this role. With this field conquered, it is time to step into another arena and further my professional career as a [insert name of new role].
My colleagues and long-term clients support my decision, as they would like to see how I perform once given the chance to prove my professional prowess.
I have [insert list of most notable accomplishments and skills], as outlined in my CV, and [add any accomplishments/hobbies related to the new role].
At your company, I will put these skills into action, and work assiduously at developing new ones that will benefit both myself and my employer.
If you are interested in making this a reality, I would be most appreciative of a chance to discuss it. My number is [insert number], however, you may respond to me via email if that is more convenient.”


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If you don’t get it the first time, continue to work on how to ask someone for a job opportunity via email. It may take a few tries, but once you succeed, you will realize it is worth the wait.
Happy job hunting!