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10 Scripts: How to Best Write a Letter of Recommendation

10 Scripts: How to Best Write a Letter of Recommendation

Need to write a letter of recommendation but have no idea of how to write a letter of recommendation? Well, you are in the right place.

A strong letter of recommendation is needed for anyone who wish to pursue a masters and/or doctorate degree, as it will significantly increase their chances of getting accepted. In addition to this benefit, a recommendation letter can help with obtaining things like financial aid.

Here are 10 scripts that will help you to write a letter of recommendation for both students and employees/colleagues to further their studies:


Write A Letter of Recommendation for a Student

Here are 5 scripts that will help you to write a letter of recommendation for a student who wishes to further his/her studies:

01For Biology
I am writing this letter of recommendation in support of [Name] and his desire to attend [insert university name] for the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Master’s program.
I have known [Name] for over four years and during this time he has proven to be an exemplary student and a dedicated, hardworking member of the school community.
During his tenure at [insert current university name], [Name] had taken it upon himself to create a tutoring program for freshmen’s who struggle with Biology and a mentorship program for freshmen’s finding adoption of university life, difficult.
[Name] is also an avid chess player and served as goalie for his fraternity’s soccer team through the years 2014-2018.
I believe in his abilities wholeheartedly and can say confidently that he is well deserving of a place in this program. [[Name] is very promising and continues to exceed my expectations.
This is a good script because it includes the desired program of study, has mentioned how you know the student, therefore you know the works they have done for the school community, as well as extracurriculars.


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02For Geology
It is without any reservations that I confidently recommend [Name] for the Geology Ph.D. program at [insert university name]. I have known [Name] for seven years, and I have instructed three of her courses.
During her time at [insert previous university name], she served as president of the Climate Change Awareness Club and the Rocky Girls (A club she had created for female geology students).
She was also involved in activities outside of her degree focus such as the Red Cross Club, and the Gifted Hands Club. I helped oversee the later, and was therefore able to interact with her often.
In the classroom, she was quickly able to master concepts and was fully capable of handling independent research. Reading her research papers were always a pleasure and her passion for the subject was always evident.
[Name] is a geologist at heart and has the mental capacity to excel in this field. Accepting her into your program would be a dream come true for her.
This is a good script because it highlights not only her extracurricular activities but also her skill both inside and outside of the classroom. Pay close attention to the choice of words used here.


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03For Psychology
I am writing this letter on behalf of [Name], who is one of the most promising and dedicated students I have encountered in my 15 years as a psychology professor at [insert university name].
For this reason, I can assure you that having [Name] as a part of the Master of Psychology program would be a great benefit to the field.
It was not long after I instructed him in his first year that I noticed [Name] extraordinary level of comprehension and his ability to tackle advanced concepts.
In fact, he even took part in my Advanced Behavioral Therapy workshop where his participation and focus reminded me of myself years ago when I just discovered my burning passion for psychology.
[Name] is always up for a challenge and always pushes himself to know more. His critical thinking skills are remarkable, and he can articulate himself very well.
His enthusiasm motivates me, a sentiment shared by other professors I’ve spoken with about him, and his dedication has inspired other students to do better as well.
For these reasons, it brings me great joy to write a letter of recommendation for this promising student and I am looking forward to seeing what his future holds.
[Name] is a deserving candidate, and should you need more information, feel free to contact me at [insert phone number/email].
This script is more detailed and gives an in-depth account of this student’s ability. It is also a good script because it shows that the lecturer really knows the student and his opinion is shared by other lecturers.


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04For English Literature
As a lecturer at [insert university name], I have had the pleasure of being [Name’s] professor for four English Lit. courses and can guarantee that she would be a great fit for your Ph.D. program.
Since meeting [Name], I’ve been blown away by her ability to articulate certain concepts and understand difficult texts, pick up on nuances in the literature and her overall passion for creative expression. For this reason, she has my highest recommendation as a student and a writer.
[Name] has also produced numerous thesis papers and critical pieces on acclaimed pieces of literature, which were an absolute pleasure to read.
She is can articulate her opinions in a commendable manner and can answer questions from her peers in an eloquent and intelligent way.
[Name] has taken what she has learned outside of the classroom and has published some of her own work online, along with participating in open mic poetry sessions.
I can guarantee that she will continue to excel in this field while demonstrating the skills I’ve mentioned whilst pursuing her Ph.D.
This script touches on key skills that are required for people pursuing a degree in English Literature. It also highlights the student’s application of what she is taught outside of the classroom.


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05For Engineering
It is with great pleasure that I recommend [Name] for admission to your Master of Engineering program at [insert university name].
She is one of the most exceptional students that I have ever had the pleasure of guiding and her advanced skills and deep passion would make her an ideal fit for your rigorous, renowned program.
[Name] is very sharp and perceptive. She is fully capable of handling anything that is thrown her way, while remaining consistent in her work. She is at the top of her physics and robotics class and acting president for both clubs in her department.
I am not surprised that she has the desire to further her studies, as she is very driven, active in the school community and extremely outgoing.
[Name] has my highest recommendation and I trust that her endless curiosity, intellect and fearlessness will help her to excel during this program and beyond.
This letter of recommendation is simple and to the point, and is a great way to sum up a student’s ability in the classroom.


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For an Employee/Colleague

Here are 5 scripts that will help you to write a letter of recommendation for an employee/colleague who wishes to further their studies:

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06For Modern Art
It is with great privilege that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of my employee, [Name], for the [insert university name].
[Name] has worked for me for over a year now at [insert art gallery name] and during this time I found him to be hard-working, courteous, and professional. His knowledge of, and passion for art is very evident, and his own talent has impressed both my clients and me.
I believe [Name] is deserving of a position in your Modern Art graduate program, as his ability to work in the field has proven that.
If you need more information about his work or time here, feel free to stop by the gallery or simply email me at [insert email address].
When writing a letter of recommendation, you are essentially vouching for the employee. This letter is doing exactly that.


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07For Business Administration
[Name] came to us four years ago after having completed his master’s degree in Business Administration. I have worked side by side with him since then and have been impressed by his skill, ingenuity, work ethic and consistency.
He is always able to get the job done in a timely manner, and where others fall short he is always willing to lend a helping hand.
Whitter is always exceeding the expectations of his boss and fellow employees and when he asked me to write a letter of recommendation for a Doctor of Business Administration, I felt extremely privileged to have been given such an honor.
Enrolling him in your program would not only make everyone here at [insert company name] proud but would allow him to take his career where he wants it to be.
This script by an employee is great because Corey’s skills on the job are discussed, along with his/her own personal experience working with him.


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08For Computer Science
It is truly an honor to recommend [Name] for the Computer Science Graduate Program at [insert university name].
I have had the pleasure to get to know and work with Harry for the past year and a half while he worked for me as an intern in our software development unit.
My endorsement for his graduate study stems from his commitment and enthusiasm for any task given, and his ability to consistently deliver high-quality projects for our organization.
He is our go-to person for our most complex tasks and we are always amazed at his knowledge and expertise.
[Name] is without a doubt a valued member of our organization, and he is someone we can always rely on. His intelligence, commitment, creativity, and dedication will make him a suitable fit for this graduate program.
This script includes the name of the program, how long the employer has known his employee, his role in the organization, the reasons for the recommendation and why the employee would be a good fit for the graduate program. All key elements to a good recommendation letter.


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09For Mechanical Engineering
It is with great pride that I am writing this letter of recommendation for [Name] for admission into the MS Mechanical Engineering program at your university.
I have served as his manager at [insert company name], for two years, however, I have known him for twelve years. As a result, I am able to give a qualified, thorough analysis of his capabilities and personality traits.
Based on observations, he is capable of handling tasks of varying degrees of difficulty with minimal guidance, within an impressive timeframe. He is also able to work well with others and is a natural leader.
[Name] has been the recipient of various company awards, due to his ability to handle critical situations, guide his team to achieve successful results along with solving any issues that may arise.
He is very creative and has a passion for Mechanical Engineering. He has even collaborated with others in the field to on numerous projects.
[Name] is reliable, hardworking, and dedicated. Therefore, I strongly recommend his acceptance into your program which will help him to improve his skills and accomplish his goals.
This script is a good script because there is a good balance between personal attributes, work ethic and skill.


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10For Accounting and Finance
This letter is my official recommendation and endorsement for [Name]. I served as [Name]’s supervisor for several years and I found our encounters to be consistently courteous and interesting.
She was a joy to work with, not only because of her social skills, but because of her prowess in the field, and her ability to generate creative and effective ideas.
During her time at [insert company name], her contribution, along with others in her team, led to an average increase of $600,000 in profits.
Based on her suggestions, we were able to reinvest in the company and expand our operations.
[Name] has proven time and time again why she is such an asset to our company, and why she will be an asset anywhere she finds herself in life. I highly recommend her for your program.
In this script, the writer has included her personal opinion of Mrs. Reid along with her accomplishments. This is a good script because it has a good balance of opinion and fact.


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There is no need to fret when someone asks you to write a letter of recommendation after you’ve read this guide. By the time you have finished reading this, you should be able to write a letter of recommendation in your sleep!