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35+ Cute & Funny Halloween Pick-up Lines to Use on Your Crush

35+ Cute & Funny Halloween Pick-up Lines to Use on Your Crush

Halloween is fast approaching. You have your costume, your plans, and an idea of how the night is going to go. All you need now is to find the perfect Halloween pick-up lines to put into your treat bag woo your new boo (please excuse the Halloween pun, though beware, there are plenty to follow).

Check out our list and find the perfect line for almost any situation.


Funny Halloween Pick-up Lines to Use to Chat with A Girl


01“Hey, I know that it is Halloween, but I promise not to ghost you.”
Why it’s funny: ghosting means to cut contact with someone as a means to end a relationship.
Why it works: a ghost is a popular Halloween costume, and type of decoration.


two people dressed as ghost
Image from under pexels license


02“I couldn’t find a costume for tonight, so I decided to come as your new boyfriend.”
Why it’s funny: it’s not a costume, but it is a cute way to let someone know you like them.
Why it works: it could be charming if they like you back!


03“I wasn’t sure that I had the guts to come over here and talk to you.”
Why it’s funny: if your costume is one that lacks, or is spilling entrails, the reference is obvious.
Why it works: it show’s you are funny, and humble.



04“You are very attractive, warts and all.”
Why it’s funny: this is perfect if someone is dressed as a witch and has caught your eye. Though be sure that they do have actual warts on their face, or the joke may fall flat.


05“I have to confess, I am under a witch’s curse, which is why I look like this. Only a kiss from a beautiful [their costume] will make me handsome.”
Why it’s funny: who does not like self-deprecating humor? Be sure to say it with a sly smile though, no one likes a pity date. Be confident.


man wearing hoodie and mask
Photo by Ashutosh Sonwani under pexels license


06“Do you know what a pirate’s favorite letter is? They may respond, ‘arrr,’ and say, ‘That’s right; arrr you going to allow me a dance?’”
Why it’s funny: there is a lot you can do with this joke if you are dressed as a pirate. You can ask for a dance, a date on another day, or arrr you going to make me the happiest, and be mine? It’s cute.


07“You’ve got me hooked.”
Why it’s funny: the perfect line to show your interest if you are dressed as a pirate. If they don’t have a hook, you can even say, play that off too – ‘Your invisible hook’s in me good.’


disneyland disney paris captain hook pirate

Photo by dassel under pixabay license


08“I think that I am falling under your spell.”
Why it’s funny: works if the girl is dressed as a witch.


09“I can see the future and, what? We are dating.”
Why it’s funny: works if you are some sort of wizard, gypsy, or other type of future-seeing character. Sets out that you are not afraid of commitment while planting the seed that you are interested in the person.


psychics crystal ball fortune teller

Photo by nvodicka under Pixabay license


Cute words to Use to Chat with a Girl at Halloween


10“Hey, you are boo-tiful. Boo-tiful, get it? But seriously, even in costume, you are beautiful.”
Why it’s cute: funny and a play on Halloween, but you save the day by giving a true compliment.


women s black coach beautiful costume

Image from under pexels license


11“What a magical night. Are you feeling bewitched?”
Why it’s cute: great to say with a tone of seriousness, hinting at your possible feelings. You can always clarify by saying, you asked a witch to cast a love spell on the two of you.



12“Wow! You came as the most attractive person at this party.”
Why it’s cute: if you see your crush, or someone who sparks your interest, whether they are wearing a costume or not, this is a great way to confidently pay a compliment.


13“Are you a ghost? Because I think that you could be my boo.”
Why it’s cute: read it again. Pretty cute, right? A great Halloween pick up line with the use of a ghost, and great wordplay to slip the word boo into a conversation. Try this one after a girl has been giving you ‘the eyes.’


woman wearing black crew neck shirt
Photo by Anderson Miranda under pexels license


14“What’s a nice ghoul like you doing in a place like this?”
Why it’s cute: another joke that relies on wordplay. Just be sure that they can hear you as you are saying it or they may not hear the word ‘ghoul.’


15“Nurse, I am not feeling so well.”
Why it’s cute: say this to someone dressed as a nurse when you are dressed as something dead or decrepit. It breaks the ice and fits with the Halloween theme.


16“I thought all the creepy costumes were what had my heart beating fast, but as soon as I saw you, I realized it wasn’t them at all.”
Why it’s cute: the line shows that you are interested in the person you are talking to.


person woman dark girl

Image from Pixabay under pexels license


17“So, you are the ghost who has been haunting my dreams.”
Why it’s cute: works if they are dressed as a ghost and breaks the ice.



18“I didn’t get any Hershey’s this year, but maybe I won’t miss out on the kisses?”
Why it’s cute: make sure that the girl likes you first. A great Halloween pick up line to take it to the next level.


Hershey s chocolate bar
Photo by tfrulla0112 under Pixabay License


19“You are sweeter than any Halloween candy.”
Why it is cute: a great Halloween pick up line for any costume. Everyone is eating candy, and you are complimenting the person by comparing them.


Funny Halloween Pick-up Lines to Use to Chat with a Guy


20“Hey there Captain. Looking for some treasure?”
Why it’s funny: perfect if the man who has caught your eye is dressed as a pirate. A double play on words.


pirate face figure eye patch

Photo by Scott Umstattd under unsplash license


21“I wasn’t sure if I was going to talk to you. I have had butterflies in my stomach all night. And worms, and maggots, and flies. Aaaarrrggghhhhh.”
Why it’s funny: the perfect line if you are dressed as a zombie. Be sure to give a low zombie moan at the end to sell it.


22“Want to get out of here? This place is dead. Just like ME!”
Why it’s funny: this Halloween pickup line works on a few levels. First, you are suggesting that you move to somewhere where the two of you can be alone, and you slip a joke in there too.
Works best if you are dressed as something which is dead, and do not forget to stress the last word and add in a moan or a cackle.


23“If I had any brains, then you could definitely eat them.”
Why it’s funny: if your guy’s shown up as a zombie, well there’s nothing they like more than brains!


24“Wow, that is a scary costume.”
Why it’s funny: needs to be done with someone you know appreciates humor and doesn’t have a costume. It playfully teases them while breaking the ice.



25“Are you blushing? You’ve gone all red.”
Why it’s funny: If you spot someone dressed as a devil, then this is a great ice breaker. It has to be a red devil, of course.


man wearing demon costume
Photo by Максим Власенко under unsplash license


26“The scariest thing about tonight is how good we look together.”
Why it’s funny: fits with the Halloween theme and shows that you are interested in the person.


27“Are you a zombie? Because you are drop-dead gorgeous.”
Why it’s funny: you give a compliment, and it works with every costume that is dead themed.


zombie spooky horror make up face

Photo by katyandgeorge under Pixabay licnese


28“I want to watch a scary movie later, and I would feel a lot better if you were cuddled up with me.”
Why it’s funny: you obviously do not have to watch a scary movie by yourself, but you are inventing an excuse to invite this person into your life.


29“With such a treat in front of me, there must be some trick.”
Why it’s funny: plays on the Halloween trope of trick or treat. Works with any costume too.


Cute Halloween Pick-up Lines to Use to Chat with a Guy


30“I forgot my witch’s broom, but I hope that you can still sweep me off my feet.”
Why it’s cute: great if you are dressed a witch. It allows you to make the first move and be flirty.


two brooms near fence and wall

Photo by Fabio Gaperoni under pexels license


31“What happened to you? We need take your pulse, check your temperature, get you some bandages or something.”
Why it’s cute: if you are dressed as a nurse, then this line works for anyone who you want to get close to. Take your pick from skeletons, zombies, werewolves; you name it.


32“Hey, look at you. You came as the most attractive person at this party.”
Why it’s cute: if you see someone who does not have a costume on, then this Halloween pick up line is perfect for breaking the ice while slyly giving a compliment.


33“Quick, you have to take me home. At midnight, I turn into your girlfriend.”
Why it’s cute: the pick-up line plays off the old cliché that midnight is the witching hour while planting the seed of a relationship in the person’s head — a great line to show that you are full of confidence.


bite vampires couple spooky gothic

Photo by xusenru under pixabay license


34“I don’t want to alarm you, but there are ghosts and goblins everywhere. Stay close to me, and I will get you out of here safely.”
Why it’s cute: the line tells him that you want to be close to him while playfully mentioning you’ll protect him. Deliver this line with confidence.


35“Wow, you suck!”
Why it’s cute: make sure they are wearing a vampire costume. Say it after they have been dancing to playfully tease them. You can get quite flirty with them, if you want as well.



36“I have been sent down here to tell you that there is no way that you are getting in, sorry.”
Why it’s cute: perfect if you are dressed as an angel to break the ice. Just make sure that they are not religious.


37“I have a great couples costume; I just need to find someone to dress up with me. You free, handsome?”
Why it’s cute: if they agree, just link arms and say that you are now a couple.


woman in black tube and jeans
Photo by Avi Richards under unsplash license


38“You know, if you get tired of being a for Halloween, you could always be…mine.”
Why it’s cute: insert the thing they are dressed as and sound super cute and suggestive when you say ‘mine.’


39“You are giving me shivers and not just because of your costume.”
Why it’s cute: works better with a scary costume but will also work with most others.


Final thoughts

When you are delivering Halloween pick-up lines, the key is confidence. Read over our list a few times and have a few stored for every situation. Some of the Halloween pick-up lines are cheesy but try not to come across as too cheesy, just have fun!

Deliver the lines with style and confidence, and you are definitely in for a treat this Halloween.