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How to Talk to a Girl at the Gym with Success

How to Talk to a Girl at the Gym with Success

The gym is where you get your body into shape. It is also a cool place to pick up girls.

Before you shy away from thinking this is somewhere you should not pick up a girl, you need to read these ‘How to talk to a girl at the gym’ pick-up lines.

Once you do, you will not only know how to talk to a girl at the gym, but you will also seem more confident when doing so.


Good subjects to use to approach a girl at the gym:


01Compliment her form
‘Great elbow placement on those bicep curls. Where did you learn that?’
Complimenting someone’s form at the gym is something that is common and, when done in the right way, you can easily turn it into a conversation.
It is better to offer a genuine compliment, otherwise it can come off as creepy.


woman fitness using dumbell
Photo by Alora Griffiths on unsplash


02Compliment her outfit
You may not know it, but some women actually shop for gym clothes that are both cute and comfortable. The fact that you actually said something to her about it will make her feel delighted and she will be more inclined to actually have a conversation with you.
‘Cool leggings. Are they insulated?’
This works because it does not suggest that you were ogling her from the other side of the room, but that you just happened to notice her leggings when passing by.


woman tying her shoes inside the gym

Photo by juan pablo rodriguez on unsplash



03Spot her
‘Looks heavy, need a lift-off?’
This one can be tricky but if you are friendly and offer to spot other people often, then you can make this work. Otherwise, if you only offer to spot pretty women, what you are doing will be obvious.
If you see her there, make sure she sees that you are socializing with other people so it will seem like you just have an outgoing personality. Then, since she is a stranger it will be logical for you to try to help her with her workout.


04Ask her about music
‘What kind of music do you work out to? I could airdrop you a playlist’
Everyone listens to music in the gym, whether it is the gym’s radio or their own music, so it would be a normal question to ask about, that is not going to come off as weird.
The fact that you offered to airdrop instead of sending it through messages makes it seems like you aren’t using this as a way to get her number so it won’t be obvious that this is just a pickup line.


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05Offer to train together
‘Do you want to be my push-up partner?’
People train together all the time, it’s no big deal, but the way you ask it is. This is a great way to ask because it is simple and leaves her mind to wander.



06Ask what she’s training
‘Hey, what are you training today?’
There’s legs day, arms day, chest day, abs day and so on, and they can fall on any day of the week. Whatever her answer is, for example, abs day, just say that’s what you’re doing too.
Then, you can follow it up with a suggestion to train together. Then, you can use this time to have a full-blown conversation with her, gym-related or not.


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07Ask for a work in
‘How many reps are you doing? Can I get a work in?’
If you don’t know what this is, it just means sharing a machine in gym terms. While she takes a break, you use the machine and vice versa.
This is a great idea because it may spark a conversation and it is likely the next time she sees you in the gym she’ll want to work out with you.


08Invite her to get a protein shake
‘If you want to get thick faster you should up your protein. Wanna grab a shake after our workout?’
It isn’t hard to find a juice bar near a gym or anywhere that sells healthy shakes. This is a good idea if you guys have been working out alongside each other. This way it won’t seem weird or awkward.


girl in sweater drinking green juice

Photo by Alyssa Boisson on reshot


09Praise her endurance
‘Wow, you are a beast! I bet you do a lot of cardio.’
This line is great because it is not a closed statement or question, meaning it allows for a follow-up. She may tell what kind of cardio she does, or, if she just says yes, you can ask her about her workout routine.
You can even initiate a high five to show your support or admiration.



10Suggest boxing (or any other available class)
‘Have you checked out the new boxing class? It’s pretty great’
Knowing how to talk to a girl at the gym is all about making it seem like you aren’t just trying to get her number. Using this line is a great idea because you will come off as friendly, or just trying to improve her workout regimen.


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Photo by Spencer Davis on unsplash


11Cheat day
‘There’s a great bakery across the street if you want to make today cheat day’
Even the most dedicated persons to the gym lifestyle have a cheat day. Since the bakery is across the street, it won’t seem weird to a complete stranger.


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12Ask for a seat
‘Is anyone sitting here? My hamstrings are on fire’
It is probably a good idea to limp over there to make this more believable. This is a great idea because she will feel sorry for you and even offer some help.


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13Act dumb
‘Do you know where the water cooler is? I left my water bottle at home’
If you are sure she is new,  she won’t know if you are a regular or if you’re new like her. Acting dumb or pretending to be new is a good idea because she will most likely help you look for it and you guys can even start having a conversation.
This is also a great idea because she is likely to open up to you more since you are ‘new’ rather than someone who she knows is a regular who may just be trying to hit on the new girl.



14Ask why she’s there
‘Are you training for a competition?’
This is a great way to talk to her because you are indirectly complimenting her appearance. If she says no, you can follow it up with something flirty like ‘Wow, you could’ve fooled me’.


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If you didn’t know how to talk to a girl at the gym, then you do now. These approaches and pick up lines on how to talk to a girl at the gym are foolproof and will work every time!