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How to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend, and Act Like You Are a Natural

How to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend, and Act Like You Are a Natural

So, there’s this girl that you like, and you think that she likes you back. You want her to be your girlfriend, but you don’t know how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, and act like you are a natural.

Look no further. We’ve got some answers.

Here is a guide on how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend naturally, and what to do if she says no:

Before you begin to look at sample statements, you should have a general idea of what you should and shouldn’t do so that you come across as natural, and gain a favorable response.


What You Should Do

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01Be polite and humble
If you come off as aggressive this will turn her off and you can expect her to say no.


02Be clear
Make sure you ask the question in a clear, concise manner. There should be no confusion about what you’re asking.


03Ask at the right place, at the right time
The time and place that you ask are very important. Choose somewhere private or special to her, and make sure you know she is available – emotionally and time wise.


What You Shouldn’t Do

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01Pressure her
If she seems to be leaning towards a ‘no’, do not pressure or guilt trip her into saying yes. Neither of you will be happy in a relationship that starts out like that.


02Overdo it
While you want the moment to be special, you shouldn’t make her feel uncomfortable by overdoing it with expressing your feelings or making a grand public gesture.


03Flirt with others
While this should be pretty obvious, most guys are dummies when it comes to winning over a girl. If she likes you she will be paying attention to what you do, so don’t be a flirt because she will never want to be a plan B.


How to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend: 10 Serious Phrases

When asking a girl to be your girlfriend, you have the option of taking a very serious approach. Here are 10 things you can say if you want to know how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend in a serious way:

01We like the same things, we share the same goals and we get along great. I was thinking, we should explore being more than friends. What do you think?
This is a great way how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend because there is a good lead up, you have valid reasons, and she can easily say no, she wants to stay friends.


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02Will you be my girlfriend?
Sometime in life, you must be very straightforward about what you want. Use this approach when the girl is also very straightforward and to the point.



03We’ve been talking and going out for a while and I must say I really enjoy your company. Would you want to take this to the next level?
A great way how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend includes a brief explanation of why you want her to be yours. There is also the option (hopefully) to continue as you are, if she doesn’t want to get serious.


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04All my friends love hanging out with you and they keep asking me about the status of our relationship. Would you like to make this thing official and be my girl?
She obviously needs to have met, and received your friends approval, for this to work but this is a cute and relaxed way to make things official.


05Unfortunately, not everyone will find someone they click with automatically and can be themselves around. I don’t want to lose that. Will you be mine?
Use this to let her know you see how valuable she is and that you are aware that she is one in a million.


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06I like you, you like me. I think we should be more than just friends. What do you say?
This is another straightforward approach. By using this, there will be no confusion about what you are asking, though it does come across as very casual.


07I’m not quite sure how to do this ‘casually’ but, I’d love it if you were mine. Would you want to be my girlfriend?
It is no secret that asking a girl to be your girlfriend can be nerve-racking. She will appreciate the fact that you are honest and will know what to expect from you in the future as her boyfriend.



08What are you doing this Saturday? I’d love to take you to my sister’s wedding but… as my girlfriend.
The best part about a question like this is not only are you asking her on a date, you are asking her to be your girlfriend, and meet your family at the same time.
Just make sure you’re absolutely sure about her before telling the fam that you are bringing your girlfriend along.


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09Calling you my friend doesn’t seem right anymore. To me, you’re more than that. Do you want to be my girlfriend?
Use this if you guys have been around each other for a while but maybe need to define what is happening. Take the plunge!


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10Will you be my partner?
Simple yet effective, especially for mature persons.


How to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend: 10 Cute and Relaxing Phrases

Now here are some cute and relaxing ways how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend:

11Call me selfish, but I don’t want other guys thinking they have a chance with you. If you were my girlfriend, we’d probably prevent that.
While this is not in the form of a question, play it off as cheeky, and you may get an interesting response.


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12We make a pretty good team wouldn’t you say? How about giving this team a title?
This is cute and relaxed, and she might even find humor in this.


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13There’s this beautiful girl that I think about every day. Her name is [Her Name]. Do you think she’d want to be my girlfriend?
This is a cute way to ask her to her face, but watching her facial expression change will be the best part. She might even laugh, once she catches on that it’s her you are talking about.


14Something tells me, you may be into me, as much as I’m into you. How about making this thing official?
This laid-back approach is cool and relaxed and there isn’t much pressure behind it.



15Wanna be my Lois Lane?
Lois Lane is Clark Kent’s (Superman) girlfriend. By using this phrase, it will be a cute way to ask her out.


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16We go together like peanut butter and jelly. Let’s make a sandwich
This is sure to make her laugh, and laughter is good.


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17Having you as my girl would make me the happiest guy in the world. Wanna make me happy?
This is very cute and romantic. She’ll appreciate it.


18Be my girl?
While this can seem a little abrupt, in the right setting, this can be golden.


19What would you say if I asked you to be my girlfriend?
If she says yes, follow it up with asking her to be your girlfriend. If she says no, you can say you weren’t actually asking her. Win-Win.



20I don’t wanna just be friends anymore. How about a level up?
Even if your girl isn’t a gamer, she’ll find your approach quite interesting.


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Things You Can Say If She Says No

Rejection is something that can happen if she is not that into you, or if she isn’t ready for a relationship. Here are five things you can say if she says no:

01I respect your decision.
Even if she said no, you still must remain polite and respectful.


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02That’s disappointing but I understand.
A yes is never guaranteed and you must be understanding.


03I hope that no means ‘not yet’ because I’m not ready to give up on you.
Sometimes, guys stop talking to a girl just because she said no which means that they only wanted one thing. By saying this, it shows that no does not diminish your interest.


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An answer like this is simple and works every time.


05Why not?
Finding out the reason for refusal can help you win her over or help you in the future. Just be respectful.


Knowing how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend isn’t as hard as it seems. You just have to wait for the right moment to pop the question. Good luck!