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How to Respond to How Are You in a Smart Way?

How to Respond to How Are You in a Smart Way?

When people care about how you’re feeling, there is much more to it than merely stating your current emotional state. For instance, you can either send an implicit message to your crush or you can make a grand gesture.

We’ve compiled the 20 best techniques to teach you how to respond to How are you. With smart and well-timed answers, you have a lot to gain in both your personal and your professional life.


Flirty Ways for How to Respond to How Are You (To Your Crush)


01Well, I am good, but I’ve been even better in the last 2-3 seconds. I wonder why. Anyway, enough about me. I want to hear how you’ve been doing.
Be sly and let them know that they’re the reason for your mood trending in an upwards direction.


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02It all depends on how I’m willing to feel, really. If I didn’t wake up with the notion that I want to be happy, I wouldn’t be having this pleasant chat with you right now.
Send a message indicating that you’re a person who can withstand everything, but also mention they are a contributing factor.


03I might not have been so great, but it’s not going to stop me from ending this day on a great note. Thanks for asking, by the way.
I want to know how is your day going so far. Maybe I can make a positive contribution, hmm…
Ending this answer with a joke is the best way how to respond to How Are You. You will be leaving them with both humor and flirting in mind.


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04Wonderful, really, I’ve been working on some plans and it seems everything is going to play out in the best possible way. Anyway, want to grab a cup of coffee so that I can have the excuse to ask the same question?
Give them a hint about what’s going on in your life and then ask them out. Gauging curiosity can greatly increase your odds.



05Given the fact I ran into you, there is a possibility that I might feel even better when the day ends.
There’s a lot going on actually, I don’t know where to start. Do you have any suggestions?
Let them play a dominant role in the conversation. Letting your crush talk is the best way how to respond to How Are You.


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06Not bad, actually! You always know when to ask me. Maybe you have some sort of magic gift.
Maybe we can go out for a drink to see if it’s really a gift, or a fluke. How does that sound?
Again, the combination of humor and flirting is an effective way for how to respond to How Are You.


07Honestly, the day started off quite bad, but it seems like it’s improving gradually. How have you been for the last few days?
If you want, we can take a walk and talk all about it.
‘Rotate’ the conversation and quickly place the epicenter in your crush’s life. They will love that.


08Awesome, thanks for asking! But we always talk about me, why don’t you tell me how’ve you been recently?
Let your crush know you’re a good listener by placing their problems above your own. It’s always a great strategy.


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09It’s hard to put in words. Honestly, it’s been quite turbulent, but that’s what makes life more fun, right? Imagine if you were and [real occurrence], happened, what would you do?
Everyone loves when someone is not afraid to admit they’re struggling, but also that they know how to find a way to prevail.



10How nice of you to ask, I’m feeling quite refreshed from [pleasant activity or thing that caused those feelings]. It really changed the way I think, so if you’d like, I can tell you all about it.
Some people like to listen to. Take control of the situation if you see he/she is willing to listen.


Smart Ways for How to Respond to How Are You (To Your Colleagues at the Office)


11Splendid, thanks for asking. I’m still buzzed about the project we have to deliver on Monday, it’s going to be an opportunity of our lifetimes.
Everyone loves a person who is excited for new phases in their professional life. Voice your excitement.


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12I am very good, mostly because I’ve handled that problem successfully on Friday. At first, I didn’t really know what was going on, but luck was on my side. How are you?
Nobody likes a showoff. Admit you’ve had trouble with a task or a project and discuss the problems with your colleague.


13To be honest, there is this work-related problem bugging me. I know you’re exceptional at [problem], so I’ve been meaning to ask you to pop by my office and look at it.
It would mean a lot to hear your input.
Every professional appreciates being needed for their expertise and skills. Ask for help.


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14I feel a little tired, but it’s that positive fatigue so I’m okay. Great company usually wakes me up. Want to go and grab a coffee during break or after work?
Establishing personal connections is one of the best ways for how to respond to How Are You. Extend an invitation.



15Not ideal, but I’m getting there. Did you hear about [positive event in another coworker’s personal life/career]?
I’m so happy for them! They deserve it more than anyone.
One of the best, yet underrated ways for how to respond to How Are You is to show that you care about others too. Use any information that you might have heard.


16A little tired, but otherwise excellent, thanks for asking. You know, I’ve been meaning to get into [coworker’s niche] these last few weeks.
Could you sit down with me for a couple of minutes, I have a few questions if you don’t mind helping?
Asking a coworker to be your tutor is as flattering as you can get. When asked How Are You, use the conversation to your advantage.


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17Excellent, how about you? Recently, I’ve learned all about [professional, related topic], it’s like going to down a rabbit hole. Crazy!
Coming off as curious is also a great way for how to respond to How Are You. It shows that you have a hunger for knowledge.


18Awesome, thanks for asking. How’s that [project/idea/application] going? If you need any help or some constructive criticism, I’m available.
Offer your help to the people you spend your day with. They will appreciate and return the favor.



19I’m in a bit of a pickle, but we can have a nice long chat over lunch one of these days. When are you available?
Chatting on the run is disrespectful. Instead of exchanging a few sentences, schedule a lunch to chat.


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20I’m currently taking a course in [industry] and it’s been going great. Did you know that [detail]?
Drop random facts and interesting information from time to time. It will make people love you even more.


Concluding thoughts

Nothing beats an honest, but insightful answer. Learning how to respond to How Are You depends on you knowing your mood and the relationship you have with the person asking.

Even if you feel bad, don’t hesitate to admit it. People often hide their feelings, so hearing someone who is not ashamed to acknowledge their negative emotions is refreshing. Good luck!